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What is Mentor PCB?

The most successful semiconductor, electronic, and systems firms in the world rely on Mentor PCB Graphics Corporation, which is a Siemens company, for its consulting services, products, as well as award-winning support. It is a global leader in the electronic software and hardware solutions. We help businesses create superior electronic goods more quickly and affordably.

Our cutting-edge goods and services assist engineers in overcoming design difficulties in the increasingly complicated chip and board design industries. Mentor operates as the sole EDA business including embedded software solutions and offers the widest range of best-in-class solutions in the market. EDA technology leader Mentor Graphics® offers both hardware and software design solutions to assist businesses create superior electrical devices more quickly and affordably.

The business provides cutting-edge goods and services that assist engineers in overcoming the design and manufacturing difficulties they encounter in the escalating complicated fields of PCB assembly as well as chip and board design. Mentor Graphics constitutes the sole EDA business with end-to-end solutions for design to production, and it offers the widest range of the best-in-class solutions in the market.

One of the leading electronics businesses worldwide today, Mentor Graphics PCB offers a variety of scalable solutions to cut the time, expense, and risk associated with product design, volume, and NPI production. This Mentor Graphics PCB is the technology and market leader in Circuit board, PCB NPI, as well as optimization solutions for shop floor.

What Mentor PCB Offers?

Functional Checking

Mentor offers its clients vital resources for tackling the increasingly complex concerns of verifying the actual functioning of the complex chip design of today.

The primary reason for design alterations that delay going to market and reduce profitability is functional faults at system level. Design teams should enhance current processes with tools which scale for varying levels of design complexity.

With innovative use models, top-tier technology, and processes, Mentor is revolutionizing verification. Its Mentor Enterprise Verification Platform increases productivity in SoC and ASIC functional verification through integrating cutting-edge verification methods into the comprehensive platform. It supports everything from the block-level simulation into the whole design emulation at the system level.

Design of Integrated PCB-FPGA System

PCB design is evolving to new complexity levels as ICs, ASICs, and FPGAs grow more intricate and PCB manufacturing technology improves to accommodate embedded components as well as high-density connection layers. Design bottlenecks are usually caused by these.

XpeditionTM Enterprise, for the creation of today’s most complex Circuit board designs; the Board Station® XE, market-standard solution suitable for the PCB design design issues of the multinational company; and PADS® flow, and the top Windows-based remedy for compliant PCB design are just a few of the scalable design solution that Mentor offers to some of the largest system designing companies around the globe.

Mentor also provides solutions for certain design issues such as managing radio frequency design, verifying it, sophisticated packaging, continuous team design, integrating FPGAs onto boards, and managing design data.

Solutions for Automotive EE Design

Nowadays, a new automobile has 15% more technology in its entertainment, navigation, as well as safety systems compared to cars from a year earlier. The demand for technology solutions to handle this complexity develops as the systems for electrical wiring used by the transportation sector become more complicated.

OEMs and wire harness producers throughout the world use Mentor’s unmatched selection of cutting-edge solutions. With a data-centric  suite for different electrical systems as well as associated harness designs, the Capital tool of Mentor provides a potent design environment created especially for wire harness sector. Distributed control system development is supported by a systematic engineering approach by Mentor’s VolcanoTM product range.

Electronic Software

Mentor Embedded Softwares Division makes it possible to design embedded systems for a range of applications, such as consumer electronics, medical devices, smart energy, industrial, and automotive sectors.

With the help of commercially supported completely customisable Linux-based solutions, such as the market-dominating Sourcery CodeBench as well as Mentor Embedded products from Linux, embedded developers may build systems using the newest CPUs and microcontrollers. Also, d evelopers may benefit from Nucleus® RTOS’s small-footprint as well as low-power capabilities for actual control systems.

RTL Synthesis

With today’s complicated designs, traditional techniques for hardware design which need manual RTL creation as well as debugging are excessively error-prone and time-consuming. For use in downstream synthesis as well as physical design, the Mentor Catapult® as well as PowerPro® solutions automatically create power-optimized and fully-verified RTL.

Using this High-Level Catapult Synthesis Platform, the designers may specify functional intent at a high degree of abstraction but then produce production-quality RTL using industry-standard ANSI C++ as well as SystemC.

Throughout this RTL cycle of development, this PowerPro Low-Power RTL Platform offers a full solution for precisely measuring RTL power use, interactively exploring, and thoroughly optimizing power usage.

Applied Fluid Dynamics

For over 30 industries, the FloEFDTM EFD program offers reliable heat transfer and fluid flow modeling tools. It assists engineers in integrating analysis to cycles without interfering with the process of engineering and is included into top computer-aided mechanical design tools.

HVAC & Constructed Environment

FloVENT® is particularly suited for specialized applications like clean room contaminant management as well as datacenter or warehouse temperature control. FloVENT® invented the modeling of airflow in addition to temperature dispersion within and around the buildings, airplanes, trains, and vehicles. The study as well as optimization of the HVAC equipment may also be done using FloEFD.

Mentor PCB Design into Silicon

Mentor PCB Graphics
Mentor PCB Graphics

Due to increased manufacturing process unpredictability and the expanding size and design complexity that make use of the most recent nanoscale scaling, EDA tools enabling physical design as well as verification had reached their limits. This handoff between IC layout as well as manufacture has evolved with the development of novel process technologies out of a straightforward check into the multi-step processes where this layout design should be improved to guarantee efficient production. This poses several difficulties in terms of photolithography, the data quantities, manufacturing process impacts, and getting a good yield of completed chips from every wafer.

Design teams use Mentor’s Olympus-SoCTM place & route system plus Multi-Corner-Multi-Mode time analysis & DFM-aware design optimization for quick closure of the physical designs to confidently tackle these difficulties. Working with industry-leading integrated Calibre® Mentor PCB Design into Silicon

Working with industry-leading integrated Calibre® Mentor PCB Design into Silicon Every aspect of a design-to-silicon transition is effectively and precisely handled by the Calibre product family. With today’s SoCs, the manufacturing test, yield ramp, as well as debug concerns are addressed by the Mentor TessentTM product suite, this serves as the comprehensive silicon tests and yield analysis platform. Tessent, which is based on the bedrock of the optimal solution for every test discipline, combines them in the potent test flow in order to guarantee complete chip coverage.

The integrated, cost-effective, and user-friendly tool package called Tanner EDA is used for designing, laying out, and verifying analog/mixed signal as well as micro-electro-mechanical systems integrated circuits. Tanner tools, which are used by upwards of 25,000 designers worldwide, offer an end-to-end flow for mixed-signal, top-down, design capture as well as simulation, synthesis including physical design, DFT support, as well as place-and-route.

Software Packages from Mentor to Solve PCB Design Problems


Mentor’s PCB design tools are intended to be inexpensive. Using three different software packages at various pricing ranges, Mentor PCB Graphics has reimagined its tools for PCB design to target various segments of a design industry, some of which it is doing this for the initial time or first time ever.

Engineers in the small as well as mid-sized businesses and members of a solitary team working for a bigger business who are responsible for conducting the whole design, analysis, as well as manufacturing the data delivery of the PCBs may afford the standard product, known as PADS, which costs $5,000.

The three products include PADS Standard, which costs $5,000 including support and includes PCB and schematic layout with the beginning parts library, a component creation wizard, as well as archive management.

Enhanced constraint management, and the high-speed net routing and constraints, the construction and maintenance of the central library, HyperLynx-powered thermal/signal/analog simulation, in addition to the variations design pricing are all included in PADS Standard Plus.

For $18,000 plus support, users may get PADS Professional – and PADS Standard Plus, which includes Xpedition-powered technologies including simultaneous 3D/2D layout, sketch routing, placement planning, net and component explorers, production preparation, and design compare/review.

Mentor PCB Graphics is still marketing their Xpedition multi-seat enterprise-level PCB software. Via its partnership with Digi-Key, it furthermore provides entry-level Circuit board design software at a very cheap cost.

Versions of a technology found inside this Xpedition tools are included into these PADs tools. In order to enable cutting-edge high-speed topologies and design for production, this also incorporates a shared constraint management solution utilized throughout the flow.

Using power/signal integrity analysis, thermal or analogue simulation, designers may virtually prototype the system using HyperLynx product in the application.


One of the leading electronics businesses worldwide today, Mentor PCB Graphics offers a variety of scalable solutions. This is why users of the Mentor PCB has a lot to benefit from.




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