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A Detailed Insight into Electronic Components Procurement

Electronics is an integral field for the sustenance and development of home appliances and smart devices for consumers. Several small to big electronic parts like transistors, diodes, capacitors, and resistors come together to form a whole new electronic product later.

However, it is important to rely on fresh and durable electronic components, or else the electronics cannot function properly.

We are going to see how you can depend on electronic components development so that you will be able to develop the latest-tech electronics quite easily in the future. Let’s get started!

Top Steps of Component Procurement

There are some crucial steps in electronic component development that you need to follow for flawless dependence on industrial-grade parts for your projects.

  • Requirements Assemblage: The first step, to begin with, is equipping yourself with enough information so that you can proceed with the process further. Confusion and misunderstanding at this first step can complicate the process for you. You even might be unable to develop electronics easily.
  • Choosing Manufacturers: The next step is to look for a supplier that adheres to your project requirements and honors your principles. Therefore, a good choice of supplier is crucial to make electronic component procurement feasible for you. You will be able to complete your projects on time.  
  • Checking the Price and Quality: After this, you also need to pay attention to the costs and pricing for the electronic component procurement. See if there are any hidden costs or if the shipment comes under your budget. It will make the entire process much easier for you. 
  • Online Platforms for Sourcing: The next step is to check online sourcing platforms too. So that you can have options right there, some platforms are good for sourcing, electronic datasheet sharing, and much more. Choose the right platforms as per your needs. 
  • Checking for Different Solutions or Alternatives: Sometimes life happens, and you cannot find your desired or much-needed electronic part from your hired supplier. Therefore, in this case, it is better to see if you can work out alternatives or not. 
  • Lead times: The final step is to pay attention to lead times and see if you are able to meet the deadlines easily or not. If not, then how can you devise ways to deliver quickly to your clients to maintain long-term collaborations with them? 

Causes of Constrained Electronic Components Procurement 

Electronic Components Procurement
Electronic Components Procurement

It is important to know for you being a producer, that sometimes electronic component procurement does not go as you want. There can be multiple reasons. 

Negligence from the suppliers, dependence on low-quality and defective electronic components, and violating industrial quality guidelines. 

Therefore, there is much more to the process of electronic component development. Complications in designs and prototypes can also hamper the natural pace of the process. Due to this reason, the process can get a lot expensive for the producers. 

Well, you don’t need to worry about all these setbacks because, through some extra knowledge about the factors that cause these problems, you will be able to avoid them easily. 

·       Limitations of Component Attribute

Component attribute limitations can also create a negative influence on the electronic component procurement process. It is because some components have more limitations to moisture and thermal conductance. Therefore, dealing with them becomes a little difficult, and it is not good for the process either. 

·       Obsolescence Of Components

Some producers fail to know that using obsolete components will not only damage the final product, but its performance will also not be up-to-the-mark. It might even demand immediate component replacement, which is not always possible. Rarity and price of the alternative components can come your way. 

·       Longer lead times

Sometimes miscommunication with your CM can delay the electronic component procurement and, due to this, creates a negative impact on the process. Therefore being transparent about the risks and discussing the product lifecycle is important to balance the lead times on all counts. 

·       Little vendors

Problems occur when you don’t have many options. When you have a lack of suppliers, you cannot keep up with the latest trends, and also you cannot even meet the deadlines in time. The reason is if you are collaborating with only a single vendor, then it would trouble you in your time of need. So keep your options ready all the time!

·       Supply chain disturbances

The supply chain is undergoing changes all the time. Therefore, it directly impacts all types of industries around us. From PCB to the automobile industry, nothing can ignore the supply chain disruptions at all. Due to this reason, electronic component procurement also gets affected due to these fluctuations. One industry cannot deliver to its consumers or clients because it is unable to procure the essential parts. For example, the automobile industry cannot procure car parts and other developmental equipment due to supply chain fluctuations. 

Factors Affecting Electronic components procurement 

We are going to study some common factors which create an impact on electronic component procurement. Let’s see how it goes!

  • Component Demand: Sometimes, the market rates and component demand can make this process a lot more expensive for the producers. When certain components are rare in the market, these are mostly expensive. Prices can still not get reduced if these components are readily available for the consumers. 
  • Availability of Components: You never know when a component can vanish from your sight. Therefore component availability is also something that can disrupt your smoothly-going electronic component procurement.
  • Quality: You must not neglect to rely on the component quality. The reason is that low-quality components can cause reworking and completely alter the final product as well. 
  • Regulation and Compliance: Authorized regulation and component compliance is also a factor that influences electronic component procurement for the producers. Therefore it is wise to always stick to the certified authorities when it comes to the component supply and other factors. 

Challenges of Electronic components procurement 

There is no doubt that some external factors prove to be blockades for electronic component procurement. Take COVID, for example, or the Russia-Ukraine war. During these periods, several manufacturers struggled with the procuring process, and many industries suffered from the derived loss. Therefore, for the sake of your knowledge, we are going to discuss some major challenges. 

·      Components Shortage

Sometimes the entire supply chain faces a component shortage. Due to this reason, producers are unable to save themselves from the coming losses. 

For example, during covid, when quarantine was the only solution, people stayed at home and became dependent on electronic devices like tablets, mobile phones, and much more during this period. Therefore, the market demand for electronics just spiked during covid. But problems occurred when the supply chain was already struggling with the operations. So at the point time when producers could make a huge profit during the pandemic by meeting the consumer demand in the market, the electronics industry could not perform exceptionally at all. Similarly, during the Ukraine-Russia war, industries struggle with the management of market prices. It creates a negative impact on sales and consumers. The suppliers and vendors could not do their job for the producers in time which made electronic component producer meant too delayed to be reversed in the end. 

·      Phased out parts

Phased-out components are also a major challenge that electronic component procurement faces. Today, the risks that phased-out components bring are increasing in number. It is important for the producers to know about it in time as well. 

When you unintentionally use phased-out components, it is obvious that you won’t be able to meet your client’s requirements, nor will be final product meet the industrial quality standards. 

You also might have to rework the same product. It will delay the process, and creates a bad impression on your client as well. 

Experts believe that there is still a margin left for improvement in making more producers aware and educated about the phased-out components so that problems with quality control and performance can be avoided as much as possible. In the other case, it makes the entire process a lot time-consuming.

Finding a Trustworthy Supplier and Partner for Electronic components procurement 

It is important that you collaborate with a reliable producer. Then, you can easily cope with future problems without any hustle. The attributes of a good producer will save you from losses, extra lead times. Besides, with their help, you will also be able to meet the supply chain disruptions and unprecedented complications in time.

There is no doubt that there are hundreds of producers available. But you need to find the right one for yourself. So that you can tackle all the blockades in your way smoothly. Also, your products will be improved, and you will also be able to maintain your reputation among your clients in the future. Contact RayPCB for all your electronic components procurement needs.




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