Reflux welding and peak welding

In PCBA machining, two common welding methods are reflow welding and wave peak welding. So in PCBA processing, what is the function of reflux welding, what is the function of wave welding, and where is the difference between them?



PCBA is the abbreviation of Printed Circuit Board Assembly, that is, the PCB empty board passes through the SMT piece, and then goes through the whole process of DIP plug-in, for short, PCBA. This is commonly used in China, and in Europe and the United States the standard is PCB'A, added "'", which is called the official idiom.


  1. Reflow soldering: refers to the solder paste precoated on the pad by heating melting to realize the electrical interconnection between the pin or the welding end of the electronic component mounted on the pad and the pad on the pcb in order to weld the electronic component on the PCB board. Reflow welding is generally divided into preheating zone, heating zone and cooling zone.


Reflow soldering process: printing tin paste > mounting components > reflow welding > cleaning

PCBA Reflux welding

  1. Wave soldering: the molten solder is sprayed into solder wave peak by pump machine, and then the pin of the electronic component needed to be welded is passed through the solder wave peak to realize the electrical interconnection between the electronic component and the pcb board. A wave soldering is divided into spray, preheating, tin furnace, cooling four parts.


Wave soldering process: plug-in > flux > preheating > wave soldering > excision angle > check.

DIP peak welding

  1. The differences between wave soldering and reflow welding are as follows:


  • wave soldering is the formation of solder wave peaks in molten solder, and reflux welding is the formation of high temperature hot air reflux fusion solder to weld the element.


  • when reflux welding, pcb has solder before furnace. After welding, solder paste is melted. When wave peak welding, pcb does not have solder before furnace. The solder wave produced by the welding machine coating the solder on the welding pad that needs to be welded.


  • reflux welding is suitable for chip electronic component, wave peak welding is suitable for pin electronic component.