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Las Vegas International Radio and Television Exhibition

Exhibition time:  April 2021


Address: USA-Las Vegas



Las Vegas International Radio and Television Exhibition





1. Camera battery, camera, camera lamp, camera robot, news interview camera lamp, camcorder support equipment and other camera accessories;


2. LED, advertising display, lighting, audio and video systems, product switching switches and studio video mixer;


3. Satellite communication, digital connection equipment, microwave link, fiber interface and system, wire and cable and other communication products, communication equipment, mobile phone;



Radio and Television Exhibition



4. Cable terminal box, network TV data transponder and shock absorber, set-top box, remote control, TV support, multiplexer, router;


5. Game equipment, satellite system, HDTV, IPTV, program production equipment, digital recording and video equipment, laser audio equipment, multimedia computers and software;


6. All kinds of radio stations, TV transmission equipment, audio products, mobile television and technology, digital television, digital cameras.