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How are Aluminium PCBs different from other PCBs?

Aluminum core PCB

Aluminium PCB are most suitable in applications producing excessive heat. The thermal clad layer effectively dissipates heat. Most of the high power circuit designs are fabricated on Aluminum PCBs since they dissipate heat more than usual circuits. Aluminium PCBs were designed for power converter applications but LED application manufacturers have recently got more interested in using them due to their amazing heat sinking capability.

Aluminum PCB benefits

Aluminium PCBs offer various advantages over other PCB types. The benefits offered by Aluminum PCBs are.


Aluminium PCBs provide heat dissipation functionality which saves the budget for heat sinking. Since Aluminium is extracted naturally and unlike most of the PCB types it can be recycled, it is cheap.


Unfortunately, some of the PCB types are toxic, and they are causing adverse effects to our environment. The synthetic materials used in their manufacturing is not safe for the consumer’s health.

However, Aluminium is a natural element and its PCBs are safe and cause no harm to the environment.

Efficient heat dissipation

Some components dissipate heat to the extent that their thermal emissions can damage their fabrication. Especially in the case of power ICs and elements such as LEDs produce heat up to hundreds of degree Celsius. This heat is enough to melt down electronic components and damage PCB.

Aluminum is an efficient conductor of heat, and it dissipates thermal emission from these components and keeps them cool.


Regular fiberglass sheets can easily break upon stress. It is recommended to use Aluminium PCBs in for circuits that are placed in harsh environments. Aluminum has a good strength which makes durable and reliable for handling.


As compared to its strength, Aluminum PCBs are lightweight. Since no or less quantity of heat sinks is required with Aluminum PCBs, it reduces overall weight budget of circuits.

Applications of Aluminum PCB

Aluminium PCBs are suitable for applications with high thermal dissipation, mechanical strength, and durability requirements. The metal core PCB effectively transfers heat and manages temperature of the circuit. The thermal emission efficiency of Aluminium PCBs is nearly 10 times as compared to fiberglass PCBs. This feature enables designers in optimizing overall housing size and design of various products.

Some of the applications of Aluminium PCBs are mentioned below.

Power supply

Power supply and regulation circuits incorporate power electronics, and the heat dissipation rate is more than usual.

Solid State Relays

Solid State relays deal with high power, and due to high thermal emissions, Aluminum PCBs are more suitable.


Aluminum PCBs are widely used in automotive industry. The circuits installed in automotive products operate under harsh atmospheric conditions and need to be lightweight with durable strength.

LED lights

Aluminium PCBs are widely used in LED light panels. LEDs are sensitive components, but they produce excessive heat. If this heat is not regulated, their performance is profoundly affected and leads towards early expiration.

Furthermore, Aluminum PCB serves as great reflectors which save the cost for reflectors in low-level lightning products.

How are Aluminium PCBs manufactured?

aluminum pcb prototyping

Aluminum PCB manufacturing involves various steps. The reliability and durability of these PCBs are affiliated with manufacturing procedure. Neglecting minor details during manufacturing can highly affect the quality of Aluminium PCBs.

Aluminum PCB layers

Aluminium PCBs are composed of multiple layers

Base layer

It consists of aluminum alloy with exclusive features such as robust strength and heat dissipation.

Insulation layer

The insulation layer contains a polymer which is highly thermal resistant and carries excellent viscoelastic properties.

The circuit layer

This layer is made of copper foil, and the solder mask is placed on this layer.

How to select Aluminium PCB manufacturer?

When choosing a brand for your custom Aluminium PCB manufacturing, always consider some key factors.

Automated manufacturing plant

Aluminium PCB designing procedures are limited and require significant attention. Advance automated manufacturing units produce high-quality PCBs. Your MCPCB manufacturer’s labs must be equipped with modern automated machines.


Inexperienced Aluminium PCB manufacturers might not be able to develop a standardized PCB. Experienced manufacturers adapt changes and innovate over time. Always consider your manufacturer’s portfolio before placing an order.


Your PCB must comply with defined quality standards. Uncertified manufacturers do not comply with these standards and offer unreliable products.

Graded material

Aluminium PCBs are useful for their unique design and material which enables thermal emissions at higher rates. Higher quality is achieved with high-quality material. Use of degraded aluminium alloys or other material ruins PCB reliability and durability.

Lead time

If you need PCBs to be designed, developed and delivered in a limited time, then you must consider the lead time when selecting a manufacturer. Some manufacturer take longer than usual.

Minimum order quantity

Every manufacturer accepts orders with a minimum units limitation. If you are looking for limited units developed, then you should consider the minimum order quantity offered by manufacturers.


You might need to discuss ideas, share your requirements and stay in touch with your manufacturer throughout the manufacturing process. Poor communication can lead towards difficulty in dealing and results in a stressful situation. Before placing an order, ensure the communication between you and your manufacturer is good.

Testing facility

Almost all renowned Aluminium core PCB manufacturers provide testing facility and run various tests on your design and developed product for any possible flaws. Unfortunately, some brands do not offer testing facility, and in such cases, there is a probability of faulty end-product manufacturing.

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