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Nelco N5000 BT Epoxy Laminate and Prepreg

For many, the thought of a laminate is what it took to make their flooring inert and spill-resistant. That’s where Epoxy Laminate and Prepreg come in. We take these two items, epoxy laminate, and prepreg, and we use them together to create beautiful finishes for all sorts of projects.

What are they? Epoxy laminates are sheets that have a high-temperature resistant resin coat on one side and a release agent on the other. The two items can be helpful individually, but these two items create a layer that is resistant to spills, breaks, and scratches when combined.

What are prepregs? Prepregs are a particular type of resin embedded in the shape of a part. You can then finish using epoxy laminate and prepreg. It takes some ingenuity to use the prepreg, but it pays off when done right.

So, what can you do with it when you’ve got epoxy laminate or prepreg? First, you could make a desk or a dresser or any tabletop. You could turn any item into a shelf. One could wrap an entire bathtub in one coat of epoxy laminate and prepreg.

You might also use epoxy laminate and prepreg to make cabinets resistant to spills and scratches. So, they can keep things from breaking as quickly as possible.

Nelco N5000 BT Epoxy Laminate and Prepreg

The N5000 resin system is a polyester resin used to laminate the two products together. It’s gloss white and extremely flexible. The N5000 can also be helpful on its own in high-performance applications.

The N5000 is helpful with nearly any laminate or prepreg to create beautiful finishes for your projects.

One highly useful product when working with N5000 is the Clear Shot Mist Sealer. It creates a protective layer that keeps the material from getting contaminated or yellowing in the sunlight. It also acts as an intercoat to ensure that the paint or finish you’re using is smooth. These are items you’re going to need as you work with prepregs.

The N5000 is a flexible, hard-wearing, and non-yellowing resin system. It’s resistant to oils, solvents, etching, and most other chemicals commonly used in the industry. It can be helpful on wood, metal, and many types of plastic. It has excellent impact resistance while being very clean-cutting for weldments.


RoHS compliant:

The resin is free of heavy metals restricted by the RoHS directive.

Meets UL 94V-0 and IPC-4101/30 specifications:

The resin is helpful in many industries, and the UL 94V-0 and IPC-4101/30 are two of the most widely adopted standards. The UL 94V-0 refers to hazardous materials packaging, while IPC 4101/30 refers to training, safety, health, and environmental management.

Available in a wide variety of constructions:

The N5000 will work with a variety of prepregs and laminate constructions, allowing you to make a wide variety of finishes. Glass styles and copper weights form the basis of the prepregs. In contrast, the laminate has a range of choices available.

Vacuum laminated:

The prepregs are very useful for vacuum lamination because they keep in place as you finish the part. In addition, the N5000 will adhere to the top layer of prepreg without bubbling.

Wide Processing Latitude:

The N5000 has a very wide processing latitude, making it ideal for use in temperatures and pressures. It uses  90 min press at 190°C and 200-350 psi, with a ramp-up rate of 5-10 °C per minute. It also has a Unique BT/epoxy blend that results in a wide processing latitude.

CAF* Resistant:

The resin is resistant to CAF, which can cause some epoxy resins to be yellow and go brittle.

Very Good Chemical Resistance:

The N5000 has excellent resistance to solvents and other chemical compounds commonly used in the industry. However, it is also sensitive to heat, so it is often used in hot-melt adhesives or forced condensers.

Excellent Reliability and Performance:

The N5000 is helpful in many industries, and it has excellent reliability under extreme conditions. It is also resistant to cold weather, making it very popular in Europe. Tg 185°C by DSC,  10 sec at 25°C by DMA.

Excellent Electrical Properties:

The N5000 is not a surface coating, so it doesn’t wear off easily, resulting in excellent electrical properties. It has a high dielectric breakdown strength and maintains the strength of the resin over time. The low, low Dk, and Df values make it more suitable for high-end uses.

Perfecting Touch:

The N5000 is very hardy, making it perfect for finishing applications that work under various conditions. It also combines well with epoxy laminates and prepregs, giving you some great results.

BT Resin Chemistry:

The BT resin chemistry is ideal for high-performance industries that use the Hysol N5000. It is low in viscosity, allowing you to have better control over the final finish. The BT resin chemistry also helps with UV stability and durability, making it a very useful resin for this application.


1. Cabinet and furniture finishing:

The N5000 can be used to make wooden cabinets, furniture, and other items that need resistance to spills and scratches. It also helps to reduce the risk of warping as it’s harder than many other laminates.

2. High-Density Interconnects:

This resin is often used in the connection of high-density interconnect boards. It can resist heat and oxidation, keeping the connectors even more durable.

3. Wireless Communications:

This resin is often used in wireless communications, as it does not yellow or become brittle over time. It is also very flexible and resistant to UV rays. In addition, the N5000 will not further degrade when exposed to magnetic fields, making it an excellent choice for this application.

4. Direct Chip Attach:

This resin has a high dielectric breakdown strength, making it suitable for high-end applications that require high performance. It is also suitable for wire bonding and direct chip attach.

5. MCM-Ls:

This resin has excellent moisture resistance, making it perfect for use with metalized films and MCM-Ls. In addition, as it is resistant to CAF, it will not become brittle or yellow from overexposure to the sun.

6. BGA Multilayers:

This resin is often helpful in producing BGA multilayers, which are widely essential for wireless communications. It is also suitable for use with ceramic substrates. In addition, the N5000 does not yellow or become brittle over time, making it an excellent choice for this application.

7. Surface-Mount Multilayers:

The N5000 is often used to finish assembly lines and surface-mount multilayer structures. In addition, it is beneficial for hot-melt adhesives because they will not yellow or become brittle due to overexposure to the elements.

8. Backplanes:

This resin is often essential in backplanes, and it is an excellent choice for this application. It is very hardy under various conditions, and it also has excellent moisture resistance.

9. Aluminium Inserts:

The N5000 makes an excellent choice for aluminum inserts, as it can be helpful with many different materials and constructions. In addition, it will not yellow or become brittle over time, making it ideal for use with parts that need to resist UV rays or other types of exposure.

10. Fine-Line Multilayers:

This resin is often helpful in fine-line multilayer boards, and it is an excellent choice for this application. It has excellent adhesion properties, making it very durable and hardy in the elements.


With all the options available to you when it comes to selecting an epoxy resin, you must choose that will provide you with good results. To make sure you get the best results possible, you should take the time to consider how your product will be necessary before making a final decision. This will help ensure that you make a wise choice.

If your product has unique requirements, such as electrical conductivity or chemical resistance, you may need to seek a resin with special specifications from Rayming PCB & Assembly. In addition to making sure your resin has the right specifications, you will also want your resin to be easy to work with.