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The Truth About PCB assembly Bay Area

Have you ever heard about Bay Area? Have you ever visited Bay Area? If any of these questions baffle you, and you love tech especially PCBs, then this article is meant for you. See, the San Francisco Bay Area is the area that is commonly known as the “Bay Area.” So what makes this place extra special, you might wonder? The Bay Area is famous for its:

  • Picturesque beaches,
  • Waterfront towns, and
  • Tech-savvy found on its southern end, commonly known as the silicon valley.

The tech-savvy brings a lot of innovation to the world, which brings us to today’s question. Is PCB assembly Bay Area necessary, and is it beneficial?

However, before answering this question, let us have an overview of the Bay Area.

Bay Area

This region is densely populated, having a population estimate of around 7.753 million people. It surrounds the following bay estuaries found in northern California:

Even though the region’s boundaries are defined variously, the Bay Area is pretty much defined by the ABAG (Association of Bay Area Government). The association defines the area according to the nine different counties that border the estuaries we named above:

  • Alameda
  • Marin
  • Contra costa
  • San Francisco
  • Sonoma
  • Solano
  • Santa Clara
  • San Mateo
  • Napa

According to the Association of Bay Area Government, the counties mentioned above make up the Bay Area.

So what makes the Bay Area great for PCB assembly? To answer this, we should look back a couple of years.

PCB Assembly Bay Area, Why is it necessary

Back in 1933, Naval Air Base found in Sunnyvale Was home to the USS Macon airship, now known as the Moffett Field. The Naval Air Base has grown over time to become one of the greatest research centers in the world, majoring in Aeronautic research. Other establishments have also grown alongside this Base. All trying to have a piece of this aeronautic technology development pie.

However, as these companies grew, so did the need for raw material they used to create prototypes and finished products. Remember we said that these companies were dealing with aeronautics mostly? So what do you think would be one of their most privileged raw material? Well, PCBs (Print circuit boards), of course. If you do not know what a PCB is, then here is a slight breakdown for you. A PCB is a sheet made of insulating materials with metallic circuits in printed form to conduct electricity in specific pathways.

The designing, developing, and manufacturing of PCBs is a never-ending cycle in the Bay Area due to their high demand. Almost every idea that comes out of Silicone valley found along the Bay Area comes the need to use a new PCB. With almost every research that companies around the Bay Area feature in, PCBs are needed. With this need for PCBs also came other requirements along with it, which include:

  1. Changes in circuit board prototypes
  2. Need for flexibility
  3. Repeatable Quality which is pretty essential for the assembly of long term production

While many pcb manufacturers worldwide can satisfy some of these needs. Providing quality response services to electronic designers need locally operating manufacturers. So now you can see why PCB assembly Bay Area is pretty necessary.


Many print circuit board manufacturers found in the Bay area are well known for their great agility when it comes to servicing:

  • Technologies
  • Customers, and
  • Orders.

These different shops specialize in medium volume, high-mix production. In doing so they get to regard and respond to their customer needs quickly and efficiently.

Customer needs might include:

  • Design change – to fit their desired prototype
  • Board enhancements – for new products

Flexibility is one major reason why PCB assembly Bay Area is pretty necessary as, without it, many companies would probably suffer.

Engineering Resources

One major reason for abrupt changes in print circuit board manufacturing is to accommodate changes in design due to:

  •  Component or
  • Performance issues.

Designers go through great stress thinking about the right:

  1. Price
  2. Product availability
  3. Lead time

In some cases, PCB circuitry require a lot of modifications. Having onsite PCB engineers who are ready and willing to help out in:

  • Providing pricing options
  • Providing best quality options

While at the same time ensuring accuracy comes in handy. What’s more, if any designer decides that they need some circuitry changes, they can access engineering resources. All this saves the customer plenty of time and travel money, which boosts efficiency.

What’s more, PCB engineers have great experience in PCBs. As a result, they can offer design assistance to help minimize cost and time usage.

Local Services

Above all benefits of having PCB assembly in the bay area, designers have the privilege of working with local manufacturers. Here are some benefits of local services:

  1. Designing teams in Bay Area have the advantage of working with PCB manufacturers. For optimal output, manufacturers allow onsite visits during the assembly process. The designers, onsite, help manufacturers complete their orders. They also help them make modifications, if necessary, to generate a perfect PCB for the designer projects.
  2. Local services eliminate time differences and language barriers which in turn boost productivity.
  3. PCB assembly in Bay Area leads to a great exchange of knowledge and information between manufacturers and design teams.
  4.  And lastly, the delivery of complete products is faster, less expensive, and overall easier.


How much do you trust a person that you only meet online “exclusively”? And how much do you trust someone that you meet with face-to-face? You are most likely to trust a person you meet face to face more than you trust a person you only meet online. The same case applies to having PCB assembly in Bay Area.

Designers get to meet with manufacturers face to face, which boosts the trust between these two parties. A designer can hence trust that manufacturers will deliver on their said product. The manufacturers on the other hand can trust that they will get paid; this creates a great working environment.


PCB assembly Bay Area has proven to be one essential asset in the growth of tech and innovation in the Bay Area. Without PCB assembly in the Bay Area, profits would spiral downwards for many companies in the region. We hope that this article has enlightened you on the benefits of PCB assembly Bay Area and why it is necessary.