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What Does the Eagle PCB Design Software Offer?

The backbone of all electronics out there is the printed circuit board. They are not as flashy as microprocessors, neither are they abundant just like the resistors, but they are very important to make all the circuit’ components connect together the right way.

Here at RayMing, we love PCB design and this is the kind of information we really wish to spread. This skill is beneficial to electronics enthusiasts of all calibers. With this and a whole lot of tutorials, we will teach you what eagle PCB design is.

Before we go into details, let’s explain to you the various reasons why you should use Eagle for your PCB design. Please read on to understand better.

What are the Features of the Eagle PCB Design Software?

With the eagle PCB design software, you can breathe life into all electronic inventions with a full set of editing tools, community-driven features, and library content

Schematic Editor

The schematic editor includes the spice simulator, electronic rule checking and design blocks. For the spice calculator, you can test ideas quickly and validate the performance of the circuit with methods of SPICE simulation.

For modular design blocks, you can drag and drop them between projects, and then complete them with synchronized PCB circuitry and schematic. With electronic rule checking, you can validate that specific design with different electronic rule checks to ensure that the schematic remains on track.

 PCB Layout editor

Here, we have the design synchronization in real time, where all changes remain in sync automatically between your PCB layout and schematic.

Also present here are alignment tools. This helps in arranging and ordering the objects of your online PCB design with a set of tools. Lastly, we have push routing, where you stick to all the design rules.

Also present are new routing engine, design rule checking, and obstacle avoidance routing

PCB Library Content

Here you have managed online libraries which are set for the next design. Also, we have 3D PCB models. Furthermore, 3D models that are accurate ensure that the PCB fits in the very first time. Lastly, we have complete components which include parametrics, 3D model, footprints, and symbols.

Online PCB Community

This community includes user language programs, which enhances capabilities and usability. Also present in the online PCB community is fusion 360 integration, and one-click make.

Why Choose the Eagle PCB Design Software?

EAGLE is known as PCB CAD software. Now, the question is what makes this software so unique or special. Below are some of the reasons why the Eagle PCB Design Software is best for you.

It is lightweight

EAGLE requires anywhere between 50 and 200 MB disk space in contrast to the over 10 gig that may be required for some other advanced tools. Furthermore, its installer is like 25 mb. Therefore, you can download and install it in minutes.


Another great benefit of EAGLE is that it is a cross-platform. It has the ability to run on Linux, Mac, and even Windows. This feature is not what other softwares for PCB design can boast of.

Community support

In the PCB community, EAGLE is surely one of the most appreciated tools for the design of printed circuit boards. If you wish to study an Arduino board’s design or import a well-known sensor in your design, its sure that someone has already achieved this using EAGLE and has gone ahead to share it.

Low or free cost

EAGLE has a freeware version that offers the necessary utility in designing almost all printed circuit boards. However, if you wish to upgrade to a higher plan (that’s if you desire making some profit from your design), then this costs about two orders less compared to other high-end tools.

Limitations of the Eagle PCB Design Software

For sure, the EAGLE PCB design software comes with its own drawbacks. Stronger design tools may boast of a more effective autorouter, as well as nifty tools such as 3D viewers, programmers, and stimulators. However, we believe that EAGLE has all you need to design any simple as well as intermediate printed circuit board. If you are new to PCB design, EAGLE is also a great place to begin.

Control Panel of the EAGLE PCB Design Tool

Just like the majority of programs, EAGLE also installs. This download file is an executable one. All you need to do is to open it and follow the instructions for the installation. One favorite thing concerning EAGLE is its free use. This is a learning license, which is useful by individuals for non-commercial, personal use.

When you open EAGLE at first, you will see the Control Panel view. This control panel is known as EAGLE’s homebase. This links together all the software’s other modules.

The control panel has six different trees which you can explore. Each highlights different functions of this software.

Design Rules

These are the rules, which the board design has to meet, before you are able to send it off for fabrication.  Present in the tree are DRU files; these are predefined rules.


This section stores parts. These are known as a combination of PCB footprint and schematic symbols. These libraries are usually made up of some related parts.

Scripts (SCR)

These files are useful for the customization of the user interface. In just one click, it is possible for you to assign some key bindings, as well as set your desired color scheme.


In the projects section, you can organize your projects in one project folder. These projects have to do with board design, schematic, as well as Gerber files.

CAM Jobs

You can use the CAM processor in opening up these CAM jobs. This is to help in creating the Gerber files.

ULPs (User Language Programs)

ULPs are the scripts that are written in the User Language of EAGLE. You can use it in automating processes such as graphic importation and generating BOM (bill of materials).


By now, you must have gained much knowledge why eagle PCB design is great for your PCB needs. It has a lot of great features and it is good for those new to pcb design.

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