PCB connection socket for military and medical equipment

U.S. military large enterprises introduce low profile strip sockets for use in military and medical wearable devices.

The height of the strip socket board is 0.083 inches, of which the 315-43-1XX-41-004000 (single row) and 415-43-2XX-41-004000 (double row) sockets have a pin spacing of 0.1 inches and the dimensions are 0.083 inches.

They are designed for 0. 062" thick on-board via mounting to provide a secure connection to the PCB board. These sockets are used in PCB board stacking and wire-to-board applications to minimize package height.

pcb socket

Parameters and applications

When used with Mill-Max low profile plugs 335-10-1XX-00-160000 (single row) and 435-10-2XX-00-160000 (double row), the total height between the boards is 0.155 inches.

For wire-to-board connections, Mill-Max 380-10-1XX-00-002000 (single row) and 480-10-2XX-00-002000 (double row) soldering cup heads are used in combination with ultra-thin sockets to 0.268 inches The total height.

Each socket is made of brass alloy with precise rotation, with four-finger beryllium copper contacts and thickness of 0.015 inches to 0.22 inches. Its advantages are: flexible and portable. Sex and meet the requirements of its harsh environment!

The insulator material is a high temperature PCT that is compatible with most soldering processes. The connectors are available in 1-32 positions, single row and 4-72 double row.

Standard plating options include tin or gold for the housing and for internal contacts to provide optimum interconnect reliability.