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Download & Tutorial of Easyeda Online PCB software

Introduction to EasyEDA

EasyEDA is a free and easy to use circuit design, circuit simulator and PCB design software that runs in your web browser. With EasyEDA you can design schematic diagrams, create PCB layouts, simulate circuits and order custom PCBs directly from the website.

Some of the key features of EasyEDA include:

  • Schematic editor – EasyEDA provides an intuitive schematic editor for drawing circuit diagrams. It supports common schematic symbols and you can also create custom symbols.
  • PCB editor – The built-in PCB editor allows you to design 2 layer PCBs with various track widths, pad shapes, silkscreen layers etc.
  • Circuit simulation – Using the integrated NgSpice simulator you can run simulations to verify your circuits before ordering PCBs.
  • Library – EasyEDA offers a comprehensive component library with over 500,000 parts that you can easily browse and add to your projects.
  • PCB instant quote – You can get an instant PCB fabrication quote and order boards directly from JLCPCB through EasyEDA.
  • Open source – EasyEDA is open source and available for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. The source code is hosted on GitHub.
  • Community – There is an active community forum to get help and discuss EasyEDA features.

With its easy to use interface, comprehensive features and direct PCB ordering capabilities, EasyEDA provides everything you need for DIY electronics projects. This tutorial will take you through downloading, installing and using the key features of this excellent EDA software.

Downloading and Installing EasyEDA

EasyEda to KiCad

EasyEDA runs entirely in your web browser so there is no software to install on your computer. You can access it online from the EasyEDA website at

To get started, go to and click on the “Register” button in the top right corner.

Enter your email address and choose a password to sign up for a free EasyEDA account.

Once registered, you can login to your account anytime and access all your EasyEDA projects and designs online.

The only other thing you may want to install is the EasyEDA desktop app for your operating system. This allows you to open EasyEDA in a desktop application window for convenience.

EasyEDA desktop apps are available for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can download the apps from the EasyEDA download page at

Install the app for your OS, open it up and you will see the EasyEDA editor load in a desktop window.

Now that you have EasyEDA installed, let’s look at how to use the schematic editor to design circuits.

Using the Schematic Editor

The schematic editor is the workspace where you can design and edit circuits in EasyEDA. To create a new schematic, click on the “New Schematic” icon on the left toolbar.

This will open up a blank schematic sheet with the toolbar on the left side.

The schematic editor toolbar contains all the functions you need to create your circuit diagram:

  • Components: Add components like resistors, capacitors, transistors etc. from the component library.
  • Wires: Draw connecting wires between components.
  • Text: Add text labels, notes and titles.
  • Annotations: Add input/output pins, power symbols, no connect symbols etc.
  • Tools: Advanced tools like bus, wire label, global label etc.

To place components, click the Components button and you will see the component library window open up. Browse or search for the part you need and click on it to add it to the schematic.

You can press the Escape key or click on the background to stop placing components. Use the Wires tool to connect components together.

Here is simple schematic example with a 555 timer circuit:

The schematic editor has all the features you would expect like copy/paste, undo/redo, delete, selection tool etc. Right click on components and wires to access these functions.

Once your schematic is complete, you can switch to the PCB editor to design the printed circuit board.

Creating PCB Layouts

To create the PCB layout for your schematic, click on the “Convert Project to PCB” icon in the toolbar.

This will open up the PCB editor and automatically import all the connections from your schematic.

The PCB editor works similarly to the schematic tool. All the footprint libraries, design functions and features are located in the left toolbar.

  • Footprints: Add footprints for components from the library.
  • Tracks: Draw copper tracks to route connections.
  • Text: Add text labels, values, info etc.
  • Dimensions: Add dimension lines, markers etc.
  • Shapes: Draw mechanical outlines, mounting holes etc.
  • Tools: Advanced PCB editing tools.

To place footprints, select the footprint you need from the component library window. Rotate and move the footprints to match the schematic layout.

Use the Tracks tool to connect the component pads together with copper tracks. You can set the track width and change layers while routing.

Here is an example PCB layout:

The auto router can be used to automatically route all connections. But it is recommended to manually route critical tracks for optimal layout.

Once the PCB layout is complete, you can generate fabrication files and get PCB manufacturing quotes directly within EasyEDA.

Circuit Simulation with NgSpice

PCB Antenna Layout
PCB Antenna Layout

EasyEDA integrates the open source NgSpice simulator which allows you to simulate and analyze circuits right inside the tool.

To simulate a schematic, click on the “Simulate” icon on the toolbar.

This will bring up the simulation dock on the right side with schematic symbol pins and simulation settings.

Select the input and output pins, set simulation parameters and click Run to simulate the circuit. You will see the output waveform displayed instantly.

Here is an example simulation result for a simple BJT amplifier circuit:

NgSpice is a powerful analog circuit simulator that allows you to do DC, AC, transient analysis and more. You can probe signals, run parametric simulations and even perform digital logic simulations.

Being able to simulate and verify circuits before ordering PCBs helps avoid errors and saves a lot of prototyping time and effort.

Generating Gerber Files

Once your PCB design is complete, you can generate the Gerber files required for fabrication directly within EasyEDA.

Click on the “Generate Fabrication File” icon in the PCB editor toolbar.

In the dialog box, select the PCB color, thickness and layers required. Make sure to check “Include Drills” option. Then click Generate.

This will generate a zip file with all the Gerber and drill files needed to fabricate your PCB design. The zip file contains:

  • Top, Bottom, Inner copper layers
  • Silkscreen layers
  • Solder mask layers
  • Drill files
  • Board outline file
  • Position (centroid) file

You can save the zip file and upload it to any PCB manufacturer for fabrication.

Ordering PCBs from JLCPCB

One of the best features of EasyEDA is the ability to instantly order custom PCBs from JLCPCB right from within the tool itself.

JLCPCB is one of the most popular and affordable PCB manufacturers, especially well known for their SMT assembly service.

To order PCBs, click on the “Generate Fabrication File” icon first to generate the Gerber zip file.

Next click the “Order at JLCPCB” button and you will see the Order page load up with your design ready for purchase!

JLCPCB offers a wide range of PCB options to choose from including:

  • Number of PCBs needed
  • Different materials like FR4, Rogers, Flex PCBs etc.
  • PCB thickness
  • PCB color
  • Copper thickness
  • Via process
  • Lead time
  • Special requirements like impedance control or HAL

You can select the options as per your requirements and you will get the instand fabrication quote on your screen.

Once you are satisfied with the options, you can go ahead and place the order! The PCBs will get manufactured at JLCPCB and shipped directly to you in a few days.

This seamless integration with JLCPCB ordering makes prototype PCB fabrication super quick and easy. You can go from design to PCBs in hand in less than a week!

EasyEDA PCB Assembly

In addition to PCB fabrication, EasyEDA also allows you to easily order assembled PCBs from JLCPCB through their SMT Assembly service.

To order assembled PCBs, click on the “Order at JLCPCB” button and check the “SMT Assembly” option:

You can upload your component BOM file and JLCPCB will handle the entire PCB assembly process including:

The assembled PCBs will be shipped to you fully tested and working, ready for your project.

This end-to-end electronics manufacturing service makes EasyEDA a very powerful prototyping tool.

EasyEDA Open Source Model

One of the nice things about EasyEDA is that it is completely open source!

The full source code for EasyEDA is hosted on GitHub at and published under GPL v3.0 and LGPL v2.1 licenses.

Anyone can download the code, contribute to the project and self host their own EasyEDA server if needed.

The open source model has helped build an active community around EasyEDA development and new features. Users can provide feedback, raise issues and even directly contribute code to add enhancements.

For makers and engineers who value open tools, EasyEDA is an excellent open source EDA platform.

EasyEDA Community and Support

As an open source project, EasyEDA has benefited from an engaged community of users and contributors.

The main discussion forum is available at You can find thousands of posts on various topics like software help, electronics design advice, PCB reviews and announcements.

It’s a great place to get any EasyEDA related questions answered or just participate in community discussions.

There is also documentation available at that covers the basics of using EasyEDA for beginners.

For additional help, you can contact EasyEDA support through the Support Page. The team is very responsive to user questions.

The active forums, documentation and helpful support staff make EasyEDA an ideal tool for learning PCB design.


EasyEDA provides a full suite of EDA tools for circuit design, PCB layout, circuit simulation and manufacturing – all available for free online.

Some of the key benefits of EasyEDA:

  • Intuitive and easy to use schematic and PCB editors
  • Comprehensive component libraries with 500k+ parts
  • Integrated NgSpice simulator for circuit simulation
  • Open source software with active community support
  • Seamless PCB manufacturing through JLCPCB integration
  • End-to-end PCB assembly service available

With its combination of excellent features, convenient online access, open source model and great community support, EasyEDA delivers an unmatched electronics design experience.

Both beginners and experienced engineers can benefit from using EasyEDA for their projects and enjoy the process of going from design idea to finished PCB product.

Hopefully this tutorial gave you a good overview of getting started with EasyEDA. Try it out today and experience the convenience of browser based PCB design!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common FAQs about EasyEDA:

1. Is EasyEDA really free to use?

Yes, EasyEDA is completely free to use for schematic design, PCB layout, circuit simulation and even generating fabrication files. You can use it without any restrictions in your browser.

The only payment needed is when you actually order manufactured PCBs from JLCPCB through the EasyEDA integration. But the tool itself does not cost anything.

2. What are the layers supported in EasyEDA?

The PCB Editor supports up to 2 copper layers, along with silkscreen, soldermask, outline, drill layers etc. So you can design simple dual layer boards well suited for hobby and prototype use.

For more complex multi-layer boards, other paid EDA tools will be required. But EasyEDA works very well for basic 2 layer boards.

3. Can I export designs from EasyEDA?

Yes, EasyEDA allows export to common file formats:

  • Schematics can be exported to PNG, JPG, PDF and netlist files.
  • PCB Layouts can be exported to PNG, JPG, Gerber RS-274X, DXF, BOM files etc.

This allows you to use the designs outside EasyEDA if required.

4. Does EasyEDA offer version control or collaboration features?

Currently there is no built-in version control or collaborative editing in EasyEDA. The designs are saved in your personal account workspace.

But since it is open source, developers could potentially contribute plugins to enable Git version control integration in the future.

5. How is EasyEDA licensed?

The EasyEDA source code is licensed under GPL v3.0 for maximum open source freedom. This means you are free to even create commercial closed source derivatives.

The digital content like component libraries use the more restrictive LGPL v2.1 license. This ensures the libraries remain open.

So in summary, EasyEDA provides very liberal licensing for full OSS benefits.

More Facts on EasyEDA PCB

When it comes to designing, you need the right tool. Nobody wants to encounter difficulty while designing for clients. The issue is mostly with getting the right software application or tool for designing. If you want to use an easy online design tool, what comes to your mind? For project management, graphic design, architectural designs, and town planning, you need a strong and powerful PCB drawing, design, and development tool.

You don’t have to bother any longer if you are facing challenges with your design. All you need is an EasyEDA tool. This tool is essential for your design and is quite accessible. If you are skeptical about becoming a pro at designing, it is because you do not have an EasyEDA tool. This article shall address everything you need to know about this circuit simulator. If your question is: “Does EasyEDA help with design effectively?” Yes, it does. Interestingly, it is not just for any type of design.

What Does EasyEDA Do?

EasyEDA is a tool that helps with designing. This tool is specifically designed for engineers, architects, and everyone working in the field of designs. This tool runs on the web and is backed up by EDA. The EasyEDA tool guarantees hardware engineer effective designs.

What is an EDA?

In case you are wondering what an EDA is, let us get to explain what it means. EDA stands for Electronic Design Automation. This tool aids design on the computer or any system. An EDA has to do with a group of some software or programming tool that aids or maintains every other application. The EDA helps in designing any kind of integrated circuit which is in relation to an electronic system. Not only is it used for integrated circuits, but it can also be used for PCB designs. In a nutshell, an EDA is a designing tool.

Having understood what an EDA means, it is paramount to discuss more on EasyEDA. EasyEDA is a web running tool that helps any engineer to simulate schematics without restrictions. Engineers work on the electrical diagram. With EasyEDA, the circuit diagram can reveal the real connections in the electrical design of any work. The circuit diagram basically is used for any PCB layout. This implies that for your PCB layout, the EasyEDA makes your design faster and easier.

More Facts On EasyEDA

EasyEDA tutorial

While you get to know the capability of this tool, also note that it is available in various languages. This will aid better results. EasyEDA tool is available in German, Japanese, French, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, and English among other languages.

This is an EDA software that helps with creating any schematic image or diagram. That is why hardware engineers mostly use it. Not only does it allow you to create diagrams, but it also enables its editing. This in a way makes the work less cumbersome. It could also help in the innovative creation of any kind of billing materials. It is essential for some important outputs you find in PNG formats.

EasyEDA has digital platforms such as Windows, macOS, and Linux where it runs or operates maximally. It is noteworthy that this is commercial software. It is very good for any kind of schematic capture. It aids the circuit diagram to become better with the PCB design.

This tool has a lot of amazing features. These features help its running on the web. This is a form of an integrated web tool that works with SPICE stimulation of any circuit.

Features Of EasyEDA Tool

SPICE library: Out of its numerous features, the EasyEDA has a SPICE library that expands. The model library has the capability to become large in its scope. It has about 10,000 libraries for the public. Among the public libraries are the footprint and symbol libraries. It also has the footprint edit.

Drawing Capabilities: This tool is a designing one. Not only is it good for designing. It also has drawing capabilities. This comes in a very easy, smooth, accessible, friendly, and simple way. It is a very powerful tool for general and automatic drawing capabilities.

Script Support: This is one of the amazing features of this tool. EasyEDA provides everyone with a script support mechanism.

Reliability: Everyone wants a truly reliable tool. You do not want a situation where you get stuck on the web. This tool has the capability to work anywhere. That makes its accessibility top-notch. Not only does it work anywhere, it also works anytime. It is not a tool that stops working at a particular period of the day.

Schematic Capture: It is important to elaborately discuss more on this. This tool has a schematic module with SPICE models that run effectively. It has the Netlist export for Pads, Spice, FreePCB, and others. Also, it has the capacity for documentation export such as SVG, PDF, and PNG at all times. It has BOM export capability too. It has a photo view, 3D view, Auto Router, and documents recovery memory.

Other features of this tool are; PCB fabrication, purchase chain for various components, API provision, and DRC which is for the design rules.

Designing With EasyEDA Tool Explained

EasyEDA Software is very important for every budding designer. Engineers know the importance of using this tool. This tool comes with a simple sketching panel. It saves a lot of time because of the naming quality system it possesses. You can design any PCB with the aid of the EasyEDA tool.

While designing, you can click on the new schematic. However, before that, you must have clicked on the new project file. There is always a connection with the component in each image. While the design progresses, it is paramount to organize the components.

You organize each component as influenced by the available image. Ratsnest is what the blue lines are referred to. The Auto Router helps you to check the image during your design process. You also ensure you save the fabrication output during your design. Also, remember to download and save your Gerber documents. Afterwards share it on the fabricator.

More On EasyEDA – What You Probably Haven’t Heard Before

EasyEDA is a very good tool for PCB design. This free tool gives all users some unique experience that makes them enjoy the act of designing. EasyEDA Online tool is being updated daily and it keeps getting better for users.

EasyEDA Tutorial is available in PDF format for every learner of design techniques. Interestingly, the version is simple to comprehend. There is a free membership available for the public. This is garnered towards learning. The moment one registers, there’s room for downloading the Gerber documents. The files do not attract any charges. Optionally, some printable PCB design diagrams are available in either PDF or PNG formats. One can both publicly and privately share PCB designs. For the simulations, it involves the application of the conceptual model. This tool aids learning ability in people to understand what model the simulation represents.

One can also import libraries. This helps with the designs. One thing is that EasyEDA helps with direct links that take you to not less than 100,000 real-time features available at the LCSC. The team collaboration of this tool is also great. One can create some spice simulations backed up by the circuit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are Those Who Can Access EasyEDA?

Some are of the opinion that only specific professionals can use this tool. That is not the case. As long as you are enthusiastic about learning design, you can use this tool to your advantage. It is an EDA tool for hardware engineers ( they use it mostly), designers, interior designers, graphic designers, teachers, parents, filmmakers, 3D enthusiasts, students, and media practitioners.

Do I Need To Install My Software Application Before Usage?

Some people cannot use this tool without installing any kind of software. The good thing is that you do not have to necessarily install any kind of software before you can use this tool. Basically, all you need for the effectiveness of the tool is to open an EasyEDA in your available HTML5 powerful browser. It must be a supported browser for it to run well.

Is EasyEDA Free?

Many people are skeptical that a tool like EasyEDA could be free. The fact is the developers have made provision for the free usage of the tool. The notable features of this tool can be accessed by everyone free of charge. However, there is room for payment of subscriptions to EasyEDA. This is based on a monthly basis.


The EasyEDA tool is simple to use. It is a free tool that helps your design come out successfully. With the circuit design, you can have any design of your choice. It is also important to keep using the tool till you have gained mastery of it. Users should note that there is a daily update on the Easy EDA Software. This is to help the tool work better and become advanced. Getting a tutorial will accelerate your learning. EasyEDA tool is also for children because it has the basics tools for them.




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