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How to set up the via cover oil

First of all, we have to understand a question, what is the hole? Vias are also called metallized holes. In the double-panel and multi-layer boards, in order to connect the printed conductors between the layers, a common hole, that is, a via hole, is drilled at the intersection of the wires that need to be connected at each layer.

There are three ways to handle vias:

  1. Through-hole windowing: It is the tin on the soldering ring of the via (as exposed by the plug-in pad to spray the tin). The window is sprayed with tin, which is generally used to debug the measurement signal. The disadvantage is that it is easy to cause a short circuit. .
  1. Through-hole cover oil: the solder ring of the via is covered with solder resist ink.
Through-hole cover oil
  1. Through-hole plug oil: It means that the hole is filled with ink in the hole.
Through-hole plug oil

Through hole cover oil

Through-hole cover oil means that the Ring ring of the via hole must ensure the thickness of the ink. The emphasis is on ensuring the thickness and coverage of the ink at the edge of the hole. The key control is that the Ring ring does not accept false copper and orifice ink. A comparison of the cap oil and the non-cap oil.

Through hole cover oil
  1. When your file is a pad or protel, send it to the factory, ask for the hole cover oil, be careful, you have to check carefully whether your plug hole is also useful for via, otherwise your The plug hole will also be covered with green oil, which will not be able to weld the dispute point: the plug hole must be sprayed on the top, how do you cover the oil, how do I use it, please check the file when you say this, use Is the pad design or via design!
  1. When your file is a pad or protel, send the file to the factory. The order is required to be a via cover oil. Many customers use a pad (plug hole) to indicate the conductive hole, which causes your conductive hole to open. Maybe you want the over-hole cover oil. At that time, you may be arguing. I want the conductive hole cover oil. Why do you open the window? Please check your pcb file design.

Cover oil operation

Double-click the via to enter the via property setting window as shown below.


Select “Force Complete Tenting On Top” and “Force Complete Tenting On Bottom” to complete the cover oil setting, lock all the vias, and select the cover oil option globally.