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What are the Main Features and Processing Guidelines of the IT180a?

The IT-180A is known as an advanced multifunctional high Tg (about 175) filled epoxy having a low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), a high thermal reliability, as well as CAF resistance. In addition, it is specially designed for the high layer printed circuit board (PCB). This could pass the 260 Lead-free assemblies as well as the sequential process of lamination.

If you wish to learn more regarding the IT-180A, welcome. Here, we will be discussing its properties, processing guidelines, main features, benefits and use cases of the IT180A. Please keep reading this article to understand what this topic is all about.

What are the Main Features of the IT180a?

CAF Resistance

This means that IT180A is resistant against a great failure mode that could be present in the multilayer printed circuit boards. This issue usually results from the electrochemical process that forms corrosion products.

Friendly Processing

The processing of the IT180A is very easy and it comes stress-free. This is one reason why the processing is friendly in nature. These include handling and storing the prepreg and laminate, processing the inner layer, lamination, drilling, etc.

Available in Different Constructions

Also, the IT180 is found in different constructions. This gives them better features, usability, and reliability.

Compatible with lead-free assembly

The IT180a is compatible with lead-free assembly. This practice is useful in PCB assembly. This is just to prevent the use of some hazardous materials. It doesn’t make use of lead due to its hazardous nature.

Advanced Resin Technology

The IT180A also has advanced resin technology. This means that it has high insulation and thermal conductivity. This is why the IT180A is useful in various applications.

What are the Benefits of IT180A?

It is multifunctional and you can apply it in different application forms. These include high layer and multilayer PCB backplanes, automobile, networking and server telecommunications, application of heavy copper and data storage.

Other great benefits of the IT180A include its low coefficient of thermal expansion and heat resistance of heat. Great through-hole reliability and a great CAF resistance are other adorable features.

What are the Processing Guidelines of the IT180a?

Shengyi WLM1 PCB

Handling and storing the Prepreg

During this stage, the shelf life is about three months whenever the Prepregs is stored inside a dry and cool environment. Here the humidity must be less than 50%, while the temperature must be less than 20 ℃.

Furthermore, any Prepreg that has exposure to humidity has to be resealed in order to reduce moisture absorption. In addition, the Prepreg must be stored in an environment that is controlled for about 12 hours before use. The Prepreg that is supplied in panels or rolls has to be stored in a horizontal manner. There is no need for stacking to prevent damage.

Handling and Storage of the Laminate

The storing of the laminate must be done in dry environments. Also, the laminates must be stored in a flat way at all times.

Process of the inner layer

The first thing here is to determine the suitable parameters like dimensional compensation before the start of mass production. Also, the inner layers have to be baked for about 40 minutes at a temperature of 120 ℃ after brown or black oxides treatment.

Note that during the lamination process, the temperature of the material cannot be higher than 195 ℃, if you make use of brown oxide treatment.


For the lamination, you have to prepare the stacks in a lay-up room. This is to prevent moisture absorption. Also, the recommended ranges for pressure must be the following hydraulic/350 to 400psi, while the vacuum Hydraulic/300 to 400psi.

For the Lien Chieh press, the rate for heating is 1.3 to 1.8℃/min. This is from a temperature of 80℃ to 140℃. Furthermore, for the Burkle press, the rate of heating rate is 1.5 to 3.0℃/min. Also, this is from a temperature of 80℃to about 140℃. In addition, the recommended rate of cooling is below 3℃ per min.

In addition, whenever the temperature of the board gets to 180℃when the process of pressing is on, the process of lamination has to be kept for a minimum of 60 minutes.


The parameters for drilling are majorly dependent on the layer thickness, hole size, stack height, copper thickness, and layer number. The following parameters for drilling are mainly for reference alone. The usual drilling parameters for the 0.4 to 1.0 mm drills are:

  • Retract rate:500 to 1000 IPM Max; hit count is less than 1000 hits
  • Spindle speed is 45 to 105 KRPM, while the feed rate is around 50 to 150 IPM
  • The entry material is 0.2mm Aluminum
  • Also, the back-up material is a Phenolic laminate of 1.5mm, while the drilling machine is the Hitachi ND-6L210E.
  • For the baking condition, the temperature after drilling is 170 °C per two hours


The usual parameters for the desmearing of FR-4 product might not create the best hole topography for the IT180A. Therefore, it is advisable to consult your chemical supplier so as to help optimize the desmear condition. For example, you can desmear twice and also adjust some other parameters.

What are the Use Cases for the IT180-A?

This base material with high Tg serves applications that are thermally demanding. It is manufactured via a phenolic-hardened, multi-functions, and filled resin system. In addition, it has a Tg value of 175 degrees centigrade.

Also, it has a high Td (Thermal decomposition of more than n345 degrees centigrade. This high value is that it is very suitable for applications that are thermally demanding.

Due to its resin matrix, it is CAF-resistant and is very suitable for producing multi-layer circuits. A UV blocker is generally used in manufacturing the IT180A.

Lastly, it fulfills the UL 94V-0 and RoHS requirements. Also, it is certified in line with railway standards.


Sure you have enjoyed and gained much information from this article. The IT180 has lots of great features, properties, and benefits. To process it, make sure you work with the guidelines.