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17 Largest Manufacturing Companies In The USA

Manufacturing companies are a crucial part of a country and contribute to keeping it afloat. In the USA alone, there are tons of manufacturing companies that handle product distribution. Not only this, the recruitment and finance management through these manufacturers becomes feasible for the clients.

If you have been looking for a manufacturer for your business needs, then look no further since we are going to explain about them in this post. Who knows, you might end up finding the best fit for your collaboration. We are going to take a look at some of the biggest manufacturers in the USA and see what makes them so special for the country on all counts. Let’s get started without further ado! 

Largest Manufacturing Companies in the USA

Manufacturing companies in the USA are highly inevitable for the progress in the GDP and economic development of the country. These companies come together to produce tons of products annually, and the numbers go up to 18.2%, which is quite impressive. The market share of these manufacturers is huge, which leads to the strengthening of the ties among them. Due to this reason, the country is experiencing rapid growth in consumer products and successfully meets the demands of the customers on a deeper level. Now we are going to see how the manufacturing sector flourishes in the USA and what are the contributing factors to it. 

Manufacturing Sector in the USA

EMS Electronics Manufacturing Companies

The manufacturing sector cannot stand on its feet without the qualities of a good manufacturer. Their attributes are integral to the consistent growth of the country’s economy. A manufacturing company is a company that uses production materials for its products. Take Apple, for example.

One of the biggest tech firms in the world. These companies pay close attention to different aspects, which include recruitment, product management, meeting consumer demands, and much more.

The manufacturing sector of the USA is remarkable and well-known in the entire world. There are different companies in this sector. These are companies dealing in steel, petroleum, telecommunications, aerospace, and many more. These companies have individual roles in maintaining the stellar growth of the country’s economy and highlighting it in the world. 

Which States Have the Most Manufacturing Businesses?

The manufacturing companies in the USA feature the best professionals who know their thing. Due to this reason, these companies are able to produce state-of-the-art products ranging from consumer products to technical products used in several industries.

The major states that have some of the best manufacturing companies are Ohio, Mississippi, Michigan, California, Illinois, and Kentucky. It’s time to not further delay the actual discussion of today. We are going to have a detailed look at the major American manufacturers that have secured a strong position in the sector and have been contributing to the country’s economy for many years. Let’s get started!

1.    General Motors Co.

General Motors operates in Detroit. It is one of the best automaker companies in America. They have ties with 30+ countries around the globe. The company is able to generate decent revenue from its industrial-grade automobiles. It is a certified producer of autos, which is why it has an impressive consumer base. It has been awarded by different American authorities over the years as well due to its exceptional performance in the sector. 

2.    Patrick Industries

Patrick Industries is located in Indiana and is a producer of industrial-grade components used in marine equipment and machinery. Not only this, its products have applications in interior decoration as well. They have also been successful in producing some of the most consumer-favorite products. Due to this reason, they are able to meet consumer demand and keep their customers happy on all counts. The products of Patrick Industries include:

  • Moldings
  • Decorative panels
  • Trim
  • House/office furniture
  • Countertops
  • Helm systems 

3.    BOEING CO.

It is the most renowned American aerospace manufacturing company. The company has been able to secure a great reputation among its competitors for many years. The major products of the company are defense solutions, industrial aerospace machinery, jetliners, satellites, missiles, and aero-security equipment. Their collaborators never have any complaints from them due to their flawless services. They are also able to meet deadlines in no time and deliver impressive products to their clients each time. They have even collaborated with US Navy for their industrial-grade marine equipment. 

4.    General Electric Co.


General Electric is another American manufacturing firm that you should know. They specialize in the field of healthcare, aviation, and renewable energy, along with venture capital and finance. They are interesting because of the wide range of their specialties for their clients. The company operates in Boston and has generated a decent amount of capital due to its transparency and quality products. Today, different fields in America are benefitting from General Electric.Co because it has made their operations much easier. Their services are fundamental to keeping their collaborator companies afloat and sustained in the long run. 


Microsoft Corporation is a flagship American tech firm that operates in Washington. It offers remarkable tech solutions, cross-device productivity, and software development services to its collaborators. Microsoft’s products are famous, including their PCs, laptops, gaming concise, and whatnot! The company itself is one of the biggest tech chains in the entire world. People love Microsoft, and due to this reason, they have a large consumer base of millions around the globe. The company has been operational for many years, serving the consumers like us with consistent performance.

6.    Apple Inc.

Who does not know Apple? It is another leading tech firm in America. Their iPhones and iPads are famous among Gen Z today. The company operates in California and is one of the highly expensive firms in terms of its products. The company’s annual revenue is impressive. Many people believe that their products are out of the league in terms of pricing. However, if you consider the quality and performance of Apple products, then it’s all worth it. Their best-seller products include:

  • Apple TV
  • Mac Personal Computer
  • Apple Smartwatch

7.    Pilgrim’s Pride Corp.

Pilgrim’s Pride Corp. is functional in Pittsburg and is a people’s choice because of its delicious chicken products. They collaborate with hundreds of retailers and food chains out there for their appreciable chicken products. Besides, they never compromise on quality and make sure entirely organic and hygienic chicken products get delivered to their clients. Moreover, they never discriminate between their consumers, which is why they are interesting to consider for their Halal chicken products.


Valero Energy operates in Texas and is famous for its transport equipment. They have a wide range of products, including transportation fuels, coal products, petrochemicals, and much more. They have ties with other regions in the world, and due to this reason, they are able to generate a decent amount of revenue each year. Their petroleum products are of fine quality and meet industry standards. They supply their products to nearby and farthest regions just to help their collaborators meet the consumer demand impressively and in time. 

9.    PHILLIPS 66

It is another energy manufacturing company in America. They specialize in energy production, and also logistics is their area of expertise. They refine the chemicals that have important applications in different industries and successfully market themselves to increase brand awareness among their target audience. The company is operational in Texas. Each year, the company generates a decent revenue which sets it apart from its competitors in the field. 

10. Exxon Mobil Corp.

ExxonMobil operates in Irving and has gained fame over the years. It deals in oil and gas and has deep roots in different sectors worldwide. They specialize in discovering the natural resources of oil and gas so that the demand for natural gas and oil can be met easily. The transportation, marketing, and sale game of this firm is impressive that leaves behind several competitors as well. They make sure to clinically test their products before transporting them to their clients and retailers. Due to this reason, their products last long and deliver exceptional results for the users. Their common products are:

  • Polyethylene
  • Olefins
  • Petrochemicals
  • Aromatics
  • Polypropylene plastics

11. Lancaster Colony

It is one of the oldest bakery products companies in America. Their bakery products, like bagels and bread rolls, are fresh from the oven. They never compromise on quality as well. They collaborate with different retailers to serve their consumers freshly made bread and bagels. Moreover, they use organic and chemical-free ingredients, which makes them a lot different from their competitors.  

12. Lear Corporation

Lear Corporation specializes in producing automotive equipment and parts. The firm has been functional for many years. Their automotive parts are industrial-grade and just add to the overall look of the vehicles. They have served huge clients in the sector, which is why collaborators love to work with Lear Co on all counts. They aim to provide technical solutions to improve the electrical systems along with telecommunication systems as well. 

13. Johnson & Johnson

The Johnson & Johnson Corporation is another old player in the field of manufacturing. Their skincare, beauty, and hygiene products are famous worldwide. Their products are cruelty-free, and they have been lab-tested. It comes in handy so that their consumers won’t be affected by these products at all. They are now producing medical equipment and surgical tools for the medical and healthcare sectors as well. 

14. Sanderson Farms

Sanderson Farms is a producer of frozen chicken products. Their best-sellers are tenderloins, drumsticks, and chicken fillets. They are important to consider because of their contributions to the field of production. Their products are hygienic to eat, plus you also never gain weight, which is interesting. They use organic ingredients and less harmful preservatives. They have humungous production plants in America. 

15. Thor Industries

Thor Industries specialize in RVs and has been in this sector for many years. There is no doubt that there has never been a single dent in their performance. Their products include travel trailers, toy haulers, and camper vans. These are robust and serve you for a long time. Their collaborators come from the fields of the automotive industry. They rely on adept professionals and engineers and never compromise on their products so that they can meet the industry standards on all counts.

16. Ford Motor Co.

Ford is another automobile firm. It is one of the most famous automobile companies in America, owned by Henry Ford. The headquarters are in Michigan, USA. The best-seller Ford cars are Endeavor, Eco Sport, Fiesta, Mustang, and Taurus. The company generates a humungous revenue each year from its cars since people love Ford because of the impressive performance of automobiles. 

17. IBM Corp.

IBM is operational in Armonk. It has ties with 170+ countries around the globe. They specialize in global business services, cognitive solutions, cloud platforms, and also global financing. The firm is versatile and provides crucial services in these areas. The IBM Corp is also important to consider since it is a trusted, multifaceted company that helps you with different services easily. 

How RayPCB Selected Largest Manufacturing Companies in the USA?

American manufacturing companies are one of the best ones in the entire world. They are helping America with its economy and have been sustaining it for many years. There is no doubt that the country invests in its manufacturing sector generously each year. In exchange, it receives a positive influence on its economy and overall GDP.

Also, the government is brainstorming and revising new ways to meet the requirements of the manufacturing sector. So that it can contribute more to the country. The problems of the producers and their demands hold great importance in the eyes of the government. Improvements have been made to fill in the gaps in the production sector.

The abovementioned American manufacturing firms are credible because we have conducted extensive research on them before compiling them in the list. You can learn more about them individually by going to their websites. We hope that now you can easily find the suitable fit for your business needs since these manufacturers are trustworthy and their products and services will amaze you. 

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