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Best PCB Assembly Quote Online Tips You Will Read This Year

Do you know how to assemble PCBs? Would you like to become a professional in a manufacturing plant soon? Want to learn more about robotic assembly and assembly automation? Then this is the best website for you. This website offers training on how to assemble PCBs, a leading technology for electronics production.

Are you looking for PCB assembly quote online? Do you need PCB Assembly services that offer a quick turnaround? We provide free no-obligation quotes for all your PCB assembly needs. Whether you need single or double-sided boards assembled, we have the best prices on the web!

Preparing PCBs is very pivotal in the entire narrative. You will therefore need qualified personnel who will carry out the PCB assembly. However, it will be difficult for you to decide on the number of PCBs you assemble without knowing the cost. Getting an assembler physically to give you a PCB assembly quote may be so involving, but never mind. You can easily get a PCB assembly quote online and get all the information you need. Therefore, we will look at what the online quote consists of and how to get it online. We will also emphasize what we should fill in a PCB assembly online quote and evaluate its advantages.

How to get a PCB quote online

A printed circuit board is a special board with several electronic components fixed on it. Getting your PCB assembly online quote depends on the kind of PCB assembly, the measure of different parts, the services that the PCB offers, and others. For example, Sierra Assembly Technology LLC is a dependable typical PCB manufacturer that also provides an end–to–end service for their printed circuit board assembly. Additionally, they also manufacture and repair other malfunctioning PCBs. Using the PCB assembly quote calculator, you can get an immediate estimated cost online and a quotation for intricate PCB assemblies tasks.

How do you fill in the information to get the PCB assembly quote online?

An online quote comes as a form with several text boxes where you fill in the requirements.

While filling out the data online, you must fill in the fields with an asterisk mark, while you should enter a zero “0” in the text boxes that you do not want to fill in. For example, to get an online PCB assembly quote, you can follow the following basic steps:

What information do we need to fill in the text boxes?

Revision number

This part is relevant if we have revised the part number.

The number of boards to assemble

Here, mention the number of PCBs you intend to assemble.

Assembly part number

This part is mandatory. It states the part number as it should be displayed in the order.

The total amount of SMT parts

In this text box, mention the number of parts that the assembler should directly mount on the surface of the circuit board.

Assemble service order type

This section has three parts, Turnkey, Combo, or Consigned/Kitted. In turnkey, we consider the whole production process for us to give you an end-to-end result. In the combo order type, you may obtain the parts and constituents that we require if they are present in your inventory. We can take care of the entire process and the parts and materials unavailable in your inventory. In the consigned or kitted order type, you should obtain the parts and materials we require. We will cater to the construction process. In addition, fill the details in their respective text boxes.

The number of unique boards (BOM lines)

This box requires you to state the number of parts you had stated in the respective Bill of Materials for a certain PCB.

The number of BGA parts

In this text box, fill in the number of ball grid array (BGA) surface mount parts required in the integrated circuits.

The number of Fine Pitch parts (< 20 mils)

Here, mention the number of parts we can mount on the surface. Here, these parts must have a lead pitch of less than 2m mils.

The number of QFN parts

In this box, you should state the number of Quid Flatpack No lead (QFN)parts that we should connect to the other components via solder joints. We make these solder joints by smearing solder paste to the bare board.

The number of through-hole parts

This text box requires that you fill in the sum of parts that we should insert into the holes on the PCB surface.

Detailed assembly information

Filling in this box is not mandatory. However, if you want to fill in the information, mention the details about what you require. They help you in understanding the gradations.

Lead Time

You select the time boundaries from our dropbox. By so doing, you give details about how fast you want us to deliver the assembled PCBs.

If you have registered as a user, you log in by filling in your credentials for verification. Such will include user identification details.

What are the merits of a PCB online quote?

We have provided you with a PCBA calculator that helps you obtain an instant quote for your PCB assembly. After you have filled in the information we require in the text boxes, all you need to do is click on the calculate button, and then it will do it for you.

You will enjoy the following advantages once you get your PCB assembly quote online:

  • You will enjoy high-quality products and very good services.
  • We will ensure that we deliver your goods on time, in line with the deadline you stated in the lead time text box.
  • Once you have filled in the details we require, we will give you instant feedback and a quotation for the PCB assembly.
  • We must give you our PCB assembly cost quote even if you do not enter the exact information.
  • We will always be available to help you and make efforts to build strong contacts with you as our customers.
  • Nobody can mislead you since our cost calculator and PCB assembly quote is true and open.
  • We also get a rough idea of what our clients may require when using our quote calculator. Therefore, we will offer you better services every day.


All electrical appliances and devices consist of printed circuit boards (PCBs) designed to perform different tasks. Manufacturing these printed circuit boards is a process that requires qualified and skilled personnel. To assemble these PCBs, we may also require certain machines that are quite expensive to purchase. As a result, there is need to hire a qualified technician to assemble these PCBs.

However, getting such a person would be difficult and quite involving. We can understand how to apply for a PCB assembly quote online from the above information. A PCB assembly form will have empty text boxes for you to fill in the required information.

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