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How Panasonic MEGTRON6 R-5775 Laminate Impacts High-speed Transmission of Data Communication

Selecting the right PCB material is important for a PCB performance. In the past, FR4 material was typically specified. However, with high speed designs, it is important to use the right laminate. It is advisable to use a material that features a low dielectric constant. This helps to ensure the greatest signal performance. Also, it helps to reduce signal loss or phase jitter of the signal.

There are certain factors to consider when choosing a PCB material. The electromagnetic loss and environmental stability are important factors. Not all PCB laminates are ideal for some applications. The Panasonic MEGTRON6 R-5775 laminate is the topic of discussion in this article.

What is the Panasonic MEGTRON6 R-5775 Laminate?

Panasonic MEGTRON6 R-5775 laminate is a high speed and low loss material. This material features excellent thermal performance and HDI. Also, this material is specifically designed for high frequency PCB applications. Therefore, this explains the reason behind its low Dk and Df.

The electrical properties of Panasonic MEGTRON6 R-5775 laminate are competitive with PTFE-based laminates. However, this PCB laminate offers improved processability. Hence, this advanced feature offers designers great benefits in system performance for telecommunication applications.

Also, this material is suitable for low loss multilayer PCBs. This advanced multilayer PCB material allows greater-capacity data transmission. Therefore, this contributes to the 5G mobile communication systems. Panasonic MEGTRON6 R-5775 laminate features no halogen constituents. Also, this material doesn’t contain bromine, fluorine, and chlorine. Therefore, it is safe for the environment.

The low dissipation factor and dielectric constant contribute to its low transmission loss. Also, this PCB laminate features great mechanical and thermal properties. These properties make this material perform well in extreme temperatures. Also, Panasonic MEGTRON6 R-5775 laminate is highly resistant to heat.

Properties of Panasonic MEGTRON6 R-5775 Laminate

It is very important to know the properties of this PCB material. These help you to understand its performance and functionality.

High decomposition temperature

The decomposition temperature (Td) value of this material is 410 degrees Celsius. Therefore, this material features a high decomposition temperature. This means that it can perform well under a high temperature without decomposing chemically. Also, this material will start decomposing chemically when exposed to a temperature above 410 degrees Celsius.

Low dielectric constant

The dielectric constant of this material is very low. Panasonic MEGTRON6 R-5775 laminate has a Dk value of 3.71 at 1 GHz. At 10 GHz, the Dk is 3.61. Also, this material features a stable Dk across a wide frequency and temperature range. This property contributes to this material’s low loss transmission.

High glass transition temperature

The glass transition temperature of MEGTRON6 R-5775 laminate is 185 degrees Celsius. Therefore, Panasonic MEGTRON6 R-5775 laminate is a high Tg material. Also, it offers great performance when used in varying temperature degrees.

Low dissipation factor

The dissipation factor of MEGTRON6 R-5775 laminate is very low and stable. Also, it has a Df value of 0.004 and 0.002 at 10 GHz and 1 GHz respectively. Also, this electrical property measures the degree of loss when electricity in an insulator discharges. Materials with low Df are more efficient as insulators. Therefore, this PCB material reduces electrical signal loss.

High peel strength

The peel strength of Panasonic MEGTRON6 R-5775 laminate is 0.8 KN/m at IPC-TM-650 2. 4. 8. Therefore, it maintains high peel strength.

Low coefficient of thermal expansion

The CTE before Tg at X and Y-axis is 14 and 16 ppmo/C respectively. The Z-axis CTE value before Tg is 45 ppmo/C. After Tg, the Z-axis CTE is 260 ppmo/C.

Basic Specifications of Panasonic MEGTRON6 R-5775 Laminate

Panasonic MEGTRON6 R-5775 laminate is a series that features some laminate and prepregs.

Panasonic MEGTRON6 R-5775 laminate series include:

  • R-5775(N)
  • R-5775(K)
  • R-5775(G)
  • R-5775(S)*
  • R-5775(R)*

Panasonic MEGTRON6 R-5775 Prepreg includes:

  • R-5670(N)
  • R-5670(K)
  • R-5670(G)

Benefits of Panasonic Halogen-free MEGTRON6 R-5375 Laminate

Offers low transmission loss

Signal loss is a great problem in high frequency PCBs. Therefore, it is important to use material that offers low transmission loss. This material tends to offer high data transmission. Also, Panasonic MEGTRON R-5775 laminate contributes to the development of the communication system.

Free of halogen constituents

This PCB laminate is free of halogen constituents.  Therefore, it is very safe for the environment. The demand for environment-friendly PCB materials for PCBs is growing. Also, the use of this material helps to maintain flame retardation in circuit boards.

Offers excellent heat-resistance

Panasonic MEGTRON R-5775 laminate greatly resists high heat. Therefore, this material enhances reliable operation. This multilayer PCB material features excellent reliability in extreme temperature environments. Also, the thermal properties contribute to this feature.

Improves ease of manufacturing of multilayer PCBs

Panasonic MEGTRON R-5775 Laminate enhances the processing of multilayer PCBs with more than 20 layers. In addition, this laminate offers excellent ease of manufacturing of multilayer boards.

Adheres to UL 94 V-0 flammability

One of the best advantages of this PCB material is its adherence to UL94 V-0 flammability. Therefore, this material features flame retardation.

Applications of Panasonic MEGTRON R-5775 Laminate

Panasonic MEGTRON R-5775 laminate is an advanced PCB material specially designed for high frequency PCB applications. Also, this PCB material is ideal for use in the following applications:

High-speed transfer and computing application

Panasonic MEGTRON R-5775 laminate is widely used in high speed transfer and computing applications. This is because of its signal integrity and low loss transmission features. Therefore, this material plays a crucial role in this application. Panasonic MEGTRON R-5775 laminate offers great benefits when used in this application.

Telecommunication system

The telecommunication system is heavily dependent on low loss PCB materials. High-speed signal transmission is very crucial in this application. Hence, this explains the high demand for Panasonic MEGTRON R-5775 laminate. Also, this laminate offers high speed data transmission. This helps to contribute to the telecommunication system.


PCB designers should specify laminates that provide optimal price-performance ratio. Therefore, it is important to research and analyze PCB materials. This article has evaluated and analyzed the properties and benefits of Panasonic MEGTRON R-5775 laminate.




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