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Using DGP20E24T5/15’s DC DC Converter with Isolated Module for High-Performance Applications

DGP20E24T5/15 is a DGP20 series of DC DC Converters from the stable of Bel Power Solutions. The manufacturer made it into an isolated module; a module that further enhances the converter’s performance.

In this article, we will share with you, some of the important attributes of this DC DC Converter.

What is a DC DC Converter?

First, let us start with an understanding of how a DC DC Converter works. A DC DC Converter is a type of device used to change the direct current voltage input level of an Integrated Circuit (IC) into another that has a direct current voltage output level.

By making this change, it enables the converter to optimize the performance of the target applications or devices, as per the required levels (output or input).

DGP20E24T5/15 is based on the DGP20 series of DC DC Converters manufactured by Bel Power Solutions.

The DC DC Converters in this series are known for the following:

1. Extended Input Voltage

The DGP20 DC DC Converter series use an extended input voltage, with a ratio of 2:1. This allows for the extended or improved operations of the converter to interface with multiple resources. These varieties of resources can be anywhere between 9 and 72 volts.

2. The Tri-Output Design

DGP20E24T5/15’s architecture is based on a triple output model; a model that allows for the converter’s improved functions via the high-performance 20-watt triple output.

Considerations for the Performance

Although DGP20E24T5/15 is rated a high-performance DC DC Converter, it does rely on certain parameters to get to that level.

By default, it doesn’t necessarily need an external capacitance, but you want to consider that under a special circumstance.

If you are looking at getting the most maximum performance possible, it is worth it to use a capacitor with the DGP20E24T5/15. That way, you would be able to derive sufficient ripple current capacity, which is typically connected across the converter’s input pins.

Likewise, DGP20E24T5/15 doesn’t necessarily need an external output capacitance. However, considerations for this are to be made if there is a need to further reduce the system noise.

System Flexibility

DGP20E24T5/15 is one of the most flexible DC DC Converters you can come across. The system’s flexibility is derivable from the up to 11 watts of cubic inch for the power densities.

Increased Noise Filtration

DGP20E24T5/15 supports noise reduction during operation. However, there is also a chance to further the reduction, especially along the lines of filtration.

To do that, an additional output capacitance is to be added to work alongside the existing 10µF of tantalum and up to 0.1µF of ceramic capacitance.

To that end, it is possible to add up to 400µF of additional tantalum, just to filter the noise further.

DGP20E24T5/15 has Remote Operation

DGP20E24T5/15 is a DC DC Converter with remote operation, especially for supporting the On and the Off operations.

The Remote ON/OFF operation is one of the key mechanisms in the converter’s low-power operation, as it can be used to switch the voltages. For example, the Remote ON/OFF operation/pin can be pulled down to the -INPUT to activate the low-power drain state.

While making the switch, make sure that the pin doesn’t have more than +8 volts or be above 0.3 volts below the -INPUT.

Technical Properties

Here are some of the technical properties or attributes of this DC DC Converter, as represented in a table:

Voltage – input (minimum to maximum)18 volts to 36 volts
Operating Temperature (minimum to maximum)Between 55˚C and 100˚C
Type of DC DC ConverterIsolated Module
Typical ApplicationsITE (Commercial uses)
Current Voltage (maximum)Between 2.5A and 250mA.
Mounting StyleThrough-Hole Technology (THT)
Number of Outputs3
Package/Case7-DIP Module
Power Rating (in Watts)20 Watts
Types of Supported Controlled FeaturesEnable, Active High
Voltage (Output) 15 volts
Voltage (Output) 2 and 315 volts
Core FeaturesSCP, Remote On/Off and OVP
Voltage (Isolation)700 volts

DGP20E24T5/15’s Isolated Module: What Is It?

An Isolated Module, according to DigiKey, helps in regulating the electrical separation of input and output voltages – which is what the DGP20E24T5/15 DC DC Converter does.

By creating the isolation, the isolated module helps to prevent the presence of a direct conduction path of metallic property between the two circuit parts (input and output).

Thus, if you are not sure of the relevance to the DGP20E24T5/15 DC DC Converter, here are some of the benefits:

3. Noise Segmentation

Although DGP20E24T5/15 uses an external output capacitance for noise filtration and reduction, it does have some other ways of getting around it.

The isolated module plays an important role in this regard, through the breaking up of the ground loops. This activity leads to the separation of the circuit parts that are more susceptible to noise.

4. DGP20E24T5/15’s Isolated Module Offers Different Levels of Isolation

The isolation of the input and the output voltages is the basic process. The isolated module also extends the isolation to the application’s protection, whereby it prevents the isolated circuit parts from posing danger.

For example, it has what is called the Reinforced Insulation. This type of insulation offers double protection for the isolated circuit parts.

There is the Operational or Functional Insulation; an isolated module that doesn’t offer shock protection, but makes up for that by offering operational security.

The Basic and Supplementary Insulation methods are also on the list. The former works by offering a single layer of insulation, which also offers shock protection. The latter, supplementary insulation, is ideal for adding more redundancy to the basic insulation model.

However, using the isolated module may come with some trade-offs, especially size-wise. The size of the module is higher than the other variant (the non-isolated module). Thus, it tends to take up more spaces in the target applications or circuit boards.


DGP20E24T5/15’s combination of the extended input voltage range and the high-performance, 20-watt triple output combine to give the converter a higher operating voltage.

Now that you know about some of the properties, make sure that the application or use case is either for telecom consumer electronics or battery-powered applications. That is because those two are the major use cases for the DGP20E24T5/15 DC DC Converter.