How multilayer PCB manufacturing is different from single layer PCB manufacturing ?

multilayer pcb manufacturing


With the evolution in technology, PCB assembling has evolved over the years. Today, multilayer PCBs has enabled designers and developers in integrating complex and huge circuits on a small piece of multilayer PCB.

The manufacturing of a multilayer PCB involves modern tools and high precision. It is different as compared to single layer PCB. The manufacturing process demands microscopic level details to be considered.


Technicalities involved in multilayer PCB manufacturing


Multilayer PCB manufacturing involves high precision in designing and development. Special attention must be given towards layers, and the orientation of the sheets must be accurate. Technical details of the material must be considered throughout the process.

Following are the significant steps involved in multilayer PCB development.


Custom PCB Manufacturer


The first step is to find a suitable multilayer PCB manufacturer offering custom PCB designing. Provide your requirements and functionalities needed from the design. Since low-quality manufacturing can result towards poor performance and short life of PCB, It is recommended to order only at a renowned brand.


Multi-Layer PCB design


Multi-Layer PCB design are developed through various tools and platforms such as Altium. The modern tools provide extensive libraries of components and layout designs according to the nature of the circuit. The design for each layer has to be considered in the PCB manufacturing process. Single inappropriate placement of a via can affect the circuit through multiple layers. Professional multilayer PCB manufacturers develop Gerber files using advanced software programs, ensuring high performance


Electronic Components


Using top quality electronic parts is essential for a quality product development. Best if your manufacturer outsources electronic components after cross-examine your design. Using a modern component instead of an obsolete component can offer higher efficiency with better reliability. Top manufacturers offer maximum comfort for the client and manage all parts from their sources. It helps with the replacement of old/unavailable components.


How are modern multilayer PCB being manufactured


Multilayer boards consist of consecutive layers of dielectric and conductive sheets bonded together. Usually, fiberglass and copper sheets are used in this process. Multilayer PCBs involve sensitive procedures with high precision.


The procedures involved in multilayer PCB manufacturing are

  1.    Front End Engineering
  2.    Photo plotting
  3.    Imaging and development
  4.    Automatic optical inspection
  5.    Oxide
  6.    Lamination
  7.    Drilling
  8.    Electroless copper deposition
  9.    Dry film outer layer
  10.    Plate
  11.    Strip and etch
  12.    Solder Mask
  13.    Electrical test
  14.    Fabrication
  15.    Micro Sectioning
  16.    Final inspection


How to select a multilayer PCB manufacturer

multilayer pcb design

Various manufacturers are providing services for multilayer PCB manufacturing. Market research must be conducted before placing an order.

Multilayer PCB designing is a delicate process, minor negligence can result in poor experiences. Always choose your manufacturer after suitable research.

Consider the following factors when selecting a manufacturer for your PCB


Certified Manufacturer


The manufacturer must have necessary certifications for multilayer PCB manufacturing. Proper certifications ensure the manufacturer is eligible for product manufacturing.

Multilayer PCB manufacturing according to international standards can be maintained only by qualified manufacturers.


Quality Assurance


The raw material being used for your PCB manufacturing must be of high quality. Since experienced manufacturers understand the vitality of quality, they pay special attention towards material quality.

Furthermore, the quality assurance department plays a vital role in ensuring the manufactured product is according to standards. Multiple tests are conducted on each PCB for ensuring proper functioning.


Manufacturing experience


The manufacturer must have trackable experience of multilayer PCB designing. Top manufacturers always provide complete details regarding their experience at their online portal.

Custom designing of a multilayer PCB through an inexperienced manufacturer is never recommended.


Modern equipment and labs


The tools and software programs needed for multilayer PCB must be considered. Today, highly equipped modern CNC machines are used for multilayer PCB designing.

The tools needed for testing PCB quality must be modern and according to standards defined by the parts manufacturer. Traditional machinery used for multilayer PCB designing doesn’t enable a manufacturer to take care of microscopic level details.


Trusted Brand


Renowned brands gain the trust of their clients with a longterm relation based on reliability. Top brands pay special attention towards delivering reliable products in defined time. They are more preferable as compared to inexperienced startup manufacturers.


PCB Testing


When it comes to multilayer PCB designing and development, a single misplaced connection can be devastating. It is essential that the prototype design is simulated before manufacturing for any possible faults.

Furthermore, the manufacturer must perform the necessary tests and ensure the PCB is functioning as required. Always prefer a manufacturer who offers a PCB testing facility.


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