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FPC Circuit Board Material Introduction

FPC Circuit Board Material Introduction

FPC is a kind of flexible circuit board, which belongs to the PCB circuit board. FPC soft board is widely used, such as flex pcb connectorFPC antenna, wireless charging coil array and so on. So what material does FPC consist of?

FPC Circuit Board

1.Flex PCB Raw Material

     1) The flex material includes: Adhesive materialsand Non-adhesive materials;

Copper on the material is divided into electrolytic copper and calendered copper. The flexible and folding properties of the non-adhesive calendered copper are better.

2) The material thickness: PI +Copper thickness

2. Cover film

The flexible PCB cover film includes PI and glue.

flexible PCB cover film

3. Flex PCB Stiffener

Generally, there are following types of stiffener: PI stiffener, FED stiffener, FR4 stiffener, Steel stiffener..etc, the thickness: PI1/2 1/2,PI11,PI21,PI31 to PI91.

The two values after PI represent the thickness of PI and the thickness of glue, respectively, in units of Mil. Thickness depends on customer requirements.

Flex PCB Stiffener

4. The pure adhesive

The pure adhesive is mainly used for lamination and lamination of multilayer, and also for bonding stiffener.

5. Screen closing film

The screen closing film mainly plays the role of signal screen closing, and should be grounded.

6. 3M Adhesive

Bonding stiffener and used to fix FPC circuit boards and so on.