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Top 10 PCB Assembly Manufacturers in USA


Printed circuit board (PCB) assembly involves soldering electronic components onto PCB substrates to create functional boards. As electronic products become more advanced, PCB assembly requires greater precision and technical specialization. This article explores the leading providers of PCB assembly services based in the United States.

We will examine major US-based electronics manufacturing services (EMS) companies focused on assembling PCBs. Key factors when selecting a PCB assembly partner include:

  • Technology capabilities – component sizes, BGA mounting, inspection systems
  • Quality and certifications – ISO, FDA, aerospace
  • Volume capabilities – prototype to high-volume production
  • Services – design support, procurement, test, box build
  • Technical expertise – engineering resources and specialty processes
  • Location – infrastructure proximity for supply chain control

This list focuses on US PCB assemblers with significant capabilities across these criteria. Let’s explore the top American EMS companies for state-of-the-art PCB assembly.

Top 10 PCB Assembly Manufacturers in USA

1. Jabil

Jabil is a leading global EMS provider founded in 1966 and headquartered in Florida. They operate dozens of manufacturing sites worldwide including extensive PCB assembly capacity in the United States. Jabil offers the full spectrum of electronic product realization services for a variety of industries.

Locations: St. Petersburg, FL; Memphis, TN; Louisville, KY; and other global sites

Assembly Capabilities:

  • SMT and through-hole component mounting
  • 01005 components, 0.4mm BGA pitch
  • Advanced optical inspection and X-ray
  • Conformal coating, potting, injection molding
  • Box build, systems integration

Industries Served: Data networking, wireless, automotive, healthcare, instrumentation

Certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 13485, AS9100, ITAR Registered

Scale: Prototype to high-volume

With cutting-edge processes and huge capacity, Jabil provides advanced PCB assembly for major OEMs.

2. Flex

Flex is a large global contract manufacturer founded in 1969 and headquartered in California. They provide a range of design, engineering, and manufacturing services for electronics and other products. Flex operates an extensive advanced manufacturing footprint in the US.

Locations: Austin, TX; Fremont, CA; Milpitas, CA; and others

Assembly Capabilities:

Industries Served: Consumer, telecom, networking, automotive, medical, aerospace/defense

Certifications: ISO13485, ISO 9001, AS9100, ITAR

Scale: Low to high-volume

Flex offers diverse electronics manufacturing services for the complete product lifecycle.

3. Vexos

Vexos, founded in 1998, is an EMS company specializing in high-mix, low-volume complex assembly, including for the aerospace, defense, and medical sectors. Headquartered in Washington state, they provide precision manufacturing at their US facilities.

Locations: LaGrange, OH; Greenville, TX; Lynnwood, WA; and Markham, Ontario

Assembly Capabilities:

  • SMT and through-hole component assembly
  • System integration, box-build, cables
  • Design for manufacturing (DFM) expertise
  • Functional test solutions

Industries Served: Medical, aerospace/defense, industrial

Certifications: ISO 13485, ISO 9001, AS9100, ITAR

Scale: Low to medium-volume

Vexos delivers high-quality electronics assembly across regulated industries.

4. Honeywell Aerospace

Honeywell Aerospace stands out as a top avionics and aerospace PCB assembler, leveraging vertical integration to support aircraft OEM customers. Their advanced US facilities focus on aerospace and defense contractors.

Locations: Phoenix, AZ; Albuquerque, NM; Clearwater, FL; other global sites

Assembly Capabilities:

Industries Served: Avionics, space, defense

Certifications: AS9100, ITAR Registered

Scale: Medium to high-volume

Honeywell assembles aviation and high-reliability PCBs for the aerospace industry.

5. Plexus

Plexus specializes in producing electronic solutions for complex regulated industries. Founded in 1979, they focus on flexible, responsive manufacturing for medical, defense, aerospace, and industrial customers. Their specialized US facilities offer robust quality processes.

Locations: Neenah, WI; Lawrenceville, GA; Appleton, WI; and others

Assembly Capabilities:

  • SMT and thru-hole component assembly
  • Design and test support services
  • Microelectronics, box-build, cables
  • Supply chain and logistics management

Industries Served: Medical, defense, aerospace, industrial/commercial

Certifications: ISO 13485, AS9100, ITAR Registered

Scale: Medium to high-volume

Plexus services regulated sectors requiring rigorous quality standards.

6. Sanmina Corporation

Sanmina is a major EMS company founded in 1980 offering complete product realization services. They manufacture complex electronics including PCB assembly for leading OEMs. Sanmina operates large-scale manufacturing in regions including the US.

Locations: Fremont, CA; Sugar Land, TX; Huntsville, AL

Assembly Capabilities:

  • High-precision SMT and thru-hole assembly
  • System integration and test
  • Design support services
  • Box-build, cables, rack integration

Industries Served: Communications, industrial, defense, medical, automotive

Certifications: ISO 13485, ISO 9001, AS9100

Scale: Prototype to high-volume

Sanmina provides advanced assembly capabilities for tier 1 electronics OEMs.

7. Sparton Corporation

Sparton specializes in regulated medical and defense markets requiring complex subsystem devices. Founded in 1900, they provide design, development, and manufacturing including sophisticated PCB assemblies.

Locations: Strongsville, OH; Frederick, CO; De Leon Springs, FL

Assembly Capabilities:

  • Highly engineered PCB assemblies
  • Box-build and cable assemblies
  • Ruggedized and high-reliability
  • Complete product realization

Industries Served: Medical, defense and security

Certifications: ISO 13485, ITAR Registered

Scale: Low to medium-volume

Sparton services mission-critical regulated applications requiring specialized assembly.

8. SigmaTron

SigmaTron provides EMS focused on lower volume, higher mix assembly applications. Founded in 1993, they operate US plants supporting a diverse customer base across industries.

Locations: Elk Grove Village, IL; Union City, CA; Suzhou, China

Assembly Capabilities:

  • SMT, thru-hole, manual assembly
  • Conformal coating, potting
  • System integration, test jigs
  • Material procurement and supply chain

Industries Served: Industrial controls, communications, aerospace, appliances

Certifications: ISO 9001, IATF 16949

Scale: Low to medium-volume

SigmaTron services small and mid-sized OEMs with flexible assembly solutions.

9. Creation Technologies

Creation Technologies is an electronics and box-build assembler focused on low-to-medium volumes. Founded in 1991, they specialize in rapid prototyping and new product introduction (NPI) assembly services.

Locations: Tempe, AZ; Milwaukee, WI; Burnsville, MN; and globally

Assembly Capabilities:

  • SMT, thru-hole, and hand assembly
  • Clean room assembly
  • Component engineering
  • Functional test development

Industries Served: Industrial equipment, aerospace, telecom, medical, consumer products

Certifications: ISO 9001, ITAR Registered

Scale: Prototype to medium-volume

Creation Technologies supports low and medium complexity assemblies for R&D and NPI.

10. Ducommun

Ducommun is a Tier 1 supplier for major aerospace and defense OEMs. Founded in 1849, they offer advanced manufacturing capabilities tailored for regulated industries. Their expertise ranges from PCB fabrication through complex assembly.

Locations: Carson, CA; Guaymas, Mexico; other global facilities

Assembly Capabilities:

  • High-reliability SMT and thru-hole assembly
  • System integration
  • Cable and wire harness assembly
  • Enclosure machining and painting

Industries Served: Aerospace and defense

Certifications: AS9100, Nadcap, ITAR Registered

Scale: Medium to high-volume

Ducommun provides integrated aerospace and defense electronics solutions.

Comparing the Technical Capabilities

To summarize the key capabilities of these top American PCB assemblers:

CompanyLocationsAssembly TechnologiesIndustries ServedQuality CertificationsProduction Volumes
JabilFL, TN, KYSMT, BGA, test, box-buildVariousISO, ITARPrototype – high
FlexCA, TXSMT, press-fitConsumer, telecom, auto, medical, aerospaceISO, ITARLow – high
VexosOH, TX, WASMT, box-buildMedical, defense, aerospaceISO, ITARLow – medium
Honeywell AerospaceAZ, NM, FLSMT, aerospaceAvionics, space, defenseAS9100, ITARMed – high
PlexusWI, GASMT, thru-holeMedical, defense, aerospaceISO, AS9100, ITARMed – high
SanminaCA, TX, ALSMT, thru-holeCommunications, defense, medicalISO, AS9100Prototype – high
SpartonOH, CO, FLComplex PCB subassembliesMedical, defenseISO, ITARLow – medium
SigmaTronIL, CASMT, thru-holeIndustrial, aerospaceISO, IATF 16949Low – medium
Creation TechnologiesAZ, WI, MNSMT, hand assemblyIndustrial, aerospace, medicalISO 9001, ITARPrototype – medium
DucommunCA, MexicoSMT, systems integrationAerospace, defenseAS9100, ITARMedium – high

This comparison shows the diversity of advanced assembly services offered by premier US-based providers.

Factors in Selecting a PCB Assembly Partner

through-hole assembly process

Key considerations when choosing a PCB assembly partner include:

  • Technical capabilities – Fine pitch assembly, BGA mounting, smallest component sizes, inspection systems utilized.
  • Quality systems – ISO certifications, compliance with regulatory standards, reliability processes.
  • Volume – Prototype, low, medium, and high-volume production capabilities.
  • Lead times – How quickly assemblies can be delivered.
  • Location – Geographic proximity for supply chain control and IP protection.
  • Industry experience – Expertise in the application field.
  • Design support – Assistance with DFM, test development.
  • Customization – Ability to tailor services and production flow.
  • Cost – Assembly pricing, NRE charges.
  • Customer service – Responsiveness to requests and issues.

Evaluate PCB assembly partners holistically across these criteria to select the right fit.


This overview of the top PCB assembly manufacturers in the USA highlights premier American EMS companies serving diverse high-tech industries. Both large corporations and specialized assemblers provide quality manufacturing capabilities from prototypes through high-volume production.

Advanced electronics assembly requires an experienced partner to deliver high-yield, robust PCBs on schedule for your product development needs. Leveraging domestic US assembly can provide supply chain advantages for regulated, high-complexity, or quick-turn assemblies while accessing world-class manufacturing expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main benefits of using a US-based PCB assembly manufacturer?

Benefits include supply chain control, protection of intellectual property, and meeting regulatory demands for domestic production and content for defense, government, aerospace, and medical applications.

What are the most advanced PCB assembly capabilities?

Cutting-edge capabilities include extremely fine-pitch components to 0201 or 01005 sizes, microBGAs under 0.5mm pitch, and specialized inspection systems like 3D AOI and x-ray.

How can assembly quality impact product performance and reliability?

High-quality assembly minimizes defects and rework to provide consistent product performance. Effective process controls, soldering, ESD control, and cleanliness are key.

What PCB assembly services typically accompany component mounting?

Additional services include solder paste printing optimization, cleaning, AOI, functional test development, rework/repair, conformal coating, potting, and box build integration.

What certifications are important for regulated industries?

Medical and defense assemblies often require ISO 13485, FDA registration for medical, AS9100 for aerospace, and ITAR registration for US defense contractors.




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