Low-Volume High Mix PCB Assembly


Low-Volume High Mix PCB Assembly

With the rapidly expanding field of science and technology, the number of electronic industries and service providers are also greatly increasing. Everybody wants to launch their own product and start fundraising campaigns to promote their product to the entire world. This is made possible by the global markets and ecommerce all around the world. The world is at your fingertips. You do not need to run here and there to find companies that fulfill your requirement instead you prefer to open your laptop and connect the internet to interact with thousands of service provider in the domain of PCB design, manufacturing and assembly. There are so many PCB assembly and manufacturing companies that are working to serve their client in best possible way. But when it comes to low volume manufacturing, they do not give proper attention to the customer requirements because their MOQ is very high. This drawback and inadequate customer service is not good for small PCB enthusiasts and small enterprises who want to develop their product on small scale on initial level.

At Rayming PCB, we however give high level of customer service for both types of PCB manufacturing jobs either small scale or large scale. We offer small scale PCB manufacturing and PCBA at customized requirements in sense of component packages, assembly technology, specifications and density.



We have all the necessary facility to go for small batch production of PCBs at the cost that suits you. Our multiple PCB assembly lines are flexible and we can adjust specifications in short time. We have QA department, to ensure elevated quality and standard performance. It does not matter the customer is big or small, we respond and entertain both types parties equally. We strongly believe in "Customer Satisfaction".  It is not wise to compromise PCB complexity on low volume / quantity run.


Complete Services at Single door step:


Many of the beginner and intermediate level engineers and hobbyist are mostly engaged in the projects that do not require too much PCB quantity. The requirements fall in the range of 10-100 pcs batch production. On the other hand, most of the PCB manufacturers have MOQ ( Minimum Order Quantity) of 10,000 and more. But do not worry, we at Rayming PCB have no MOQ. We can save your precious time and irritation of finding suppliers separately for PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, component sourcing. We provide you all three service under one roof. We analyze your specifications of design, design your PCBs, make prototype PCB and complete your small batch PCB work at lower cost.


Rayming PCB want you to focus on further next steps of putting together things up, marketing and selling your end product to earn more monetary gains


We Offer Complete Turnkey Low-Volume Assembly Service. We do it at much lower cost without compromising on quality as compared to any expensive foreign companies situated in western countries or Europe.


What we offer..?


Quick-turn prototype assembly, Turn-key assembly, Partial turn-key assembly, Consignment assembly, RoHS compliant lead-free assembly, Non-RoHS assembly


1- Full Turn-Key:


In this service type, we are responsible for complete process. We do component sourcing, PCB design, PCB fabrication, online order tracking, quality assurance and PCB assembly, DFM engineering assistance, inspection and testing. Our customer support team is present online and telephone call to give you best quote. We can deal for you in fine pitch PCB designs, the designs in which components are hard to find or any challenging task that falls in PCB domain, you can consult and get benefit from our unparalleled services. Either it is a small project for prototype or a complex HDI (High Density Interconnect) PCB project we can assure you top notch services with high quality and very reasonable cost.


2- Partial Turn-Key:


You provide us the PCB and some parts, and we arrange the rest.


In case of full turnkey solution, you just have to upload your BOM. Our experts in procurement department will find the exact component in best possible prices. After BOM upload, we can give you estimate of PCB, PCBA prices, price for components, labor cost and bare boards cost whatever you want to select.


Rayming PCB is focused on multiple types of PCB assembly like SMT and THT along with the single sided and double sided for more complicated and dense circuits. The components packages we offer for assembly are QFN, BGA and WLCSP. Can assemble component as small as 01005 package footprint.


Qualified Testing of PCB:


We always ensure that our customers do not complain of low quality PCB. We know that you will perform your own procedures for quality test, so we ensure from our end that highly qualified PCBs are delivered to you so that to avoid wastage of your time in checking quality less PCBs.


Free DFM, DFA and DFT:


We offer the low volume PCB customer for free of cost DFM, DFA and DFT procedures to rule out any defects and to meet the high expectations and fulfill the outclass performance as we promise.

We then do functional test as per your special requirements by building prototype PCB.


Fast Customer Service:


Our customer service department is working 24/7 at your job. We have vigilant staff, always ready to support you on your technical queries and questions. Either you have any issue or problem regarding PCB prototype or circuit assembly our world class staff will satisfy you to the maximum extent.


Lead Time:


The assembly lead time is around 1 – 5 days. The lead time for turnkey solution of PCB is 10-16 days


How to get in touch:


How to obtain a quote for one-stop PCB assembly services?


PCB Online Quote: An Instant PCB price can be quoted base on PCB Circuit Board information.

PCB Assembly Quote: This is an additional instant quote for the cost of labor for PCB assembly.

PCBA BOM Pricing: To get a BOM quote within 24 hours, Send the BOM to sales@raypcb.com and include all details such as quantities, reference designators, and Components manufacturer name and part number.