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What is Nelco N4380-13 RF PCB ?

Ever heard the expression “Kiss like you mean it?” With the Nelco N4380-13 RF Microwave Performance Modified Epoxy sealing solution, you’ll get an excellent idea. The seal delivers high performance and reliability to keep your product airtight and on the shelf. It’s a game-changer for anyone looking to take their industrial sealing up a notch.

“Having a high-quality seal is a key component to maintaining the integrity of your product for the life of its intended use. Whether you’re sealing carrier bags, cases, or pallets, you want to ensure your product is monitored and maintained on the shelf,” said Steve Marty, president at Nelco Energetic Materials Solutions. “Seals are helpful in various industries, so there’s no question that quality should be extremely critical. We’ve seen firsthand the success of high-performance seals, but we didn’t want to settle for just good enough. Instead, we wanted to build a seal that would deliver exceptional results and set new standards in performance and reliability. The Nelco N4380-13 RF Microwave Performance, Modified Epoxy is the answer.”

The seal features a patented high-performance epoxy to ensure your product remains secure. As with all its products, Rayming PCB & Assembly stands behind the quality and reliability of its sealing solutions. This goes above and beyond the standard four-year warranty accompanying all of its industrial seaming products.

Why use it?

Are the benefits worth it? Absolutely. When designing a seal for a product, its integrity is key to maintaining airtight and moisture-free storage conditions. In addition, a good seal will help your product maintain its freshness and make sure that consumers are getting the best possible product when they purchase it.

The Nelco N4380-13 RF Microwave Performance Modified Epoxy seal is an innovative seal solution great for high-quality products that must maintain a perfect seal for longer periods.

This seal can deliver:

– A high-quality seal that keeps your product fresh

– First-in, first-out production – no last-minute shipment or storage issues

– Secure storage conditions from the moment of manufacture through the point of sale and beyond

The Nelco N4380-13 RF Microwave Performance Modified Epoxy seal features a high-performance epoxy that can withstand heat and extremely low temperatures for transportation.

Features of the Nelco N4380-13 RF Microwave Performance, Modified Epoxy

The Nelco N4380-13 RF Microwave Performance Modified Epoxy comes with enhanced epoxy and a locking mechanism to keep your product used in the case of a possible compromise. Here are some other features:

RoHS compliant:

The company’s products are registered to meet standards set by the RoHS – Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive, responsible for restricting the utilization of materials or elements containing Mercury, Cadmium, Lead, and Hexavalent Chromium. This is because the company uses only the highest-quality resins. However, the seal must meet these standards to keep the customer’s end product safe from any possible contamination.

Vacuum laminated:

An extremely thin layer of aluminum is essential for laminating the product. This process further protects it from any damage. The aluminum laminate also eliminates any puncturing that could compromise the integrity of the seal.

High-performance epoxy:

The seal can keep your product in the case for years. The company uses its high-performance epoxy for this purpose. This does away with the more common techniques of adhesives that create a seal that cannot maintain integrity for more than a few months. Instead, the company’s epoxy canto maximizes shelf life, increases reliability, and keeps your product intact even in an accidental puncture.

High-Tg FR-4 processing:

The material itself is processed using a technique that entails high-temperature resistance. The Nelco N4380-13 RF Microwave Performance Modified Epoxy demonstrates this through the efficient use of FR-4 with additional layers of silver. In addition, this material’s superior thermal capacity allows the effective dissipation of non-static energy. It further adds to the seal’s ability to withstand damage.

N4000-13 based material:

We formulate Nelco’s epoxy resin with the company’s N4000-13 epoxy. This product is used for various applications and remains robust after being subjected to tremendous heat and cold, making it the perfect choice for sealing your products.

Tightly controlled electrical properties:

The seal also features a tight match between the glass transition temperature and electrical properties. This means that it will not experience any changes in shape even if subjected to extreme temperatures. In addition, using this material requires no additional processing, making it easy for companies to produce their seals.

CAF* Resistant:

The seal is CAF* resistant so that it won’t degrade because of the heat. It also stays airtight after being exposed to any form of chlorine. Also, the seal does not possess any UV light absorption, which means that it won’t compromise the integrity of airtight industrial products after being exposed to the sun.

Recommended for use in high-temperature and high-humidity environments:

The N4380-13 RF Microwave Performance Modified Epoxy is suitable for high-pressure environments and extreme temperatures. However, it’s also ideal for use in extremely moist environments, which means that you’ll be able to seal products under severe weather conditions.

Lead-free assembly compatibility:

The seal can work with lead-free assembly, so you’ll have no problem using it.


The Nelco N4380-13 RF Microwave Performance Modified Epoxy is an ideal solution for various applications. It can be helpful in conjunction with a wide range of products, maintaining its integrity. Here are just some of the ways you can use it:

Lead-Free Assembly Substrates:

The seal is approved for use in lead-free assembly to help in virtually any environment. However, it’s ideal for use in applications where the seal will be subject to extreme temperatures and high pressure.

Commercial RF Applications:

The N4380-13 RF Microwave Performance Modified Epoxy is ideal for commercial and military use for some of the most sensitive applications.

High-Speed Computing:

Applications that require high-performance computing will significantly benefit from the seal’s ability to maintain tight integrity. Additionally, the seal is guaranteed not to degrade because of humidity and sunlight exposure.

Sensors and Instruments:

This seal works well with sensors, instruments, and other devices used to measure motion, pressure, position, and other physical parameters.

Medical Applications:

The product can be helpful in various medical applications where the integrity of sensitive instruments is concerned. It’s also ideal for general industrial applications where devices need to remain airtight even under tough environmental conditions.


The seal is designed to work well with telecommunication equipment, including microwave transmission systems and radar equipment. In addition, it can protect electronic devices from electromagnetic irradiation.

Hybrid RF Multilayers:

Microwave hybrid multilayer coatings are an ideal solution in RF applications. This means the seal will work well with a wide range of applications. It’s also resistant to high temperatures, moisture, and UV radiation.

Power Amplifiers:

The seal can work with any power amplifier. It’s suitable for use in applications that remain airtight even in extreme conditions. Further, its microwave properties help with transmitting signals at high frequencies.

802.11 a, b, and g Antennas:

The seal can work in conjunction with all types of 802.11 a, b, and g antennas. So, it’s ideal for use in applications where we find these antennas. It can also help with high-performance computing applications that employ custom antennas.


The Nelco N4380-13 RF Microwave Performance Modified Epoxy has numerous applications across various industries. For example, it can help to ensure that sensitive electronic devices remain airtight and protected from moisture and UV radiation. In addition to this, it can also be helpful for low loss, which means that it will not compromise the transmission of signals.

Like all Nelco’s products, the seal consists of the finest materials possible.




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