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Top 18 High-Density Interconnect ( HDI) PCB Manufacturers in the World

Although there are many top-notch HDI PCB manufacturers in the world, the competition has been fierce for some time now. This is mainly because the demand for such products has significantly grown in recent years and consequently, to remain competitive, these companies have had to step their game up.

One of the key factors that the hdi pcb manufacturers use to increase their market competitiveness is having prototypes or the latest models in stock. This means that they can offer fast delivery times and products with a high level of production capacity.

1. Techno Tronix

Based in Anaheim, California, TechnoTronix is a leading PCB manufacturer, offering various services. TechnoTronix offers the highest quality and most precise PCB production solutions, from prototyping and PCB fabrication to assembly and warehousing. TechnoTronix’s high level of precision and quality are just a few of the many reasons they are ranked among the top 10 HDI high density interconnect PCB manufacturers globally.

High-density interconnect PCBs are the fastest-growing PCB market segment. These PCBs incorporate finer circuitry, smaller vias, and higher connection pad densities than conventional PCBs. In addition, high-density interconnect PCBs often feature micro-vias to carry signals from one layer to another. As a result, these PCBs have a long and diverse list of applications despite the name.

In addition to automotive applications, high-density interconnect PCBs are helpful in digital devices, miniaturized products, aircraft, and other vehicles. It is the only PCB manufacturer globally with a factory in India. Its innovative approach and superior part sourcing capabilities make it a leading PCB manufacturer in India. Founded by a young electrical engineer, Techno Tronix has grown into one of the country’s largest PCB manufacturing companies.

2. Shenlian Circuits

High-Density Interconnect

Among the most advanced PCBs available are high-density interconnect (HDI) boards. With HDI, more components can be fitted on a single side of a board, making the product’s overall size smaller and the transmission speed faster. This new technology is also essential in fast-moving industries, such as the automobile and consumer electronics.

Shenlian Circuits is a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics circuit boards. The company is part of the Hangzhou Xinsanilan Electronics Company Limited group, a parent company that began operations in 1985. The company has grown since then and now boasts over 400 employees. In addition, it has expanded its operations to four locations in China, as well as R&D sites in North America and Europe.

The use of HDI board has greatly reduced the size and weight of electronic products. These boards are highly efficient in signal transmission and allow hdi pcb designers to place smaller components closer together. Additionally, HDI PCBs also reduce the overall size of products, making them easier to pack. Therefore, the technology is ideal for miniaturized devices, where size and weight are the main factors.

3. Ibiden Co. Ltd.

Ibiden Co., Ltd. is a Japanese electronics company headquartered in Ogaki, Gifu prefecture. The company manufactures electronic components and related products, including printed circuit boards and IC packaging used by Rayming PCB & Assembly. Their products are helpful in electronics and other industries, including automotive and consumer electronics. To learn more about this company, read on!

Ibiden Co., Ltd. manufactures ceramics, electronics, and other products in modern society. The company operates through two business segments: Ceramics and Electronics. The Electronics segment offers ceramic package substrates for computers, information technology infrastructure, mobile devices, and home appliances. The other segment produces synthetic resins and sells oil products. The company is headquartered in Japan and generates most of its revenue in Asia.

Founded in 1912, Ibiden Co., Ltd., formerly called Ibigawa Electric Power Co., Ltd., is a Japanese corporation. Its products range from printed circuit boards to IC packaging. The company’s corporate headquarters are in Ogaki, Japan. Ibiden Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of electronics-related products. With annual revenue of approximately $1.2 billion, Ibiden is one of the country’s largest electronics companies.

4. Advanced Circuits

Advanced Circuits

Located in Aurora, Colorado, Advanced Circuits is the third-largest high-density interconnect PCB manufacturer globally. They offer free HDI PCB design software and a free file check before manufacturing your board. The company specializes in small, complex, and large-scale production needs and offers ENIG and silver finishes. Their PCBs are IPC and RoHS-certified, and they can fulfill all of your design and manufacturing needs.

Advanced Circuits offers quick turnaround prototypes and the production of high-quality, high-density interconnect PCBs. In addition, Advanced Circuits is one of the world’s leading high-density interconnect PCB manufacturers, and their wide range of capabilities, extensive industry certifications, and quality systems help them meet your critical design and manufacturing requirements.

Advanced Circuits employs a team of engineers and designers with specialized expertise to meet the demands of high-density interconnect PCB manufacturing. In addition, their production facility employs state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technical skills. High-density interconnect PCB manufacturing is complex and requires advanced technical expertise and equipment. Advanced Circuits is at the forefront of innovation and meets the strictest standards.

5. Coast to Coast Circuits

South Coast Circuits employs 50 employees, and Royal Flex Circuits has a staff of over 100 people. Both companies are expanding their PCB fabrication capabilities. Royal Circuit Solutions specializes in rigid and flex rigid-flex boards with 40 layers. As a result, the combined company’s manufacturing facilities will be the world’s most advanced. However, the merged company still maintains the culture of both companies.

The benefits of HDI PCBs are numerous. They allow more components to be placed on a single side, resulting in higher signal transmission. This feature makes them ideal for RF circuits. HDI PCBs are also compatible with laser drill technology. Laser drilling technology creates smaller holes and helps PCBs withstand higher heat. The resulting PCBs can handle more current than conventional printed circuit boards.

The company provides high-density flex PCBs for fast-turn prototypes, high-density multilayer PCBs, and ultra-high-density flex products. In addition, they offer services in design layout, controlled impedance modeling, prototyping, and turnkey assembly. They are also certified to meet MIL-PRF-31032 and -55110G standards and are AS9100C and ISO 9001:2008.

6. SungHom

A SungHom High-Density Interconnection PCB manufacturer has the right tools to meet your requirements. These PCBs feature ultra-thin cores and lines with fine line geometries and alternative technologies. As a result, high-density interconnect PCBs are an excellent choice for mobile and ultra-mobile PC applications. As a result, these high-tech PCBs quickly gain recognition in the electrical engineering community.

The factory, located in Shenzhen, China, focuses on manufacturing various PCBs. These include rigid-flex, RF and Microwave, HDI, and more. This manufacturer can also provide PCB assemblage and design. The company uses the best technology to ensure the quality of its products. A SungHom High-Density Interconnect PCB manufacturer can also design and assemble the PCBs required for various applications.

The SungHom High-Density Intersects PCB Manufacturing Facility can meet all your needs. The HDI technology has made it possible to place more components on both sides of a PCB. High-density interconnect PCBs offer designers more space to fit smaller components close to each other, which results in faster signal transmission and enhanced signal quality. The SungHom High-Density Interconnect PCB Manufacturer is proud to be a certified HDI printed circuit boards manufacturer.

7. Korea Circuit

The company manufactures printed circuit boards and also sells them worldwide. Its products include rigid-flex PCBs, package substrates, and memory modules. The company is headquartered in Ansan, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, and has approximately 1,200 employees. Its products are available in more than 30 countries around the world. The company has three different companies within its corporate family. You can find out more about these companies and their products at the following link:

In addition to high-quality products, the company also produces world-class technology. The company’s main board features fine patterning and highly integrated technology to help memory chips and electronic signals function. Its products are used for networking devices, mainly laptops. The company strives to create a pleasant environment for its stakeholders and the surrounding environment. However, the Korean Grand Prix did not meet the expectations of many. This may be due to its poor infrastructure, but the race went ahead anyway.

8. Shenzhen Aotuida Technology

HDI, or high-density interconnect, is an emerging technology that enables circuit boards to have multiple connections and layers. As a result, it has the potential to increase the speed and performance of electronic devices. Aotuida Technology, a High-Density Interconnect PCBs manufacturer, has been providing PCBs with such features for more than five years.

High-density interconnect PCB: Its name refers to the fact that it features many components in a smaller area, enabling higher line density. This technology also enables designers to place components closer to each other, which increases signal quality. This technology is ideal for high-tech applications, as it makes PCBs smaller and lighter while still providing excellent performance.

HDI PCB: A high-density interconnect PCB is excellent for advanced electronic medical devices. It allows for smaller, more affordable devices, which may improve patient safety. Its high-density technology is also helpful in industrial settings, where more advanced equipment is becoming computerized. HDI technology is also being used in automobiles, as advanced machinery includes smart sensors that relay information to management.

9. Sanyo Plastic

If you are in the market for a High-Density Interconnect PCB, you need to understand the differences between HDI and standard PCBs. High-density PCBs, more complex than standard PCBs, are called HDIs. High-density PCBs use smaller vias, which require more precision. However, additional HDI vias and layers also increase the cost. Therefore, you should aim to obtain the least expensive number of layers.

The High-Density Interconnect PCB has a small footprint, reducing weight and overall dimensions. The technology is also highly efficient, supports advanced features, and is helpful in high-tech products. Sanyo Plastic:

HDI PCB: High-density interconnects PCBs use high-density components, enabling manufacturers to fit more features and functions into smaller spaces. Because of this, HDI PCBs are often more lightweight, meaning more efficient operation. For example, HDI PCBs are essential in automobiles, where a car may have up to 50 microprocessors on board. These microprocessors are responsible for car functions, including engine controls, diagnostics, and safety features. In addition, high-density interconnect PCBs are the basis of new features, including rearview cameras and backup sensors.

10. Zhejiang Yugang Electronics

The company has its headquarters in Zhejiang Province in China. The report covers company data, industry data, and country data. The company started operations in 2004. Its products and services include RF and microwave circuits, sensors, and other electronic components. So whether you are looking for new products or need some technical advice, Zhejiang Yugang Electronics can help.

The company has recently completed de-registration procedures for foreign-invested companies. It has two wholly-owned subsidiaries: Hangzhou Asia-Pacific Machine & Electric Group Limited and Wuhan Asia-Pacific Chassis Parts Co., Ltd. In October, it signed a joint venture with German plastics manufacturer FTE Automotive GmbH. It also entered into a joint venture with Beijing Zheya Automotive Parts Co., Ltd.

11. Meiko Electronics

Meiko Electronics, a Japan-based company, manufactures anyLayer high density interconnect PCB and other electronic boards with high heat dissipation and high electrical current. These high-quality PCBs are ideal for various applications, including mobile phones. Meiko also manufactures solder stencils and embedded devices. In addition, the company is a leader in printed circuit boards and auxiliary electronics.

Compared to traditional PCBs, high-density interconnect PCBs can be thinned and downsized without compromising performance. Multi-layer PCBs have a combination of laser technology and filled plating. The results are higher-density wiring and more design freedom. This technology is ideal for smartphones and other high-performance devices with limited space.

A variety of factors drive the market for HDI PCBs. The growth in consumer electronics, autonomous driving, and 5G will spur the industry, while increased electronic content in automotive will fuel demand for high-speed HDI PCBs. North America, Europe, and Japan will remain the largest markets for HDI PCBs. However, we expect the Asia Pacific region to experience the most growth over the forecast period.

12. Zhen Ding Tech


If you are looking for a PCB with high density, you should try Zhen Ding Tech. This company is a Taiwanese manufacturer of flexible and rigid printed circuits and a substrate for integrated circuits. These products are widely helpful in consumer electronics and computer information systems. The company was founded in Taoyuan County in Taiwan in 1998. They have a wide range of products to meet your design requirements.

HDI PCBs are commonly helpful in complex electronic devices such as mobile phones, touch-screen devices, laptops, and digital cameras. In addition, they are also ideal for 4/5G networks, military devices, etc. However, the market for HDI PCBs is still in its infancy. Nevertheless, the demand for these products is increasing globally. Therefore, we expect the market for HDI PCBs to grow significantly during the forecast period.

13. TTM Technologies

TTM Technologies is a leading provider of High-Density Interconnect (HDI) printed circuit boards for electronic devices. Its customer base spans original equipment manufacturers and electronic manufacturing services companies. End markets include networking and communications, cellular phones, computing, aerospace and defense, and medical/industrial/instrumentation.

In addition to offering PCB products, TTM also produces radio frequency (RF) components, conventional PCBs, and multi-chip modules. TTM also produces PCBs with heavy copper cores, embedded coins, and passive and active thermal cores. Further, the company offers custom assemblies and multi-chip modules. For more information about the company and its products, read the report. It will help you make an informed decision.

TTM Technologies is a global leader in designing and manufacturing High-Density Interconnect (HDI) PCBs. Several acquisitions have fueled the company’s growth. In 1999, the company merged with Pacific Circuits and Power Circuits. In 2002, the company successfully floated its shares on the NASDAQ. The company then doubled in size by acquiring Honeywell Advanced Circuits and Tyco Printed Circuit Group. The company has since added a Chinese subsidiary, Meadville Group, to boost its global reach further. By 2010, the combined company’s revenues topped $2 billion.

14. APCT

APCT has a rich history of innovation and technology transfer and is proud to support high-density interconnect (HDI) designs with cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. Our advanced metal-based manufacturing process supports world-class HDI cycle times while maximizing design flexibility. We are also committed to quick turnaround times. In addition, our team has the experience and know-how to support the specialized needs of various clients across a variety of industries.

Advanced Circuits is a leading PCB manufacturer that started in 1996. The company has four advanced PCB factories in the US, China, and Europe. We offer rapid prototype and mass-production PCB services and maintain the highest quality standards in the industry. Our PCB manufacturing and assembly services range from simple to complex and everything in between. Our specialized expertise includes RF/microwave PCBs and multilayer, rigid, and flexible PCB designs.

15. Camptech II Circuits

The use of high-density interconnect PCB is one of the fastest-growing segments in the PCB industry. These PCBs can incorporate finer circuitry and smaller HDI vias, which allows them to be more compact while also enhancing the electrical performance of their products. These PCBs are often helpful in mobile phones, touch screen devices, digital cameras, and 4G network communications. They are also prominently featured in medical devices and many other consumer electronics products.

In addition to PCB manufacturing, Camptech II Circuits offers high-density, multilayer printed circuit boards for various applications. Their products feature controlled impedance, stacked microvias, and affordable pricing. The company also partners with ALLPCB, a PCB fabricator in China, to provide circuit boards for enterprises involved in consumer electronics, communications equipment, intelligent hardware, and Industry 4.0 solutions.

Gultech has established over 30 customer support centers in the world. They focus on the needs of PCB consumers and have been in business for many years. As a result, they have a complete one-stop solution for PCB needs. You no longer need to search for matching components or pay more than your budget. Gultech has a full-service center, from design to production, and they have many satisfied customers worldwide.

16. Kyosha Circuits

The company has a history spanning five decades as one of Japan’s foremost PCB makers. Despite this, it is not owned solely by Japanese investors. A collectively owned Chinese enterprise, Yauli Toy, and Kyosha Honk Kong Limited own a majority stake in Kyosha Circuits. PCBs are often helpful in touch-screen devices, mobile phones, laptop computers, digital cameras, and 4G network communications. It is also a prominent component of medical devices.

The HDI PCB stackup market will grow quickly during the forecast period. Smartphones will continue to be one of the most popular end-use industries for this technology, and larger batteries will require higher-density PCBs to operate. Automotives will also continue to grow in importance and demand for high-speed HDI PCBs.

The PCB industry is also growing globally in the transportation, medical, and aerospace. Communications electronics will overtake consumer electronics in five years, with a cagr5 of 3. 66 percent and 6. 43%, respectively. According to N. T. Information, more than two thousand PCB factories worldwide, with 116 in the US, Japan, and mainland China.

17. Sun&Lynn Circuits

Sun&Lynn Circuits

As one of the first PCB manufacturers in mainland China, Sun&Lynn Circuits produces both hard and soft bonding circuit boards. The company is one of the few in the world to consider the environmental impact of its production processes. It is a world leader in technological innovations within domestic circuit board factories. Its highly-trained employees and state-of-the-art circuit board production facilities help it maintain a lead over its competitors.

DSBJ has been expanding its PCB manufacturing services to other parts worldwide. In 2016, it acquired Mflex, the largest FPC supplier to Apple, and opened a new plant in Qing Song, Hubei Province, where it plans to produce high-density PCBs for the iPhone and iPad. This company also expanded its presence in the automotive market with the acquisition of Multek, a Taiwan-based manufacturer.

HDI PCBs are one of the fastest-growing segments of the PCB market and feature more complex circuitry, finer components, and fewer vias. As a result, they are ideal for mobile devices and other devices requiring increased signal transmission. Another advantage is their reduced size. These PCBs also feature smaller holes and are more resistant to heat than conventional counterparts.

18. Gultech

Printed Circuit Boards are the building blocks of any electronic product. Whether a mobile phone or a computer, the interconnection of electronic components on a circuit board is critical. While this is not a new technology, Gultech has been in business for over 30 years. Its in-house design and manufacturing team stays on top of current trends in the PCB industry, which helps it meet the needs of its consumers.

High-density interconnect PCBs are making significant inroads into the medical arena. These devices require tiny packages and high transmission rates, and HDI PCBs provide the perfect balance. For example, implanted electronics must be small enough to fit into the human body while transmitting a high-speed signal. These devices are also helpful in medical applications, such as CT scans and emergency room monitors.

The company is headquartered in Hunan, China, and employs more than 5,000 people worldwide. Its products include HDI (high-density interconnect) circuit boards, general double-sided PCBs, and microwave high-frequency and flexible PCBs. The company has expanded its product range and has a global presence. And, it has gained an advantage in the low-volume market.




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