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Does the Impedance Control line Increase the Cost of the PCB Board?

impedance control line

Does the Impedance Control line Increase the Cost of the PCB Board? Yes, it will increase the manufacturing cost for your PCB design. However, there are 3 major elements that you can control the PCB manufacturing cost:

1. Configuration

First, consider the PCB size. When the PCB size is too large, the printed lines are long, the impedance is increased, the noise resistance is reduced, and the cost is also increased; if the size is too small, the heat dissipation is not good, and adjacent lines are susceptible to interference. After determining the PCB size, determine the location of the special component. Finally, according to the functional unit of the circuit, all the electronic components of the circuit are laid out.

2. Wiring

pcb brain

The principles of wiring are as follows:

1) The wires used at the input and output terminals should be avoided as far as possible. It is best to add the ground wire between the wires to avoid feedback.

2) The minimum circuit width is mainly determined by the adhesion strength between the wire and the insulating base and the current flowing through them

3)  The curved corner of the printed conductor generally takes a circular arc shape, and the right angle or angle affects the electrical performance in the high frequency circuit. In addition, try to avoid using large areas of copper foil, otherwise it will easily cause the copper foil to expand and fall off when heated for a long time. When a large area of copper foil is used, it is preferable to use a grid shape. This is advantageous in eliminating volatile gases generated by the heat of the adhesive between the copper foil and the substrate.

3.  Pad

 pcb pad

The pad center hole (in-line device) is slightly larger than the device lead diameter. The pad is too large to form a solder joint. The pad outer diameter D is generally not less than (d + 1.2) mm, where d is the lead aperture. For high-density digital circuits, the minimum pad diameter can be (d + 1.0) mm.

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