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What is .Pos File ?

It is possible that you are here because you have a file having an extension that ends in .pos. Now, you can only launch files having the .pos file extension with some applications. There’s a probability that the .POS files are just data files instead of media or documents. This means that you shouldn’t be able to view them in the first place.

What is .Pos File?

This is a frequently asked question. Files having this extension have text descriptions of a specific position, which is created by the GPS devices of Trimble Navigation or GPS receivers.

Furthermore, Trimble Navigation, which is a company that offers solutions for advanced positioning is notable for its range finders, GPS receivers, and navigation systems. Also, in a .pos file, you can have an ID, with each ID having at least one location both in latitude and longitude.

In addition, it locates well by offering a list which reveals the different coordinates describing the source point, which was defined in the ATT file. In order to take a look at the pos format, the user may need to install some necessary programs like My Topo POS2MXF.

If the case is that this program isn’t present in the system of the user, then there’s another option. This involves the conversion into a different file format. Also, users may decide to convert the file into a PDF format to ensure easier viewing.

Programs that help in Opening and Converting POS Files

Trimble’s GPS Pathfinder Office

POS files are usually called data files of the GPS Pathfinder Office. This is because this file type is mainly used or created using this software.


This one is by X-Ways. When we talk about WinHex, it is a hexadecimal editor known universally that works well for IT security, data processing of low data, data recovery, and computer forensics. This tool also serves emergencies like editing and inspecting files, as well as the recovering of lost data or deleted files from any hard drive having file systems that are corrupt.

Furthermore, .pos files are useful in storing disk offsets or selected files coupled with a text description. The file format is under the “Data” category.


This one is by HCL. This is a collaborative system which serves functions of business collaboration such as user directives, instant messaging, discussion forums, blogs, file showing, contact management, to-do lists, emails, and calendars.

Lotus initially developed it, before IBM took ownership, and as of today, HCL owns it. Index data of fill text is present in a .POS file. This format is under the “Data” category.


This was designed by Poster. It is a software that helps to create signs, murals, posters, banners, newsletters, presentations to serve desktop publishing purposes. Furthermore, these posters have the ability to measure 100 x 100 ft making use of the desktop printer of the user. You can also make use of any large format printer around you.

POSTER also brings together all the features of desktop publishing, graphics, and word processing will special features for banners and large posters. Also, there are saved posters in a .pos file. The file format is under the “Graphics” category.

Paint Shop Pro

This is by Corel. This digital photo manager and editor is useful in creating compositions, retouching photos, and them sharing them on net. Jasc initially published it and then Corel ended up purchasing it. This .POR file has polished preset data. The file format is under the “Graphics” category.

4 Simple Ways by Which You Can Open a .POS File

This has happened to us one way or the other. You tap the file twice and it fails to open the right way. This becomes a common issue. You can open many file extensions using multiple programs, and vice versa.

However, if you have been experiencing issues with opening .pos files, below are some ways for you to make it happen.

Try Another Program

You can try to open it making use of a different program if you cannot open it using the .pos file. There are very popular programs for opening any .pos file. You can try any of the programs above and see which one works for you. Also you can download more than one of these programs, update them, and then try again.

Reach out to a Developer

No one is more knowledgeable about file extensions than the software developers. If your POS file fails to open by making use of the normal programs, then you should call the software developer of the program requesting for help.

Check the File Type to Get a Clue

You can use a single file extension for different files. Knowing the file type will give you some ideas on how you can open it. Majority of .pos files are usually grouped under data files that you can open using many software packages. Check to know if you have an already-installed program on your computer that can open the data files. Then, hopefully, this should also open the .pos file.

Ways by which you can solve issue relating to .POS Files

To easily solve this issue all you need to do is to associate the .pos file with the appropriate application. Also, to achieve this, visit Windows, then right-click on the .pos file you desire and then select “Open With”, then “Select another app.” Then, choose a different program and then tap the box that reads “always make use of this app when opening any .pos files”.

Secondly, you can also try to update the software which should open the description files. This is because the present version alone backs the latest format of the .pos file. Search the website of the Trimble manufacturer to know if there’s an update of the GPS Pathfinder Office.

To ensure that the .pos file is virus-free or not corrupted, take the file once again and then use the of Google to scan it.


By now you should understand what the .pos file is. If you have any questions, please contact us here.