Methods of Burning-in Software of Automotive Electronics

Automotive electronics often involve many electronic components. Many components have separate chips and programs to be burned. If there is a problem in the traditional seat burning, the process of removing the film will need to be removed. These processes are relatively complicated. Which kind of burning method is it suitable for?



Methods of Burning-in Software of Automotive Electronics




1 Offline burn-in


Off-line burning is a production method in which the chips are burned offline by various dedicated adapters and then mounted on the board. This approach greatly improves reliability and stability compared to previous emulator burn-in ratios. But the adapter itself is also a kind of precision fixture that is difficult to generalize between different chips, which adds cost. Moreover, once the unqualified product wants to be re-programmed, it is difficult to remove the chip that has been burned on the board and re-burn it. After burning it, it is necessary to go to the patch again, which in turn adds another cost. Therefore, although offline burning has advantages, the short board is also very obvious. Take a look at the various adapters in the picture below, which is prohibitive.



IC Adapters of Offline Burn-in





2 Online burn-in


At present, the advantage of online burning is unique. In order to ensure the stability of burning, there is no need to customize the adapter, and the wire can be used. If you find an error, you can correct it in time, without having to go through the complicated steps of disassembling the patch once, reducing the cost and improving the efficiency.



IC Adapters of Online Burn-in



Speaking of IC burn-in,we can talk more of some ICs which are generally use in electronic products, motherboards and complex boards,such as EK-U1-VCU118-G in a complex board,the details of it as below:



Board Specifications:



Height: 6.927 inch (17.59 cm)

Thickness (±5%): 0.061 inch (0.1549 cm)

Length: 9.5 inch (24.13 cm)

Environmental Temperature:

Operating: 0°C to +45°C

Storage: -25°C to +60°C


10% to 90% non-condensing



Operating Voltage:

+12 VDC



Board Component Location: Figures shows the VCU118 board component locations.



The VCU118 Board Component Locations.