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What Is Edge Connector Bevelling?

The bevelling of the PCB edge refers to a process of shaping or cutting the edge connector. Any beveled PCB connector makes the board entry easy in the connector. In other words, the beveling of the edge connector is considered a parameter that needs to be checked and selected when it is needed. 

This article gives you a detailed note on the bevelling of PCB edge connectors. It clears all your queries, like their importance, its limitation, their basic component, and their applications. So let’s move on to the next part.

Edge connector Bevelling

Beveling refers to a process of minimizing or reducing the square shape edges of a PCB to get sloping sides. In PCBs, the process of beveling usually takes place right after the soldering mask and before starting the surface finishing. The main aim of the beveling of edge connectors is to make the insertion process easier, as it may become difficult to get easy insertion without beveling. Moreover, beveling is mostly done per the demands of customers and clients. 

However, the bevel creates an angle of 30-45 degrees. As some printed circuit boards contain longer or large gold fingers, therefore, they need beveling to fit like one whole component. At the same time, most devices require connectors with certain measurements which enhances the need for beveling. Beveling plays an essential role in an edge connector. It makes sure that gold fingers fit together in a place easily. Moreover, it leads to failure if the parts do not fit together. 

Why Is Edge Connector Bevelling In PCB Necessary?

golder finger pcb
golder finger pcb

The connection point of PCBs constantly faces plugging and unplugging as per the role and nature of interconnecting boards. Therefore, without a reliable contact edge implies, the board becomes sensitive to constant plug or unplug situations. This may lead to a malfunctioning device. At the same time, gold plating on almost all connectors helps in enhancing the durability of PCB edge connectors. However, gold comes at higher prices. Other metals like copper can work as an alternative to gold, as it offers various benefits.

Due to higher electrical conductance and higher resistance towards corrosion, gold is considered the best metal of all. Moreover, it easily allows making an alloy with cobalt or nickel, which enhances its capacity to bear overuse even after a very short period. Many experiments have been conducted to examine the ability of gold to be resistant to other metals. This shows that gold contains the lowest level of resistance among all other metals. In addition to this, gold gives a solid connection that does not allow oxidation or any interaction with other metals.

What Are Chamfering Of Edge Connector Bevelling In PCB?

The edge connector serves as the female connector. It creates a connection with the PCB contact pads, which line the edge. Just take a second and think about those PCI slots to put memory cards in and how they make easy ways to insert the car in the PCB motherboard. When the product allows hardware upgrades, then edge connectors refer to the standard interface. 

It’s a designer’s duty to ensure that the board can mate easily with a standard connector over the matting panel. And here, chamfering steps in. Make sure that the PCB mating edge connects the angle of the chamfer and tolerances that the connector manufacturer has specified. In addition to this, ensure that the manufacturing contractor must have the capability to meet all the angles of chamfer and tolerances you want.

What Are the Limitation Of Edge Connector Bevelling In PCB?

The gold finger method considers a significant technique. Unfortunately, its applications have limitations because of several reasons. For example, plated pads must come at the circuit board’s edge. As gold plating needs an electroplating method, it must make the connection that joins the frame of the panel and plated pads together. The manufacturers that create fingers with a length of about 40mm also create these plating pads. However, if you need gold fingers longer than this, then the manufacturing process becomes complex. 

However, it does not end here. You must know that the PCB edge connector’s internal layer must not contain copper. If it does contain any copper, the beveling process of the connector will expose all the copper. Moreover, other than flex PCBs, while gold plating both PCB sides, make sure the distance between both the upper and lower layers of the PCB must not exceed 150mm. At the same time, its max length must not surpass 40mm.

Moreover, the length of the gold finger may increase or decrease in some cases. It implies that pads with shorter lengths will connect vertically with the gold plating bar, a factor that may affect functionality. 

Edge Connector Bevelling – Application Of Gold Fingers


Gold fingers play a significant role in connecting two adjacent circuit boards with each other. In addition to high electrical conductivity, it protects the contact edge from overuse and enhances its durability. Gold offers various functions and features. However, gold fingers are used in many devices, and a few benefits it offers involve the following. 

The foremost use of the gold finger includes the beveling of the edge connector. Gold fingers allow easy installment of additional attachments within the PC or circuit board. 

Moreover, it is also used in interconnection points. It creates a connection between the several enhancements and the motherboard using PCI, AGP, and ISA slots. Gold fingers help in conducting signals among computers, cards in the slot, and peripheral devices.

Furthermore, it is used in external connections. It allows the creation of external connections, particularly in computerized industrial applications and machines.


The bevelling of edge connectors refers to a type of process that cuts or shapes the PCB edge connector over a specified angle. The beveled connector or PCI makes the installation of components easier. Moreover, it refers to a parameter and often requires making a perfect fitting between gold plating fingers in the board.




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