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Fastprint PCB – Low Cost and Customizable PCB Printing with Fast Turn Times

The largest small-scale, high-end printed circuit manufacturer model, Fastprint, uses state-of-the-art automated production facilities to create custom printed circuit boards. The firm uses an Epson c86 printer to print onto the copper clad board. This article will discuss the design, fabrication, and quality control of a Fastprint PCB. We will also talk about the importance of copper alloys for PCBs.

Fastprint is the largest model of small quantities for high-end PCB manufacturer

The fastest-growing company in China is the manufacturer of small and medium-sized high-end PCBs, Fastprint. The company has a global presence and is the largest small-scale high-end PCB manufacturer model in China. Its factory is in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. The company has more than one hundred employees and a production area of more than one million square meters.

The process starts with a 3D print of the PCB, and then the PCB itself is manufactured. It then goes through a series of stages, including plating, which can be either full-on or a thin copper foil. The copper layer is a vital PCB component, carrying electrical signals from the circuit to the parts. This process is similar to the nervous system in the body, which carries signals from the brain to the muscles.

Fastprint has three manufacturing campuses and five branch offices around the world. It also has two subsidiaries in Hong Kong. The company has more than four hundred customers globally and dozens of marketing, technique, and customer service centers. Fastprint also focuses on the electronics industry, which is capital-intensive and highly competitive. It plan to developing high-end PCB manufacturing services.

Fastprint has three branches and distributors across various countries. The company’s high-end PCB manufacturing operations in China are a strong example of this growth strategy. Its main business serves companies involved in high-tech communications, consumer electronics, and intelligent hardware. Its products are also widely used in medical equipment, communication devices, and smart home technologies. The company is committed to helping high-tech enterprises achieve their goals through quality and price-effective PCB manufacturing.

It uses advanced automation production facilities


The company uses advanced automation production facilities to increase its PCB manufacturing process’s efficiency significantly. Advanced automation in PCB manufacturing is a critical element of maintaining high-quality standards. The company is investing in new and advanced foreign PCB production equipment, including Burkle laminating machines, Mitsubishi laser drills, Hitachi machine drills, and screen automatic exposure machines from Japan. In addition, it has set up more than 40 customer service centers overseas.

FastPrint Hong Kong is investing a portion of Fineline, acquiring a 25% equity stake. The company has also invested in other companies, including the Rayming PCB & Assembly, Hunan RunCore Innovation Technology Co., Ltd., and the National Center for Advanced Packaging Co., Ltd. The company also invested in Yixing Silicon Valley Electronics Tech Co., Ltd., officially commissioned in March. FastPrint Hong Kong also has a majority stake in Exception PCB Solutions Limited.

It uses an Epson c86 printer to print onto copper clad board

Fastprint PCB is a new PCB-printing service. Using a modified metal print tray, it uses an Epson C86 inkjet printer to print onto copper clad boards. By modifying the print tray, Fastprint PCB can print on copper clad boards without additional setup and is producing dozens of printed boards per hour.

The printer can print with multiple inks, including fluorescent green, red, and blue. It also allows users to print a quality draft on plain paper while always using full coverage. The printer’s color and nozzle registration are adjustable at compile time. A program called ESC (Epson c86 printer driver) is available for modifying ESC commands.

It uses special ink for printing on copper clad boards. It uses a modified metal print tray with an aluminum body to attach it to the printer. The tray can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees Celsius and has a heat-resistant glass shelf. A silver-coated resin, used for insulating and grounding, also comes with the tray. This special ink can handle repeated, high-temperature operations without any deformation or delamination due to wear or excessive heat.

Fastprint PCB products

Fastprint PCB offers a variety of boards for customers to choose from. The company has a variety of PCB materials, including copper clad boards, glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) boards, and FR-4 boards. These have different processing conditions and test methods. In addition, fast print PCB offers two levels of protection: through-hole protection and SMT protection.

Through-hole components on the circuit board are mounted directly onto the substrate with a through-hole pattern. Through-hole components are also known as leaded components, as the component’s connecting leads and pins extend through the board’s insulating material. Then we cover the through-hole component with a protective plastic cap. Through-hole protection prevents the component from falling out of holes in the board.

We solder SMT components onto the PCB substrate utilizing surface-mount technology (SMT). SMT components use a small pad (sometimes called a lead) to connect the component. We then solder the components onto the board substrate with solder pads that cover the pads, and we cover the entire board with a thin piece of plastic called an insulating “blanket.”

Fastprint has invested in custom PCB design software from Linux Business Solutions, enabling customers to create their PC boards through templates and specifications. The software enables individualized control to allow multiple circuit board design flows and concurrent transactions. The software also allows for defects to be seen and receive alerts.

The company has a team of PCB design experts who can accommodate customers’ requests. The company can also utilize ISO 9001 quality management system standards, ensuring that all the staff is trained and qualified to work in manufacturing and production. In addition, Fastprint has established more than 200 customer service centers located in major overseas cities.

Future of Fastprint PCB

Fastprint PCB has installed a new production line to meet its customers’ growing demand. Its new production line can produce up to 1,000 meters of various boards per day. As a result, fast print PCB can meet the increasing demand for printed circuit boards with high-quality standards and shorten delivery times. As a result, fastprint PCB has 30,000 meters of printed circuit board daily, meeting international quality standards and being available at low prices.

Fastprint PCB will continue to improve its product quality and services. The company has implemented various professional management systems and standards, such as ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification and ISO14001:2004 Environment Management System Certification. It is also in the process of obtaining OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System Certification. These standards are among the best in the industry and make Fastprint PCB an internationally leading supplier of printed circuit boards.


Fastprint PCB is a fast-growing PCB manufacturer. It produces many high-quality printed circuit boards, doing so with short delivery times and low prices. The company has been performing well for more than two years, and its only goal is to meet the needs of its customers. As a result, it has become one of the world’s leading suppliers of printed circuit boards, providing customers with high-quality printed circuit boards meeting their needs.

Since Sept. 14, 2013, Fastprint PCB has been entirely focused on R&D & grows in the scale of production – we are proud to have gained many good friends around the globe!




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