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How to Handle and Properly Store the Isola G200 PCB Material

It is very crucial to know how best to handle the Isola G200 PCB material. The lack of proper handling of this laminate material can affect its effectiveness in your circuit boards. Also, there is a need for the proper storage of this prepreg system.

In this article, as an engineer or designer, you shall find out more on how best to store and handle Isola G200 PCB material. This is a well researched writing for you to broaden your understanding in this regard.

What is Isola G200 PCB Material?

To begin with, it is important to discuss what the term “Isola G200” means. If you’re familiar with multilayer circuit boards, then you would agree with us that Isola G200 PCB material is a laminate for holding together the layers. This implies that, Isola G200 is both a prepreg system as well as a laminate.

Therefore, its type of laminate works for multilayer printed circuit boards. Also, it comes with so many processing advantages which accelerate its high performance in various applications. Plus, this laminate works for wide panel size PCBs. Being a prepreg system, it has a resin system included in it.

This laminate can effectively work under high temperatures. Also, no pressure affects its stability and efficiency. One needs to store and handle Isola G200 PCB material in a cool atmosphere.

Furthermore, this helps protect this prepreg system from full polymerization. Hence, it is so because of the inclusion of a resin system. Notably, the Isola G200 PCB material works perfectly for high reliability circuit boards needs.

How Do You Handle Isola G200 PCB Material For High Performance?

In this part of the article, we shall focus on how best to handle Isola G200. This laminate material is a mixture of epoxy resin with Bismaleimide/Triazine.

Please note, the way you handle Isola G200 can make it work positively or have negative effects on it. Some engineers handle it without caution. This type of laminate is different from other laminate materials you expose to unfavorable weather conditions. Although it is highly weather resistant, you still need to keep it in the right place.

If you handle it properly, it can enhance its lifespan. Thus, it becomes durable. In a nutshell, the way you handle this prepreg system determines how long it would last. It uses some measurable polymerized resin and as such needs proper care. This fiberglass fabric has a resin system which is non-tacky. However, the resin system is moderately friable.

When there is any kind of reduction in resin from its fabric, this mostly leads to lamination challenges. Improper handling of this prepreg system can cause glass damage on it. This implies that any careless handling of Isola G200 PCB material causes lamination problems. These are the reasons you need to handle it with care.

Notably, Isola G200 prepreg thickness comes from the kind of fabric used for it. There is an increase in resin the fabric holds when there is reduction in the thickness of the fabric.

Proper ways to handle Isola G200 PCB material are as follows. It is paramount to use only the correct and sharp tool during paneling of this laminate material. This prepreg system cutting needs an accurate instrument.

How Do You Store Isola G200 PCB Material?

This PCB material needs the right storage the same way it requires proper handling. To store it, please there are recommendations below. Meanwhile, it is delicate and needs a cool atmosphere.

To store Isola G200 prepreg and PCB laminate material, you need a restricted area. You need a space where you can exercise some control. This implies, you store it in some controlled area.

This laminate can absorb moisture if it is wrongly handled and stored. In handling it, you should store it right. This implies that you can’t neglect handling it with caution without proper storage. If it absorbs moisture, then it causes cure. Thereby, the glass transition temperature becomes totally abnormal causing its depression. Definitely, the prepreg system’s flow becomes tampered with.

One needs this laminate storage to be lower than 21 degrees while the humidity should be below 45 percent. Don’t open if it doesn’t equilibrise to factors of the layup package. If not, it can result in moisture condensation on Isola G200 PCB material.

It is not recommended to retain this prepreg for too long , above 3 months at alloted conditions for storage.

It is crucial one tests this laminate material and prepreg before making use of it. You should completely avoid prolonged storage. Such requires functionality testing if there is longer storage.

Once the package is unsealed, immediately make use of Isola G200. Therefore, one needs to reseal prepreg that remains when applying new desiccant.

Moreover, so importantly, ensure that the atmosphere is cool for storage. You need to avoid harsh, toxic, and catalytic environmental conditions. Also, avoid high radiation as well as harsh ultraviolet light.

What is The Stabilization Period for Isola G200 PCB Material?

The stabilization time for this kind of prepreg solely depends on temperature for storage. Note that the stabilization time requires that one keeps this prepreg in its sealed form. This is if your storage temperature is lower than the layup room degrees of temperature.

Importantly, if you stick to this during stabilization time, it helps to prevent moisture condensation on the prepreg system.


It is safer to handle Isola G200 PCB material the right way. Above all, it is crucial to store the laminate and prepreg in a cool atmosphere. The stabilization time needs some degree of temperature for storage. Also, no need for a prolonged period for vacuum storage. Peradventure there is extended storage, and a different location that has considerable environmental control.

Also, every kind of Isola G200 PCB laminate needs clean gloves to handle them. You must only wear neat gloves when touching or handling this prepreg. Note that it is a delicate type of prepreg system. Moreover, an engineer needs to be cautious when handling a high resin prepreg system or Isola G200 PCB material.




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