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International LED Lighting Exhibition

International LED Lighting Exhibition

Johannesburg Light Show, South Africa (1)

Organizing cycle: once a year

Exhibition size: less than 10,000

First session: 2015

Exhibition Hall: Gallagher Exhibition, Johannesburg, South Africa

Exhibition introduction

One of South Africa’s most professional LED lighting exhibitions

South Africa LED Lighting Exhibition AFRICA LED LIGHTING EXPO will be held in September 2019 at the Gallagher International Exhibition Center in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Professionalism: The exhibition is one of the most professional LED pcb lighting exhibitions in South Africa. It has been successfully held for 4 sessions since its inception in 2015. South Africa’s LED Lighting Show is an excellent platform for Chinese companies to enter South Africa.

High attraction: well-known brands OP OPPL, GIANTLIGHT, OSRAM OSRAM, Philips PHILIPS, etc. have special equipment to participate, bringing together all the latest products and technologies in the LED lighting industry, the 2017 exhibition has a total of 3,000 flat exhibition area, attracted from 18 210 companies from various countries participated in the exhibition, an increase of 10% over the previous year. The three-day exhibition time attracted a total of 6,442 professional visitors. It is one of the important business gatherings for buyers of LED-related industries in Africa.

The effect of the exhibition was good: 48% of the audience said that they participated in the exhibition and fully met their expectations. 42% of the audience basically reached their preset goal, and 63% of the audience will plan to invest within 6 months. Visitors, buyers and agents from various countries in Africa also indicated that the exhibition is the most influential exhibition in Africa.

Johannesburg Light Show, South Africa (1)

Market analysis

South Africa is the most developed economy on the African continent. Foreign trade plays an important role in the South African economy, and its total import and export volume ranks first among African countries. South Africa, with a population of more than 40 million in South Africa, is an open and large market. It is at the heart of the Southern African Development Community, which has 14 member states, 180 million people and a GDP of 170 billion US dollars. South informally joined the BRICS countries, and the world economy has steadily improved. South Africa has become a new growth point for the world economy in the next 10 years. In the African region, South Africa is a leader in the economy. South Africa, known as the engine of the African economy, has created a 39% economic output in Africa with a population of 6%.

South Africa is Africa’s largest economy and the most influential economy among African countries. It represents more than forty countries on the African continent. Therefore, South Africa has entered the “BRIC countries”. In terms of political influence, the BRICS countries are big countries in the region and have a certain degree of influence in the international community. South African related companies have a pivotal position in the African financial, power, telecommunications, transportation and other industries. South Africa has an important place in African affairs and has grown into a “spokesperson” on the African continent. GregMarcia, president of the South African Lighting Association (IESSA), said: “The lighting industry in Africa is facing innovation, a revolution from gas to electrical lighting.”

Johannesburg Light Show, South Africa (2)

Past review

Exhibition area: 3,000 square meters

Number of exhibitors: 210 exhibitors from 18 countries

Number of viewers: 6,442

Audience industry analysis:

20% are electrical engineers; 19.41% are lighting designers;

17.23% are manufacturers; 8.51% are interior designers;

7.52% are commercial housing owners; 5.54% are architects;

2.18% are landscape architects; 1.98% are gambling operators;

Audience identity analysis:

49% is the owner/director/general manager/partner;

5.4% are interior designers; 30% are managers.

exhibition criteria

  1. Commercial lighting, decorative lighting, outdoor lighting, home lighting, professional and industrial lighting (stage lights / tunnel lights / medical lighting / car), environmental lighting, roads, workshops, backlights, other lighting fixtures;
  2. LED lighting, LED display and application products, LED components / accessories and raw materials, LED manufacturing equipment / machinery and related products, LED drivers and power supplies, LED related products, etc.;
  3. Lighting equipment: LED, OLED, FEL, inorganic EL and other lighting equipment;
  4. Lighting manufacturing: lighting accessories and parts, lighting materials, lighting equipment and related manufacturing equipment, lighting modules and other related equipment;
  5. Inspection / testing / testing / evaluation equipment, components and materials, optical components, power supply, cooling solutions.
Johannesburg Light Show, South Africa (3)