Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards - Multilayer PCB with Latest Technology

The latest technology when it comes to printed circuit boards is the multilayer technology. These boards are fabricated on a prototype in a variety of different applications that range from two to six multilayer circuit boards. If your business depends upon the latest technology, it pays to get the latest applications when it comes to printed boards.

Multilayer PCB circuit board

Multilayer PCB circuit board

Printed circuit boards have come a long way in recent years. Although these boards have been around for over 100 years, recent advances in technology have made these boards more efficient for all types of business that deal with electronic components. The multilayer PCB is considered to be the latest technology when it comes to printed circuit boards. Small to medium-sized companies that are looking for the most up to date technology when it comes to these products but that do not want to end up paying a substantial amount of money or ordering in a large quantity can look to a company that can provide them with affordably priced boards.


In addition to providing small and medium-sized businesses with this type of technology, companies that manufacture multilayer PCBs can also assist the entrepreneur. Because the boards are not mass produced by these companies in large quantities, as is the traditional concept of circuit boards, the entrepreneur can get the applications that they want on their prototype that are designed to suit the needs of their product.


There are several positive aspects of using a company that focuses on designing a multilayer PCB for small to medium-sized companies. The first is that the quantity that you need to purchase is less than what you are required to buy when you purchase from a large manufacturer.


Secondly, you can get a prototype that is designed with your particular specifications in mind by using a company that will work with you to make sure that you get what you are looking for to make your product run smoothly. Using a manufacturer that creates multilayer printed circuit boards for small to medium-sized businesses gives you a product that is the next best thing to something that is handmade, without having to pay the cost that you would have to pay for a hand created product. Your business can get high technology when it comes to the multilayer PCB along with a quick delivery time as well as an affordable cost by using a company that produces multilayer printed circuit boards for small to medium-sized companies.


How much does multilayer PCB fabrication cost?


Multilayer PCB fabrication is not an expensive process anymore. The technology has advanced significantly and as more companies start offering to print, the prices go down.

Multilayer PCB prototyping

Multilayer PCB prototyping


As an example, let's take a simple 2 by a 4-inch circuit board with 4 layers. Let's assume it is meant for household electronics - therefore no special materials required. There will usually be a first-time setup fee, which is necessary for the engineers to work and adjust your Gerber files and set up the printing machines. Despite work involved, the setup fee will rarely exceed $200. Still, it will be higher for sophisticated layouts.


Unit prices depend on materials used, the necessity to bore holes and passages and other factors. In a similar way to book publishing and other printing jobs, the more you order, the cheaper you get. A test batch of 100 boards can cost more than $2 per unit. Ordering more than 10,000 you bring the unit price closer to one dollar. High-temperature materials usually tend to double the unit price, however, when you need it you just have to go with it. Saving money on materials may make the difference between success and failure of your product.



Cheapest is not always the best!


Continuing to talk about success, you also have to make sure you choose the multilayer PCB fabrication company with a proven track record. Although many start-up entrepreneurs and product inventors try to save money and send their boards to be manufactured in Asian countries, they rarely notice that there are local companies offering much better quality. The price difference is not that big because multilayer PCB fabrication process is almost completely automated and the human resources involved are pretty low. There are great electronics companies in USA, Germany, UK and other European countries. Your best guide to finding a reliable partner is probably Yellow Pages. Look for local companies, you will have more control of the end result and you will save big time on shipping. If you have found a company through the internet, check their website for proper contact information and always compare the address with the Who is admin mailing address for the particular domain name. Ideally, they should match or at least be within the same country.


With so many websites and electronics companies springing up every month, it is very easy to fall prey to fraud or low quality


Alignment Control in Multilayer PCB


As the gadgets are getting smaller and smaller - dictated by the ergonomics features that the consumer expects - we are required to fit more components per square inch than ever before. Circuit assembly becomes a challenge. Although by using modern computer software it is relatively easy to design an electronic scheme and print it through advanced etching techniques, it's when the layers have to come together that we can be faced with problems.


If the copper sheets are not aligned perfectly, the whole system will fail to work because the current won't flow between the sheets or the wrong points will come into contact. The circuit will malfunction, reducing all the design effort to nothing.


Getting the prototype spot on is a huge step towards a superior product. Unfortunately, many manufacturers try to get through this important stage of production as quickly as possible. The aforementioned methods are not cheap but they are essential.


Each electronics company starting out or trying to improve their quality control has to consider what to use to make sure their product stands out. In the electronics sector, the competitions are fierce in a long run and the best feature always wins.