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Where to Manufacture Isola IS410 PCB

Mostly, there are some questions engineers and designers ask when it comes to this laminate material. This epoxy prepreg has some features that make it a high performance prepreg system. The Isola IS410 PCB material is applicable in various areas.

One of the most asked questions about Isola IS410 is about its compatibility with assembly that is lead free. Also, people inquire about the flexural strength of this laminate material.

With a lot of research, we believe we have answers to these questions. However, these questions are numerous but we shall discuss only a few of them.

What is Isola IS410 PCB Material?

Unarguably, this is the most frequently asked question about Isola IS410. This is a laminate system as well as an epoxy prepreg which has high performance in many applications.

This laminate material is applicable in various areas such as consumer electronics, transportation, medical, aerospace, networking system, communication and automotive. Note that this epoxy prepreg is an FR-4 material for circuit boards.

Plus, Isola IS410 aids and enhances reliability level in applications and circuit boards. It uses any solder that is free of lead. Interestingly, its compact design supports high performance through many thermal excursions. This is a CAF resistant laminate that comes with a distinct resin system.

What Copper Foil Does Isola IS410 Use?

Different prepreg systems and laminates use various copper foil. For the Isola IS410 PCB laminate, it can come with HTE grade 3 type of copper foil. Also, engineers employ RTF in this laminate.

Is There Compatibility Between Isola IS410 and Lead-Free Assembly?

No doubt, this is also one frequently asked question about Isola IS410. There are laminates that don’t work with lead free assembly because of their properties. However, this laminate is compatible with assembly that is lead free. This implies that it resists the increasing temperature that comes with fabricating and soldering.

Furthermore, this prepreg system and laminate material meet the demands of assembly that is lead free. It helps to back up some marginal safety in the course of increased temperature of soldering that is lead free. Thereby, it guarantees some thermal resistance. Also, it resists the reflow of system soldering that is lead free.

What Electrical Properties Make Up The Isola IS410 PCB Laminate?

There are electrical properties that are constituent to the Isola IS410 laminate. In addition, designers often consider these electrical properties when using this laminate.

Dissipation Factor

The dissipation factor of this laminate material is vital. Well, it is a considerable element of the electrical properties because it is the measurement of energy lost in this PCB material. With lower DF, then there is little loss of energy or power.

Note that, the DF of this laminate is 0.02, this depends on frequency variance too. Hence, one considers DF during analog signals. This is because of how it determines signal attenuation. Meanwhile, dissipation factor is not necessarily considered during digital circuits.

Surface and Volume Resistivity

This is part of the electrical properties of Isola IS410 one needs to consider. For Isola IS410, the volume resistivity determines how this laminate can withstand electric current. Furthermore, any laminate with low resistivity shows that such allows the flow of electrical current. Therefore, the volume resistivity is withstanding any electric current via the body of the laminate.

Surface resistivity withstands electric current through the surface of this laminate material. Note that the surface resistivity needs to be high in value too.

Electrical Strength

This is another component of the electrical properties of Isola IS410 PCB material. Thus, this has to do with withstanding the electrical neurosis in the Z axis of this laminate. This prepreg material has electrical strength of 1100 voltage per mil.

What is The Flexural Strength of Isola IS410 PCB Material?

The flexural strength of this laminate material matters a lot. Therefore, it is important for designers to find out about it. We measure the flexural strength in the course of flexural testing. The Isola IS410 must be able to withstand any form of deformity and breakage during bending test. In a nutshell, flexural strength is about bending test of the laminate material.

One has to adhere to IPC-6013C regulations for flex, rigid, and rigid-flex laminates. The flexural strength of this laminate is solely tied to its minimal stress as well as its strain during bending test.

Note that, there are basically two flexural testing one can use. The bending test involves 3 points. This deals with accuracy during experimentation. The other is a 4 point. One can do this through two procedures. You carry out these for either large or small deflections.

What are the Kinds of Treatments Isola IS410 Uses?

There are treatments for this kind of laminate material. You can use reduced oxides with oxide alternatives together. This is for the production of multilayer circuit boards.

When using these treatments, make sure that there is the display of dark color based on consistency by these treatments; oxide alternatives and reduced oxides. Note that it is crucial to prevent excessive baking in the course of applying these treatments. There might be resistance to decreased pink ring because of too much baking.

What are The Standard Approvals for Isola IS410 PCB Material?

These standard approvals are the industrial approvals for the Isola IS410. They are the quality standards the prepreg system must follow. Also, it is the standard for this laminate material. Below are the industrial approvals for Isola IS410.

RoHS standards, UL standards, IPC standards, ASTM standards, BSI standards, FCC standards, and CE standards. These are the standards that make the laminate material and prepreg system highly effective.


The Isola IS410 PCB material is one that needs dimensional stability when you are processing the laminate. There are both chemical desmear and plasma desmear for desmearing  this laminate material.

Also, we have been able to provide answers to some of the frequently asked questions about this prepreg system and laminate. You need to figure out the flexural strength during the bending test too.




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