Flex PCB

Flex PCB is thin, lightweight printed circuit board ’s that can bend and conform to fit small spaces. A flexible PCB can provide many design opportunities for engineers, as they combine the capabilities of cables, wires, connectors and Flex PCB’s into one compact solution. Aside from their design potential, flex PCB boards are beneficial because they reduce costs, and eliminate the space and weight limitations of a traditional rigid board.

flex pcb


RayMing flex PCB solutions are custom designed for many top tier OEMs. Manufactured with dependable reliability, our flex PCB is built to withstand the rigors of aerospace, medical, and military applications. As a high reliability replacement for wire and wire harness assemblies, flex PCB provide a significant cost savings with no reduction in performance.



What are Advantages of Flex PCB?
Flex printed circuit boards offer a number of potential benefits including:

1.  Saving Space. Flex PCB design requires only about 10 percent of the space and weight of an ordinary circuit board assembly, offering greater installation and packaging freedom. The inherent flexibility also permits tighter bend capabilities.

2. Maximum Reliability. A flex PCB requires fewer interconnects, which in turn requires fewer contact crimps, connectors and solder joints. Simply put, a flex PCB board does not contain as many potential sources for failure, which enhances their reliability.

3. Enhanced Capabilities. The flex PCBs are compatible with virtually any type of connector or component and works well with options such as ZIP connectors. They also perform extremely well in extreme temperatures and offer superior resistance to radiation and chemicals.

4. Cost Savings. Cost-saving advantages of Flex PCBs include reduced material and packaging demands, lower parts replacement costs and assembly errors that could result in the need for repairs.

These benefits make flex PCBs ideally fit for a wide range of applications in industries such as Military, Transportation, Medical, Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Aerospace, Communications and Industrial.


Cost Effective Flex PCB

When it comes to our flex  products, we offer a variety of cost effective solutions and capabilities that include single or double sided Flex PCB to higher multilayer designs up to 6 layers. From selecting the best functional configuration, to choosing the proper connectors or components, we will help you meet or exceed all your applications requirments.


RayMing Flex PCB  is happy to take on any flex circuit or flexible printed circuit board design challenge that you bring, including: automotive, medical, telecom, industrial or commercial… just to name a few.


If you have any Flex PCB , Welcome to send email to sales@raypcb.com , Get the best quote now !


flex pcb connector   flex board

Flex PCB Connector                                                                     2 Layer Flex Board

flexi board                            FLEX BOARD DESIGN

Flexi Board                                                                  FLEX BOARD DESIGN

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