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What are Robotic System Integrators

Robotics automation and integration are the two main sides of a coin. Robotics integration is very important to integrators for the majority of top robot manufacturers. A top robotics integrator will assist you in the planning of your simulation expertise. Also, they will ultimately help you with the designing and building of the best application to suit your needs.

In this article on robotics integrator, we will explain what it is and what robotics means in general. Then we will discuss the different areas where the robotics integrator is applicable. We will then discuss the functions and benefits of the robotics integrator and lastly, we explain what the Fanuc authorized system integrator is. Get ready to learn much about the robotics integrator.

What Does Automation Integration and Robotics Mean?

Robotics integration makes use of robotic systems present in the strategic areas. This helps in performing automated tasks.

Furthermore, the robotics system integrators help to analyze your inspection lines, manufacturing, shipping, material handling, determining areas that need improvement, and install this automation technology in all those areas.

Currently, there are two major applications for the robotics integration. These include collaborative robotics and industrial robotics.

What are the Functions of the Robotic Systems Integrator?

First of all, integration has to do with outfitting and programming the industrial robots to help in performing automated manufacturing processes and tasks. These robot integrators will help to analyze your company’s robotic system needs, offer an automation plan, and as well place that automation in production.

The functions of the robotic systems integrator involve the following:

  • It performs a specific feasibility study on the project (project management)
  • Also, it helps in the identification of the right tooling, robot, work cell that suits all your application needs
  • Offers helpful tips for cost-saving
  • Helps in the integration of the system in your specific factory setting
  • Offers training on how to program your work cell and robot system

In addition to the above, a robot system integrator offers you the full package. It also guides you to attain industrial automation. Some top companies also include a warranty. This covers labor and parts.

Applications of Robotics Integration

Collaborative Robotics

The collaborative robotic integrators deal with the installation of robots, as well as other automation technology coupled with employees that help in completing tasks. Furthermore, collaborative robotics, which is also referred to as cobots, could be very challenging applications.

Therefore employees require different considerations to aid ergonomics and safety when close to robotic arms to prevent injuries and accidents. Therefore, companies have to team up with very experienced integration to aid consultation and planning before they integrate collaborative robotics.

Industrial Robotics

The industrial robotic system integrators can be described as machines which are designed to help finish the repetitive actions in the industrial settings, the robotics could be a robotic arms (multi-axis) conveyance, automated cells, or automated guided vehicles. Furthermore, the modern advancements have also made sure that these systems are scalable and flexible.

As there is an increase in demand, there is a change in peak seasons, or the products change, it is easy for you to reprogram the robotic systems. Due to this accuracy, flexibility, and scalability, the automation integration has started growing into high and low volume production lines globally. They typical applications include:

  • Material handling
  • Testing and inspection
  • Material removal
  • Material cutting that includes waterjet, plasma, and laser
  • Dispensing
  • Clean room
  • Welding including laser welding, spot welding, and arc welding
  • Palletizing
  • Painting
  • Assembly

Pick and Place

The pick and place solutions and automation solutions are great for repetitive, simple material handling systems and part transfer tasks. The advanced applications such as part recognition, multi-process transfers, and sorting need very complex solutions. Furthermore, the authorized system integrator can help in designing the right solution and the best part-handling solutions so as to fit the best and unique needs.

What Benefits does Robotics Integration Offer?


There are many benefits that robotics integration offers. Companies introducing robotics in their manufacturing process for material handling and production lines, as well as other important areas help in improving accuracy, consistency, repeatability, as well as change the speed time to the market.

The robotic integrators work with life and medical sciences, automotive industry, ecommerce, manufacturing process, as well as other industries, just to save on the labor costs, reduce production costs, as well as help in improving the quality and cycle times.

When you work with an experienced robotics integrator, it offers a lot of benefits. The robotics systems integrators help in designing and building of your work or solution with your own capital equipment so as to improve the lines.

Fanuc Authorized System Integrator

Fanuc robotics has been in a partnership with some companies in bringing the robotic technology into the Industry of North America for more than 40 years.

Furthermore, Fanuc authorized system integrator has been at the top of integrated automation and robotic systems for a very long time. Fanuc robotics has made these companies an authorized system integrator. This is how these companies have been able to integrate Fanuc robots.

Furthermore, this has provided the required economies of scale to Fanuc robotics to offer customers with the most capable and competitive robotic system and Fanuc robots.

Fanuc is well known to have extremely experienced and talented robotic system integrators, which form a part of the network of the Fanuc authorized system integrator for the automation systems.

FANUC robotics provides industrial robots for virtually all industries and applications with the robot payloads that range from 0.5 kg – 2300 kg. These include woodworking and pharmaceuticals.

In addition, FANUC robotics is set to analyze all the system requirements. They also offer a kind of robotic solution, which will improve productivity, throughput, and quality to ensure you receive the right return on investment.


We hope you understand the topic and everything we have discussed concerning the robotics integrator. Please ensure that you work with companies that have an experienced team and offer the right solution.