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EVA-M8M-0-10 RF Receiver

Ever wondered how an RF Receiver works? More especially, how the EVA-M8M-0-10 works as an RF Receiver? We are going to talk exclusively about all that in this article.

But before we proceed, we are going to talk about some of the things you need to know about this device. First, EVA-M8M-0-10 is an RF Receiver and it is primarily used with devices or applications requiring a modulated radio frequency.

When we are talking about these applications, we are specially mentioning the likes of USB, UART, Pads for Pins and Solder Pads. EVA-M8M-0-10’s RF Receiver is also used with I2C, I2S, Serial Interfaces and Parallel Interfaces.

With that being said, let us dive right into the article and talk about other things you need to know about the EVA-M8M-0-10.

How EVA-M8M-0-10 Works

Like most RF Receivers out there, EVA-M8M-0-10 works by taking in a modulated radio frequency. Once the frequency is taking in, it demodulates the radio frequency before passing the obtained data along for onward processing inside the system.

u-blox manufactures this EVA-M8M-0-10 and made it available for a wide range of applications, including but not limited to data-logging and space-sensitive applications. The idea is that can be used for a variety of purposes or applications, because it is a general-purpose RF Receiver.

EVA-M8M-0-10’s GNSS Module

EVA-M8M-0-10 uses the GNSS Module or protocol, alongside other modulations like GPS, BeiDou and GLONASS.

What is a GNSS Module and what role does it play in the EVA-M8M-0-10 RF Receiver? The full name is Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). It is a type of device used to form a constellation of the different satellites that provide signals from space. These signals are then pushed to or transmitted to the GNSS receivers; providing a combination of timing data and positioning in the process.

In terms of the EVA-M8M-0-10 RF Receiver, the GNSS Module aids in the simultaneous acquisition and capture/obtaining of the multiple satellite constellations. These would then be used for navigation, positioning and tracking applications.

As a general-purpose RF Receiver, the applications or use cases can also be extended to the space-centric applications.

1. Concurrent GNSS Module

Agreed, EVA-M8M-0-10 uses a GNSS Module, but there is another upside to it – it is concurrent. The concurrency of the module delivers the highest accuracy while ensuring that the processes are seamless.

It is worth pointing out that the GNSS Module relies on some of the best component-parts, including but not limited to BeiDou, GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo.

EVA-M8M-0-10 Supports Several Interfaces

Although the GNSS Module makes up for most part of the signal obtaining and delivery, a lot still relies on other peripherals. It is in light of it that the several interfaces provisioned on EVA-M8M-0-10 come in handy.

For one, these interfaces combine to deliver the highest signal delivery possible. While the embedded firmware is primarily used for protocol-based specifications/applications, the others are used for memory, and data communication purposes.

This is a breakdown of how each of the interface work:

2. Interface Selection (D_SEL)

This is a dedicated interface for interfacing or choosing the best communication medium. When the D_SEL interface is activated, it can choose among the GND, DDC and UART interfaces for the communication.

For example, the GND interface is selected after the D_SEL pin has been set to the logical “0”. The setting permits the Ground (GND) interface to become the default communication interface.

Otherwise, the D_SEL pin can be set to the logical “1” to enable the duo of the DDC and UART interfaces to be used as the default communication interfaces.

3. UART Interface

Although it is used in the former reference for communication interfacing, the use case of the UART interface is primarily for communication. In this case, it has to be configured to support the configurable baud rates, as that is the basis for the usage as a communication interface to the host.

4. Serial Quad Interface (SQI)

This type of interface is used when looking to connect (multiple) interfaces to the EVA-M8M-0-10 RF Receiver.

How it works? It uses an optional external flash memory to make the connection. The memory referenced now can also be used for other purposes, ranging from data logging and making updates to the firmware.

5. Power Mode

EVA-M8M-0-10 uses a power-optimized architecture, which offers the best power performance, while cutting down (excessive) power, where possible.

To get the best power performance, EVA-M8M-0-10 has been optimized to work with multiple modes, such as the Power Save Mode and the Continuous Mode.

If you are working with the Power Save Mode, the use case is mainly to optimize the RF Receiver for the lowest power usage. On the other hand, you can activate the Continuous Mode if you are looking to get a mix of balanced power and low-power optimizations.

6. Ease-of-Integration

Consumer electronics now have several integrated components, including RF Receivers. EVA-M8M-0-10 is not an exception.

The ease-of-integration is drawn from the QFN-like package/case, which allows for the flexible integration in a wide range of devices.

Most importantly, the package allows for the production and availability of the GNSS Modules in both 500 reels and pieces. That way, it becomes easier to integrate the receiver into the target applications – especially in the small form-factor devices.

7. EVA-M8M-0-10 is a Product-Diverse RF Receiver

The general-purpose optimization aside, EVA-M8M-0-10 is also ideal for several use cases, thanks to the product diversity. The diversity in this case refers to the optimization of the receiver to work across different facets. It is also because of the following considerations:

8. Excellent Timing Solutions

EVA-M8M-0-10’s GNSS Module solutions support the configuration of applications or devices with a focus on precise timing, standard precision, dead reckoning and high precision solutions.

9. Customized Solutions

u-blox, EVA-M8M-0-10’s manufacturer, uses the “silicon,” thus making the general-purpose applications’ support more impressive. By using the company’s exclusive architecture, there is every assurance that stabilized product life cycles, controlled quality, excellent customer support and the highest performances are assured.


To sum it up, EVA-M8M-0-10 is a high-precision, optimized-cost and easily integrable RF Receiver for general-purpose applications.

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