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PCB ONline quote


Get your Custom PCB or Prototype PCB Assembly Quote - Fast (Pls send mail to Sales@raypcb.com )


Oversea Sales Team is ready to give fast quotation and best service to you .


Thank you for requesting a custom printed circuit board quote! As the top printed circuit board manufacturer in the China , RayMing can fulfill your prototype and/or production needs. We understand that your business is time sensitive and resource conscious, which is why we promise a quick turnaround and competitive pricing on your PCB and PCBA quote.


If you would prefer to speak with a live representative about printed circuit board pricing, please accept our online servicer's invitation or you can click Chat Now ,to talk with our customer support directly, They will quote you ASAP,Or you can send your Gerber Files to us by email , and we’ll assign a customer support to give you promptly an accurate and competitive PCB quote soon. In your Gerber Files, please be sure to include and verify the quote number, quantity needed, and your shipping information.


1)PCB Manufacturing Services : Pls send your PCB files to Sales@raypcb.com


For small, Medium-volume and mass production , Please contact us to quote ,so that we can give the best support to you. Rogers ,Nelco,Teflon PCB and so on special material is welcome.

PCB Prototypes:1-36Layers ,Mass Production :1-10Layers,


2) PCB Assembly Services: Pls send your Bom List to Sales@raypcb.com


Pls send your printed circuit boards file and bom list to us , We will quote you shortly . Medical and military projects is welcome.

We donot have Minmum request for your PCB or PCBA Orders .

1. Prototype PCB Assembly

2.Low-volume PCB Assembly

3.Turn-key PCB Assembly


Part I: Total Amount for PCB prototyping


ayers S≤0.1M2 S≤0.1M2 Delivery Time S<1M2
2 80USD 100USD 3 Business Days
4 180USD 200USD 5 Business Days
6 250USD 270USD 6 Business Days
8 350USD 370USD 7 Business Days
Noted OSP,LF-HASL Immersion Gold,Tin


All surface process for FR4,1.6mm,Mini hole>0.25mm,Mini line width >5Mil .


4 Reason to choose RayMing as your PCB and PCB Assembly manufacturer, We will be your good electronics contract manufacturer,Rayming wil provide good price and good delivery to you .



At RayPCB.com, all Printed Ciruict boards will be undertaking the most stringent tests other than the basic visual check. We adopt most of the testing and inspecting equipments of the industry, such as Flying Probe Tester, X-Ray Inspection Machine, A.O.I. Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Machine.



Through the years we are proud to have been keeping an on-time delivery rate of 99%. We know, apart from PCB quality, the other most important factor is the shortest possible lead-time, which is crucial for engineers' R&D works, especially in the stage of prototyping. We work in three shifts to make sure your PCBs will be on your desk as agreed up and as early as possible.

Our pricing structure is transparent and has no hidden cost in it, We will give the best price to you ,Maybe is just a fraction of what other American or European fabricators normally charge you. Even many price-sensitive customers like students and hobbyists largely rely on us for their PCB prototype and fabrication orders. We try our utmost to save your money and time.


PCB Assembly:

RayPCB.com also offers SMT Assembly service for our Printed circuit boards customers.We will quote you in a short time, We will guarantee all components is original,we will follow your bom list to purchase components ,also our PCBA prices are competitive like our PCBs. All your jobs can be done under one roof, SMT, Thru-hole or Hybrid!


Part II Printed Circuit boards delivery time .


Quick-Turn PCB leadtime
Layers PCB Prototypes Mass(≤10m2)
Expedited leadtime Normal leadtime Expedited leadtime Normal leadtime
1layer 1 working days 3 working days 3 working days 5 working days
2layers 1 working days 5 working days 4 working days 7working days
4layers 2 working days 6 working days 6 working days 9 working days
6layers 4 working days 7 working days 8 working days 11 working days
8layers 5 working days 8 working days 9 working days 12working days


Welcome to choose Rayming as your PCB ,Electronic assembler, PCB assembly manufacturer.

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