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Top 11 IoT Sensors Manufacturers In World

IoT has great importance in the field of automation. Many innovations, including SmartHomes, SmartCities, and ConnectedVehicles, exist due to the advancements in IoT. The driving force behind IoT is Information and Communication Technology (ICT). 

Through this technology, we are able to see the physical and digital atmospheres combining together to form a new world. Experts believe that ICT has much potential to enhance human productivity and can also help startups achieve their business goals at a rapid pace.

 With time, the IoT industry is expanding, and predictions mark it to become one of the most diversified tech industries in the world in forthcoming years. 

Top 11 IoT Sensors Manufacturing Companies In World

esp iot PCB
esp iot PCB

Following are the flagship IoT firms that are making their way through in a successful manner: 

1. iTechArt (New York, US)

iTechArt Group operates from New York, USA. The company specializes in software development and offers valuable IoT solutions for budding startups. The services offered by the company include GPS tracking devices and smart home security solutions. They are hopeful to contribute more towards the IoT industry as well. The company hosts 1800+ software developers who are skillful engineers that work for developing IoT applications, and third-party integrations and also focus on data analytics. 

Not only this, there are further services that the company offers to its customers:


  • Software Development: The company’s main focus is software development. They are experts in leveraging the latest technologies and programming languages to develop valuable software. Their software solutions are not only actionable but also efficient for the users. 
  • Web Development: Another service offered by the company is web development. They are focusing on web development applications for enhancing the user experience and ease of use. The company emphasizes front/back-end development and full-stack development as well. 
  • Quality Assurance: Besides developing software solutions, they are a master of testing the quality of their products through flawless quality assurance services. So that their products, including IoT and web applications, can serve their customers in the long run. The quality assurance methods include manual and automated testing to ensure 100% useable tech-based solutions. 
  • Cloud Services: Other than the aforementioned services, the firm also gives cloud-based consultation, migration, and cloud management services. It helps their clients to use one-stop cloud-based services for their brands by successfully using cloud computing on whole. 
  • Mobile App Development: They are also skillful in mobile app development for startups. The apps are supportive of Android and iOS both. 
  • DevOps Services: DevOps is another service offered by the company which helps their clients with easy-going software development and makes sure the software programs are flawless to use. 

2. Oxagile (New York, US)

Oxagile is another tech firm that operates in the USA. It is a one-stop solution for those looking for full-package IoT services based on consultation, software development, hardware-based prototyping, integration, and more. The company is important for its services in AI, computer vision, and Cybersecurity to provide the latest and highly efficient tech solutions within the IoT ecosystem. The company’s clientele includes brands from different walks of life including the healthcare industry, Public safety, and the automotive industry where the company offers its products and services to help them with tech devices. 


  • Custom Software Development: The firm is an expert in developing custom software for its clients as per their needs and requirements. 
  • Web Development: They offer web development services to clients in need of professional websites or e-commerce platforms. 
  • Mobile App Development: The company also deals with mobile app development for their clients to give their business an edge over the others. 
  • Quality Assurance: The experts of the company work for the quality assurance of the IoT and web applications and rely on manual and automated testing to ensure their products are ready to use for the clients. 

3. SumatoSoft (USA & Europe)


SumatoSoft has its roots in the USA and Europe. The company is an old player in this field and has been contributing to the success of this industry since 2012. The company has worked with several startups and helped them improve their productivity and efficiency by using business digitization for their strategy and goals. 

Not to forget, the company has a great reputation in the field of IoT, where it offers its products and services for usage in healthcare, retail, smart homes, and automotive industries. There are different applications of the products offered by this firm, including:

  • Fleet management
  • Warehouse automation
  • Robotics
  • Smart traffic lights
  • Remote patient monitoring

There are some important factors that make the company stand out from the rest:

  • The products offer secure and scalable products
  • Moreover, the products are easy to alter as per the future trends in technology
  • The products come in handy in case of any disturbance in the fleet expansion and excessive work-stress

Have a look at the services offered by the company: 

  • IoT Consulting: There is a wide range of IoT consultation services offered by the company. There are further categories that come under this one broad service including helping out their clients with finding appropriate IoT solutions, mapping out IoT strategy, offering analysis, and more. 
  • Architecture Design: The company also helps you with remarkable IoT architecture designs that are easy to implement in different kinds of businesses since they are scalable and effective. 
  • Software Development: You can rely on the firm for its fully-integrated IoT software solutions so that the clients can use them to speed up their business activities in a productive and efficient manner. 
  • Integration: IoT integration is another area that the company specializes in. The IoT integrations are helpful in acting as a bridge for seamless communication between many connected gadgets and systems. 
  • IoT Cloud Services: Another service offered by the company is IoT cloud services. It further includes cloud platform selection, configuration, and complete cloud management that helps in cloud computing when needed for the clients. 
  • Security: Not just it, the firm makes sure that the products and services it offers are free of cyber threats and data thefts. The services that come under IoT security include detecting risks, security audits, and in-depth vulnerability scans. 

4. Innowise Group (Warsaw, Poland)

Innowise Group is functional in Warsaw, Poland, and is a leading IoT firm in the industry. The company can handle the most complex solutions of any kind for its clients. The firm has no parallel for its amazing portfolio of software development, data collection, and data analysis services. The backbone of the company is its workforce of skillful engineers that put their heart into their daily tasks. The company is operating in the field for 10-15 years. Their employees have a vast experience in programming and software development. 


  • Custom IoT Software Development: The experts of the company can adhere well to the challenges of their clients. They can develop valuable software solutions that meet the requirements of their customers through the perfect use of programming languages. 
  • IoT Web Development: An IoT web app is not an easy task, but with Innowise, you can take a breath of relief. The company relies on the latest and authentic resources and tools for the process to make sure the web app is user-friendly and performs well in every situation. 
  • IoT Mobile App Development: The company can also deal with mobile app development for the brands. So that users can use them with ease without facing any problems during online activities. 
  • IoT Dashboard Development: Another service called IoT dashboard development is one of the areas of expertise of the company. It helps in visualizing all online activities on one platform to save time and enhance efficiency. The company develops such dashboards that can monitor tools and track software onboarding and employee activities. 
  • IoT Hardware Solutions: The engineers of the company cannot only handle software development but also offer IoT hardware solutions to clients. So that their clients can use their skills to cover both the areas for their business goals and needs. 

5. Style Lab IoT Software Company (San Francisco, CA)

The company operates in San Francisco. They are experts in handling complex IoT projects, mobile/web development including front/back-end development, reporting, and analysis, backend infrastructure plus integration along with middleware and low level. 

The following are major services offered by the company: 


  • IoT Consulting: No company can claim to be a full-range IoT firm without offering IoT consultation services. The firm under discussion especially focuses on profitable IoT solutions and discusses them with their prospects. Not only this, IoT strategy development, analysis, and technology selection also come under the IoT consultation services offered by the firm. 
  • IoT Architecture Design: A perfect IoT architecture design is scalable, protected, and efficient for reliance. The company knows this well and keeps these parameters in mind while developing IoT architecture designs for all kinds of businesses. 
  • IoT Software Development: Today, all forms of businesses need software to increase their efficiency and productivity. You can trust the firm for its custom IoT software solutions that make your business stay afloat in all circumstances. 
  • IoT Integration: The company specially offers IoT solutions integration to make sure the communication between connected devices is smooth. 

6. HQ Software Industrial IoT Company (USA & Europe)

HQ Software operates in the USA and Europe. Like every other IoT firm, they offer similar services like custom software development and web/mobile app development. However, there are some fields of expertise that make the company stand out from its competitors. These are consulting and prototyping along with software re-engineering, IoT sensors, data analysis, UI/UX design, and more. 


  • IoT Architecture Design: The IoT architecture designs offered by the company are scalable, reliable, and meet industry standards. These designs are easy to use for all types of businesses present in different domains. 
  • IoT Software Development: Custom software development is another service offered by the firm. Their clients leverage this service for their business’s good. The company develops efficient software to make sure these meet the expectations of their clients in the long run. 
  • IoT Integration: If you find any trouble with IoT integration, consider this firm for a quick consultation since they offer extensive IoT integration services that assist clients with establishing seamless communication among more than one connected device and system.

7. PTC (Boston, Massachusetts)

PTC functions from Boston, Massachusetts. Their products are mainly used in the domains of CAD, PLM, AR, and industrial IoTs. The company has been contributing to different fields including defense, automotive, manufacturing, and life science through its services. 


embedded iot
  • Industrial IoT Solutions: PTC’s industrial IoT solutions are helpful in terms of making a secure connection between machines, sensors, and other smart devices. So that the user can easily withdraw the data from these entities and use the same data to drive different operations. Now, this helps in cost reduction and also improves productivity. 
    • Augmented Reality: One major USP of the firm is its expert services in the field of augmented reality. The company offers remarkable AR solutions with user-friendly interfaces by leveraging AR technology so that more people can interact with AR-driven products. 
    • Product Lifecycle Management: Not just this, the firm also offers expertise in product lifecycle management. So that the business can hire them to complement product management at different phases of the process. 
    • CAD and PLM Software: The company uses CAD and PLM to develop professional IoT solutions that help clients in 3D modeling and simulation, improving product performance, cost management, and speeding time-to-market. 

8. SAP (Walldorf, Germany)

SAP operates in Walldorf, Germany. The products offered by the company are Intelligent technologies, Digital platforms, Analytics, and CRM, and focuses on devising ways to improve customer experience. The company has worked with different enterprises in domains like Energy and natural resources, consumer industries, finance, and discrete industries. The company has named its services in a different manner to make them distinguished from each other. 

These are:

  • Firstly, SAP Leonardo IoT
  • Secondly, SAP Edge Services
  • Thirsdly, SAP Cloud Platform


  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): SAP ERP software solutions are useful for the domains like finance, human resources, procurement, and supply chain management. There are other sub-categories, including customization and implementation, besides the integration of SAP ERP into pre-existing IoT ecosystems for the clients. 
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): SAP CRM software solutions assist clients that come from sales, marketing, and customer services backgrounds. The experts of the company help you with in-depth analysis and reports and also address future problems with timely consultation. 
    • Supply Chain Management (SCM): SAP SCM software solutions come in handy for procurement, production, logistics, and inventory management domains. The company is happy to help clients with upgrading and migrating, integrating, customizing, and implementing SAP SCM software with IoT systems. 

9. Siemens IoT Analytics Company (Berlin & Munich, Germany)

Siemens is another outstanding IoT agency that functions in Berlin and Munich. Their IoT solutions stand best for power generation, medical diagnosis, and transmission. One of their attributes is their own open IoT operating system called Mindsphere. It is by far the most accurate intelligent gateway for many IoT solutions. The firm is well-known for its products and services that come in handy for developing microgrids. 


  • MindSphere: It is a cloud-based platform to make the usage of IoT applications smooth. Its functions include easing out the data collection, analysis, and data visualization among different devices connected in a complex form. 
    • Analytics Services: The company gives data analysis services to their clients so that they find the best data for the implementation of their business operations. Such data is much easy to derive insights and statistics from. Further services include predictive analysis, data modeling, and machine learning (ML). 
    • Edge Analytics: Now, this service is important for the easy installation of software on different edge devices along with processing and analyzing the data on the edge network. All this can happen in a smooth way only if you process the data closer to those devices that are actually producing the same data. It is an effective method to minimize latency and enhance IoT performance. 
    • Data Management: The service further includes data storage and management solutions, data integration, data quality management, and control, besides data security. 
    • Industry-Specific Solutions: Such solutions vary from industry to industry. However, domains like production, energy, and healthcare find these solutions effective for major use to confront challenges and hurdles along the way.  

10. Andersen Inc. (New York, US)

The firm is functional in New York. It’s a full-range IoT firm that helps small to big businesses with effective tech-based innovations and IoT solutions. Their team of expert developers brainstorms valuable IoT solutions for clients. They also help you with deploying their IoT solutions whenever you need them. Being their client, you don’t have to worry about efficient communication and data collection during your regular business operations at all. 


  • IoT Consulting: Andersen’s tech is open to offering consultation on the bases of Iot project assessment, scoping, IoT resource planning and allocation, and much more. 
  • IoT Platform Development: The company also collaborates with other brands to develop smart sensors, IoT smart platforms, and also firmware. The company specializes in IoT network building and configuration and allows you to use AWS IoT consultancy and Google Cloud IoT too. 
  • IoT App Development: The IoT apps developed by the company are rich in futuristic features and functions. The company also works on wearable smart devices for fitness and health maintenance along with RFID app development. 
  • IoT Data Analytics: Their team will happily guide you through data collection and processing so that you can leverage IoT easily. Not only this, you can ask for professional data visualization consulting services and IoT dashboard development as well. 
  • IoT for Connected Products: The term connectivity is important when we talk about IoT, especially for smart equipment and devices. You can trust the firm on this for software for connected vehicles, Medical IoT, and other smart home IoT gadgets. 
  • IoT MVP Development: If you are from an IoT background, you always need to test and verify your hypotheses, and for that, you can rely on MVP development service. The company handles UI/UX of IoT products and IoT software prototypes besides hypotheses testing. 

11. ScienceSoft (USA & Europe)

ScienceSoft has a wide range of extensive IoT-based services. The IoT products developed by the firm are useful in different domains. These functions are for production control and optimization, asset and employee tracking, health monitoring and transportation tracking, and easy management. The company always relies on a modular IoT architecture to easily improve scaling up to add the latest tech features to different modules and smart products. 


  • IoT Consulting: The company offers IoT consulting services, including mapping out IoT infrastructure and planning the best possible architectural designs, tech stack selection, data security analysis, infrastructure compliance and assessment for IoT, and also cost reduction. 
  • IoT Implementation: The firm can easily handle configuring IoT devices and helps you connect them to a desired network, also deal with edge computing setup, and data center implementation to ensure flawless data analysis. 
  • QA and Testing: You can rely on the company since it focuses on functional integration and monitors the performance of IoT through consistent visualization, besides security testing regarding IoT products and other devices. 
  • IoT Maintenance and Support: If you are ever stuck with an IoT device, the company will solve the problem with troubleshooting and cloud service management. 


Every IoT company varies in its services. It is better to evaluate these companies on the basis of your business needs and goals to avoid future complications. It will help you maintain your business operations in an effortless way by collaborating with a suitable IoT agency. As you can see, some companies are better at data visualization, while others offer more complex services like maintaining connectivity within systems, IoT integration, and critical data visualization. So it’s time to choose an appropriate IoT firm and escalate your business through fruitful collaboration. 




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