How to select a PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly manufacturer as an electronic engineer

How to select a PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly manufacturer as an electronic engineer


With advancement in technology, PCB manufacturing process has evolved as well. The procedure for acquiring custom PCBs is no more hustle, and an engineer can quickly order a complex PCB online and acquire in days. Multiple manufacturers are offering PCBs manufacturing services at low cost with outstanding quality. Always do proper research regarding manufacturers before placing an order otherwise you might end up making inappropriate choices. It is often troublesome for an electronics engineer to know which PCB manufacturer should be selected. This article provides you a detailed analysis which will be helpful to you while making a selection for PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly manufacturer.

Tips on PCB manufacturing


Consider the following parameters when placing an order for PCB manufacturing.


Certified Manufacturer


Make sure the manufacturing company has necessary certifications for manufacturing. You surely don’t want to place an order at a startup company where your project will serve merely as a learning experience.


Quality Assurance


Lower-level materials. Are they buying the actual laminate materials from high-quality vendors or whatever's cheapest at the moment? (Does your application need the higher-quality material?) Will they use the same material for every lot? If they're buying at the lowest cost, the product is likely to vary from lot to lot.


Technical Support


Are they providing engineering support to review your design and catch mistakes (mostly your layout mistakes) before you spend money on the fab?


Tested Products


Are they providing 100% connectivity testing on the boards after manufacturing?




It is feasible to deal with an experienced manufacturer as he knows precisely how to make your experience friendly and comfortable. Furthermore an experienced professional understands the value of quality and on-time delivery of the product.


Modern Labs


The technology is evolving day by day and with the passage of time manufacturing units have adopted these changes. Make sure your manufacturer has the latest equipment, and your product is being developed as per modern techniques with the latest tools.


Trustworthy Brand


Do you trust this brand to build your board right the first time, or is there a chance they'll mess it up and have to re-do it, causing a delay?


Lead Time


As these components come from different vendors, keep in mind the lead time. It can be up to 8–16 weeks for some components. Many low-cost fabs require several weeks to schedule and build your boards.


Fab Notes


Will, they respect your requirements (fab notes), or build to a standard set of tolerances and specs? Many low-cost vendors severely limit what they will accept in fab notes.


Minimum Order Quantity


Before purchasing, ensure the MOQ is following your requirements. Always consider MOQ, cost, and need when placing an order and accordingly place an order.




Sometimes, the PCBs are other components are damaged during testing/soldering. It is a good practice to order at least 10% extra components just in case if some units are damaged, you may have extras.


PCB Fabrication


While you send out your Gerber file to the PCB manufacturer, they can print out the circuit board. This will be the basis to build up further, to add the components to the PCB and manufacture PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly). Make sure they have correctly understood your requirements.


Material preparation

At this point in your EE design, you should already have components selected. It is sometimes uneconomical or unfeasible to directly order the parts. In such case, prefer a company that offers to provide the facility of ordering parts for your project.



RAYMING PCB Provides Effective, and Affordable PCB Solutions


RAYMING PCB is a top-notch PCB solutions provider with more than a decade of experience. We are offering PCB fabrication, components procurement, and assembly all under one roof. We can work with you to develop circuit boards customized to your specific applications.


We have state of the art Prototype PCB Assembly which is not only capable of handling complex projects but provides flawless results with quality assurance. Furthermore, we also conduct testing on your prototype to make sure it serves the purpose.


Our PCB assembly section not limited to only automated procedures but it is designed to work on the manual configuration as well. The qualified professionals at RAYMING have required expertise for handling BGAs and fine-pitch parts for products such as FR-4 PCBs. The manufacturing of volumes 1-25 PCBs is a routine task for your team.


We know precisely how inconvenient it can be for engineers to look for parts and order them on their own, we are not only offering manufacturing services but outsourcing services as well. Our association with various part suppliers and companies ensures that all parts are acquired according to requirements in the least possible time, resulting infeasibility of our clients.


Isn’t it hectic to look for alternate parts when you have an obsolete part in your design? We can take care of part searching and managing from our suppliers.


In case if a part needs to be replaced in design, client satisfaction is ensured. As soon as all parts are acquired, the product is finalized and delivered. Our technical assistance is always available for any queries. Customers are assisted even after sales to make our customer’s experience friendly and satisfactory.

Usually, the lead time of turn-key PCB assembly is two weeks, but it can be even shorter if all parts are readily available as per requirements.



Willing to place an order?


Please contact us at for a suitable quotation. What we require from the client is

The quantity of units required

Gerber files of PCB design

Bill of material


Our team has experience in handling PCB assembly designs and parts ordering online. We are dedicated towards quality assurance and customer satisfaction.

Our services include both Through Hole and Surface Mount Technology based PCB designing. If you are looking for urgent development of PCB, our experts can deliver PCBs in as short as 24 hours interval.

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