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Choose Rayming PCB for Irregular component Soldering Service

Wave soldering is highly important for smooth PCB assemblies, and we all know that. The process is popular among producers due to its quality and benefits. It strongly develops connections between the PCB parts and PCBs so that no harmful and unfavorable conditions would detach the components from PCBs. Wave soldering works on waves that come after each other to connect the components. Wave soldering is an interesting process, and we are going to explain our services besides wave soldering in this post so that you can choose what fits best for you easily!

As you already know, a PCB has a wide range of multiple components. Some are big, while others are small. You need a seasoned firm that can manage and assemble these components for your PCBs so that you can benefit from PCBs in the long run. We can help you with this. Our PCB assembly services have satisfied several customers like you. Our team of experts will address all your PCB-related problems and makes flawless assemblies possible for you. We offer services like BGA assembly to help you with all the issues so that it can save you time and energy. 

Below we are going to discuss some important factors that play an important role in PCB assemblies. Without these, PCBs might fail to perform effectively, leading to damage as well. So let’s see the factors this instant:

Connectors & Contacts

PCB board to board connector
  • You might know that pin headers are a common part of PCBs, and these are available in different types. However, this is not the case with all PCBs.
  • Connectors are also important for some particular PCBs to function properly. These offer smooth interfaces that add to the delivery of PCBs for electronics. 
  • Other than this, you can go with coaxial and UFL connectors as per your project.
  • We know that connectors play a huge role in PCB assemblies, and this is why we have trained our experts to work out such connectors for your PCBs.
  • Not just this, but we are able to produce appropriate connectors for your PCBs at the same time. Our technicians just need important data and instructions from your end, which will get you desired connectors.
  • Not to forget contacts for PCBs assemblies, and you can rely on them on us completely. Here’s why: Spring-loaded contacts are regular types that we mostly work on. These are important for your high-frequency devices and RF machines. Sometimes these can wear out and need a quick replacement. You can have them quickly replaced by consulting our technicians, as they will come soon and serve you without any complications. 

Press-Fit Parts

  • These are an exception when we discuss PCB assemblies. Many producers fail to understand that press-fit parts need a special method for assembly, like wave soldering and reflow soldering. Due to this reason, you need seasoned assistance from us to work on press-fit parts. 
  • You need plated holes for these so that they can restrict the tolerance which follows through-hole assembly. We can efficiently work with this so that you don’t have to face any issues with that later. 


  • Modules are ICs and microprocessors that are important parts of several electronic devices. 
  • These are mostly present on congested PCB surfaced in general cases. 
  • Modules are crucial for high-frequency machines and RF equipment. 
  • You need precise castellated holes for the modules so that they can secure their position at the periphery of PCBs. 
  • In special cases, gold fingers will do the job if you just use the through-hole method. 
  • We specialize in dealing with modules for you and never compromise on effective management as well. 
  • However, if your modules don’t meet our DFA restrictions, we won’t be able to help you out. 
  • Module packages are not similar to PCBs in terms of assemblies; instead, you will consider them like normal SMT components. 

Part-On-Part (POP) Assembly

  • Our other service is POP assembly which can save your day from hustling for your PCBs if you hire us. 
  • So what is POP? It is the latest tech regarding PCBs which stacks some special components during assembly.
  • It comes in handy when you are aiming for miniaturization and optimizing the PCB surfaces. 
  • The primary benefit of POP is the HDI of the PCBs which makes them more efficient to work for heavy-duty machines. 
  • The components also gather less space when we work with POP-type assembly and benefit applications like microprocessors used in PCs. 
  • Our experts are adept in POP assembly no matter what type of PCB you will have for us. 
  • You can consult our active customer support to consult our technicians for POP assembly and get started with your PCB as soon as possible. 

Problem Packages

  • We know some packages can be problematic, but our expert engineers and technicians are the best problem solvers. 
  • However, we still do not work for some of the packages as they don’t fall under our expertise and guidelines. 
  • Speaking of which, we are offering semiconductor die assembly services to our customers since such packages are normally delicate and need special professional supervision to avoid complications.
  • The die needs our special attention here, especially when we are handling packages like QFP, BGA, and SOIC
  • The die is the element that complicates the assembly process, and for this, you need experts like us to cope with a problem package. 

Types of Soldering Defects


Disturbed Joint

  • An experienced PCB firm is one that can address major soldering problems for its clients. The disturbed joint is one of them, and we are going to discuss how our experts handle disturbed joints during soldering. 
  • Disturbed joints are like flakes and irregular chunks that are visible during soldering. When you are not applying the solder properly, it will develop a disturbed joint. Consider it just an accumulation of the solder on the PCB surface. 
  • Nonstable PCB surfaces also contribute to developing disturbed joints that negatively impact the composition. 
  • So it means there should be no oscillations and mishandling when you are dealing with the solder. These are also similar to cold joints; however, their causes are hugely different. 
  • So how do we address the disturbed joints? We will heat them and wait so that they will get solid again. 

Untrimmed Leads

  • Untrimmed leads are fatal, and we don’t recommend you deal with them on your own without professional assistance. 
  • These are visible with the solder joints and look like little spikes protruding out of the system. 
  • If two or more untrimmed leads interact with each other, they will cause a short circuit which means electrical fire and current leakage are also more likely to happen. 
  • So in this dangerous situation, you need to consult us before making any decisions. 
  • We will have our experts address this problem as soon as possible by re-trimming the spiky ends of these leads. They will re-size the leads and assemble them in an accurate position so that they will not cause any more damage to you. 

Solder Bridge

  • It usually happens when you are using excessive solder, and it accumulates between the solder joints of PCBs. 
  • It can mangle the PCB on the whole since the amount of solder is way more than sufficient. 
  • You can eventually make your board useless if the two joints of the PCBs interact and combine together due to the application of solder in them. 

Lifted Pads

  • Lifted pads are also a common defect when we are doing the assembly. 
  • Sometimes spots and sometimes pads can complicate the smooth PCB assemblies. 
  • Lifted pads also develop when you mishandle the hot iron in the joints of the PCBs, which will make your board dysfunctional. 

Stray Solder

  • Stray solder is also a common issue that most users like you face. Some remains of the solder left on the PCB can interfere with natural soldering.
  • These never combine with the copper wires and also damage the flux, which will reduce the efficiency of PCBs. Therefore make sure to clean your PCBs so that there will be no residue of solder. 

Insufficient Wetting for the Pin

  • Insufficient wetting of the pin can also create problems for you. It does not let you heat the pin properly, which resists the solder from properly covering the area and getting into place as well. 
  • It means you need to be careful while heating the pin. Make sure you are giving adequate heat to the pins to avoid insufficient pin-wetting. 


You can face any trouble with PCBs at any time, and it can be fatal for you if you decide to handle these problems on your own singlehandedly. That is why you need professionals to help you out with this. We are hopeful that after reading this discussion, you will be able to give our services a try so that our technicians can help you with their expertise and extensive engineering skills to solve soldering effects for you. Also, you never go wrong with our PCB assembly services and wave soldering expertise to outshine your PCBs on the whole. 

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