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Flexible Circuit Board Manufacturing, & Assembly at RayMing Technology .Flexible Printed Circuit Boards are one of the most popular types of circuit boards used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. At RayMing, we manufacture flexible printed circuits keeping the needs of our customers in mind. Our circuit boards provide quality and durable performance while being cost-effective in terms of manufacturing.


Our Standard Offerings We specialize in single and double-sided circuits, as well as multi-layer and flex circuit assemblies. The flex circuits are built to the exacting specifications of our customers.


  1. Flexible Printed Circuit Boards
  2. Single-Sided Flexible PCBs
  3. Double-Sided Flexible Printed Circuit Boards
  4. Multilayer Flexible Printed Circuit Boards

Meeting Custom RequirementsCustom flexible printed circuit board manufacturing is one of our specialties. We utilize our years of manufacturing experience and the latest technologies to design and construct custom circuit boards in various designs, including:


  1. Board-to-board
  2. Board-to-chip
  3. Chip-to-chip connections


We can even produce the PCBs to have 3 dimensional connections, thus making them the perfect solution for devices and applications with limited spacing. Our designers also focus on reducing the overall size of the PCB packages, thus solving interconnection problems, as well as supporting easy installation and maintenance.


Our PCBs are also tested using Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) and Automated X-ray Inspection (AXI) equipment to ensure that they provide the requisite speed and efficiency in an application.


Diverse Application RelevanceThe efficient design and intricate manufacturing of our flexible PCBs make them the best application solution for a variety of industries, including:


  1. Consumer Electronics
    Industrial Controls
    Testing & Measurements
    Wireless Networks

RayMing is the ultimate provider of standard and custom flexible printed circuit boards for your industrial application requirements. Contact us to know more or request for a quote.


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