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Why People Search PCB Inc.

There are several PCB companies across the world. However, not all of these companies are incorporated. Some PCB users are very careful when selecting the type of companies they work with.

As a PCB manufacturer, you should register your business with a state to make it a separate legal entity. Here, we will be discussing PCB incorporations.

What Does Incorporation Mean?

Incorporation which is popularly referred to as inc. indicates that a company is registered with a state so as to become a separate legal entity. Incorporation involves the legal process required to create a corporate company or entity. Therefore, a corporation separates the assets and income of a company from its investors and owners.

Inc. is simply an abbreviation of incorporated. Any company that has this abbreviation is a legal corporation. Some PCB companies are a legal incorporation. One can simply say incorporation is the process in which a business is a corporation. Therefore, the business earns the right to have an inc after its name.

However, the rules of incorporation may vary by state and the particular corporation type you want your business to be. Also, you need to first choose the type of corporation you want and then select the state to incorporate in. The best option is your home state. However, some corporation owners select states having favorable corporation laws.

Also, incorporation makes it much easier for businesses to raise capital. An incorporated business becomes a separate entity from the owner of the business. This means the company is a legal entity in its right.

What are the Top PCB Incorporations?


Rush PCB Inc

Rush PCB Inc manufactures high quality circuit boards. This PCB incorporated company has its headquarters in California. Rush PCB Inc fabricates printed circuit boards with customer satisfaction and quality in mind. With Rush PCB Inc, PCB users can get the best PCB products and services. Also, this PCB Company offers product services like HDI PCB, flex and rigid flex PCB, PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, and BGA.

Rush PCB Inc. works with a team of professional engineers and designers to deliver top quality circuit boards. Also, this company integrates state-of-the-art procedures and technologies for manufacturing printed circuit boards.

Journey Circuits Inc

Journey Circuits Inc is another popular PCB Inc in the United States. Also, it is one of the industry leaders in PCB manufacturing. Based in Illinois, this PCB company offers products and services like PCB assembly, PCB manufacturing, and stencils. Furthermore, Journey Circuits Inc prioritizes the demands and interests of their customers.

This PCB company ensures it integrates reliable PCB manufacturing procedures and testing. Its reliable and high quality PCBs and assemblies are widely used across industries like aerospace, automotive, communications, and power. Journey Circuits Inc has a state-of-the-art facility where it carries out its PCB manufacturing, assembly, and testing.

Celestica Inc

Celestica Inc provides different engineering solutions for a wide range of industries like aerospace and defense, cloud, renewable energy, and semiconductor. Also, this Canadian EMS company  is a leading manufacturer of high-performance boards. Celestica Inc offers products that are ideal for use in most advanced applications.

Furthermore, Celestica Inc offers services like design and engineering, hardware platform solutions, supply chain services, and more. This EMS Company aims to develop and deliver high quality products to better the future of electronics.  One of the benefits of this company is that it offers after-market services to customers. Also, this Canadian electronics manufacturing services (EMS) company has its headquarter in Toronto, Ontario.

Jabil Inc

Jabil Inc is a leading PCB company that offers logistic and supply chain services. These services include supply chain solutions, advanced planning, logistics, advanced planning, and more. Furthermore, Jabil Inc is a manufacturing services company that serves several industries across the world. Jabil products are widely used in applications like consumer health, aerospace, data centers, and more.

Also, Jabil Inc has its headquarter in St.Petersburg ,Florida, U.S.A. Asides PCB manufacturing, Jabil Inc delivers device integration, digital prototyping, and more. This American based manufacturing services company is one of the biggest companies in the Tampa Bay area. Jabil Inc has received several awards for its business practices and community engagement. Also, Jabil was the first company to receive the National Quality Award of the Mexican government.

TTM Technologies Inc

This is widely regarded as one of the leading PCB manufacturers in the world. This PCB manufacturer focuses on Quick-turn and volume manufacturing of advanced PCBs and electro mechanical solutions. Also, TTM Technologies Inc is a global manufacturer of RF and microwave components. TTM means time-to-market.

Furthermore, TTM Technologies offer one-stop manufacturing services that allow customers to reduce the required time to design new products. TTM Technologies goal includes integrity, clear communication, and honesty. TTM Technologies employs more than 25,000 personnel. With the best team of professionals and procedures, TTM Technologies delivers extraordinary customer experience.

Why Choose PCB Inc?

PCB Incorporated companies offer a lot of benefits to both owners and customers. The following are the benefits of choosing PCB incorporated companies.

Instant credibility

One of the greatest benefits of an incorporated company is that your business can get credibility from other entities. Potential suppliers, investors, and customers will instantly know that you are thinking about the longer term. Also, a PCB Inc company will have to maintain a different set of accounting records.

External advice

PCB incorporated companies can get advice from leaders. Furthermore, entrepreneurs can get a huge network of resources like development agencies that can help their business develop.


One of the advantages of choosing a PCB Inc Company is the reliability it offers. Also, incorporated companies help customers and partners to enjoy more benefits. This is because the corporation can exist if the owner dies.


PCB Inc companies must follow the requirements for annual record keeping. Also, this ensures transparency in these companies.


Incorporated companies offer much more companies than sole proprietorships and limited liability companies. One of the greatest benefits of incorporated companies is their reliability. Therefore, PCB users consider factors like reliability and transparency when choosing PCB companies. In this article we have discussed some of the top PCB Inc companies you can work with.