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Why You Should Opt For PCB Assembly Outsourcing

Due to the growing demand for electronics by consumers, there has been a corresponding increase in the demand for PCB assembly services. Of course, it was the standard practice (and still is) for some OEMs to handle PCB assembling, but outsourcing PCB assembly accrues many benefits.

It’s, therefore, no surprise that companies are now looking to PCB assembly outsourcing to ensure they do not get overloaded on PCB assembling and miss-delivery schedules and lose customers as a result. This has induced an uptick in the number of companies dealing in PCB assembly outsourcing, and its benefits multiply by the day.

Should You Outsource Your PCB Assembly?

Outsourcing your PCB assembly is usually a good choice for new and old electronics manufacturers. From trying to match the costs of maintaining a manufacturing line to traversing the intricacy of PCB production, the advantages are just too many to count.

However, as with many sectors and industries, consistent quality benefits matter greatly, and this sector is no different. This article refreshes some definitions and highlights the benefits and processes of PCB assembly outsourcing.

What is PCB Simplified for a Beginner?


A PCB (printed circuit board) is a completely assembled circuit board with all the electronic circuitry devices needed to function effectively. These are unlike typical wiring boards used in standard electronics that do not offer complex functionalities.

What is a Printed Circuit Board Assembly?

This describes a completed board; after all processes, such as soldering and installation, have taken place on it. The pathways (conductive) etched in the laminated copper printed circuit boards are applied in a non-conductive substrate to create the assembly.

The last stage of the manufacturing process of a PCB design layout is adding electronic components to the boards. Only then can an electronic device be capable of performing its function.

Who Handles PCB Assembly Services?

A circuit board assembler handles PCB assembling. While their basic role is to solder electronic components such as (transistors, diodes, resistors, inductors, etc.), they also have to be able to recognize board patterns, follow sample boards correctly, and select electrical components.

In addition, they should know how to read wiring diagrams and handle tools needed for a quality finished product. All of this must be according to the important data in the product documentation.

How to Know It’s Time to Change Your PCB Assembly Outsourcing

PCB assembly outsourcing can be a tad difficult without the right PCB manufacturer. While your current supplier might seem like the best business partner you ever had (probably they offer some other services), you need to know when it’s time to ditch that supplier for a new one. You must recognize and spot signs that it’s time to change your supplier.

Below are some indicators and situations that can help you decide to change your supplier:

  • There is a general rumor about the scarcity of specific components making the rounds, and you need more news about it from your supplier. Either he is getting it somewhere else, or he has yet to learn what is happening.
  • You need to learn about how exactly your Printed Circuit Boards are manufactured. Your supplier deigns to inform you about how exactly he handles mass production. This answers your question of who is in control, you or your supplier.
  • Your deliveries, especially for medical projects, need to be on time, and production is getting less efficient. This might mean your supplier can no longer handle the agreed levels of delivery, or he is no longer working effectively.
  • You begin to receive more complaints about product defects and control devices, and more partners are returning defective items to such a vendor. This has to do with the quality of your products’ desired volume, which takes you back to your supplier.

What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing PCB Assembly?

Below are some reasons why you should opt for PCB assembly series outsourcing:

● Lesser Lead Times

There is so much good collaboration between contractors in numerous fields, which is no different in the PCB assembly industry. These long-lasting ties with their colleagues in the business can help you in a way. It can help you get your components faster and even allow for easy logistics once in a while. In other words, they can help you with lead times.

This is not a bad idea to handle all of these yourself, but you might get more benefits from using PCB contractors with more beneficial connections, and the network is, of course, more advantageous. The choice is yours anyway, like with low volume high mix or high mix low volume design modifications.

● Operating Cost Rationalization

Most SMT assembly for general manufacturing companies comprises far more than the costs of a manufacturing line and the staff required to run it properly. Experienced EMS companies that offer a legacy product usually have a better and well-structured environment for production than your own SMT assembly or any regular SMT assembly company that can assemble high-volume orders of parts in-house.

You will get good value for your money, even in tens of thousands or tens to hundreds, from shipping, storage, or procurement at a reduced cost of the PCB design you want. All of this is due to the beauty of specialization and the safety of inspection equipment at a lower cost.

Experienced and professional EMS are well-versed in cutting costs to manufacture and oversee assembly services for any business without sacrificing the quality of production batches or product versions.

Factors such as price and material availability disparities and short component life cycles must be handled equally and as smartly as possible. Mistakes at this stage are very costly, so highly experienced hands are needed.

Also, outsourcing your production to a proficient PCB contractor and suppliers of well-run SMT assembly services is a good choice for startups and low-capital organizations in this field. Not only will you get good inventory management, but you can also subscribe to product batch manufacturing because these company types depend on cash stored in material for a long while from time to time is crucial.


You may have an idle team on the ground and new and hungry machines ready to create all you need. Maybe you don’t have one or understand how contract PCB fabrication works. Whichever way, you need solid PCB assembly services from a skilled electronics manufacturer like Rayming PCB & Assembly with proven system solutions and a short component life cycle you can trust.

If you need added advantages such as design assistance, ensure that the electronics manufacturer you choose can handle all that you need, and that means ensuring they can do what you need. Ensure you do your homework on your full-service PCB vendor.