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Top 5 Best Desoldering Gun to Buy in 2023

Desoldering is removing solder from circuit boards to repair or replace them. The procedure entails heating the glue, removing the component or wire, and then cleaning off any leftover solder that is still adhered to the circuit board. The core concept is simple.

Although desoldering may appear easy in theory, it frequently takes a lot of practice to become proficient. The best tip is to ensure that all the solder is removed from a hole at once. To desolder, a variety of tools are available.

A desoldering pump/solder sucker, a desoldering bulb, & an electric vacuum desoldering pump in the shape of a pencil or gun are the most efficient desoldering equipment. Desoldering can also be done with the help of particular alloys and desoldering wire, commonly known as solder wick.

For this reason, taking into account the three following crucial factors will help you select the ideal desoldering pump that satisfies your needs.

· Type of solder

You must consider how often you will use a solder sucker before choosing which one to buy. Will it be used often or occasionally for work-related purposes in an industrial environment? This will help you choose the solder sucker type that best meets your requirements.

Making the proper solder sucker selection can increase productivity and result in cost savings.

· Material and construction

Best Desoldering Gun

It is also necessary to consider the pump’s strength and manufacturing quality. Choosing a pump with solid materials and a well-thought-out design will ensure that it can survive heavy use and function for a very long period

· Sucker tip

The suction tips must also be considered to finish. The part of the pump that makes contact with the hot solder is its tip. As a result, the pump’s tip may come into contact with the soldering iron’s tip.

And finally, it makes sense to use a healthy tip with heat resistance. It can also be advantageous to have an additional tube in the packaging that can be used to change the suction tip.

Here is a list of suggested tools to aid your search for the best solder sucker for specific requirements. To decide if a product is right for you, consider its advantages and disadvantages. You may learn more about the properties of solder cleanup tools in-depth in the purchase guide as well. 

1. Anesty ZD-915 Station – Desoldering Gun

The first item on our list of suggestions is the Anesty Pro Station. This station has received excellent ratings and reviews, and for your convenience, it includes a US-based power cord.

On our list of suggested tools, the Anesty Pro Station comes in first. It has a typical design with such a vacuum-based heating element and is renowned for its effective performance. Although it was made primarily for lead-free desoldering, this desoldering station can also remove solder from the other DIP components. It also includes a US-based power cable, which makes it a highly regarded and recommended option for your desoldering requirements

The 0.1 millimeter tip of the Anesty Pro station makes it perfect for usage on small circuit boards and compatible with all PCB board types.

Whether single-sided or double-sided soldered PCB boards, the Anesty Pro tation features a convenient one-handed operation and a compelling suction capability that can remove even the most complex soldered circuits.

The automatic trigger control through a processor and a heating element made of PTC material are two aspects of the Anesty Pro station. A sensor is included in the gun’s tip, enabling rapid and accurate temperature adjustment.

A 60-day cash-back guarantee is included with this machine in addition to a one-year manufacturer’s warranty that is effective from the date of purchase. Additionally, it provides customer care around the clock, making it an excellent option for users.


  • Lead-free desoldering station of the highest caliber, with rave reviews 
  • has a big tip measuring 0.1mm, allowing for precision work on complex circuits 
  • Easy one-handed removal of solder through one or two-sided soldering apparatus – 
  • A desoldering machine with an automated trigger that is microprocessor-controlled 
  • A temperature sensor is included in the gun’s tip for quick and precise temperature control. 
  • Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, and available 24/7 customer assistance.

2. Yihua Desoldering Gun 


A unique 2-in-1 device, the YIHUA Safe serves as both a solder station and a unit. This machine is a need for your workbench, with power ratings of 60 watts for the soldering unit and 80 watts for the station.

A unique 2-in-1 device that functions as both the soldering station & the station is the YIHUA. This small machine is an improved model with a PID for adjustable control of temperature and has power ratings of 60 watts for the solder station and Eighty watts for the station. The PID tracks or detects real-time temperature modifications with extreme speed and accuracy.

With its straightforward switching mechanism, the YIHUA is readily convertible from the station to the soldering station. The tool will immediately detect the change and correct itself if the handle is removed and the iron handles are attached.

A machine that functions as both a soldering station and a station, the YIHUA is user-friendly and straightforward to use. The device delivers excellent efficiency and accuracy thanks to its precise temperature tracking features and customizable temperature control capabilities. You may switch between the soldering and methods on the machine thanks to a straightforward switching mechanism. The device also has an innovative auto-sleep mode that automatically switches it off when it is not used. From the purchase date, this gadget is protected by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, with support provided in the USA.


  • Soldering & desoldering stations in one device 
  • PID with programmable control of temperature is present. 
  • User-friendly
  • soldering and desoldering power ratings of 80 and 60W, respectively, 
  • includes a wide range of attachments, such as silicone pads, filter pipes, and cleaning pins. 
  • It contains a manufacturer warranty for one year after the purchase date.

3. Newacalox Gun – Desoldering Station

A potent 858D microcontroller, included in the Newacalox desoldering station, quickly raises the station’s temperature to the desired level in just 3 to 5 sec.

The temperature range of the Newacalox desoldering station is 100°C to 500°C, and it is easily adjustable using the 858D microcontroller. In 3 to 5 seconds, the device heats up, and its digital LED panel shows the temperature. The progressive temperature increase reduces the risk of thermal shock and maintains a constant temperature for soldering jobs.

A storage temperature function on the station helps you to save time by having it automatically heat to the pre-set temperature each time you switch it on. This function eliminates the have to reset the station’s temperature every time you use it.

A heat-dissipating system that automatically cools the desoldering station effectively absorbs heat, extending the heater’s and heat gun’s useful life. Thanks to brushless fan technology, it runs softly with a level of noise under 45 decibels. The desoldering station’s long-lasting performance is ensured by its silent operation.

This desoldering station’s precise temperature control function enables the safe removal of BGA ICs without harming the pins. But blowing off the PCB is impossible due to the station’s dependable and secure architecture. You can efficiently work on various parts, like BGA, CHIP, PLCC, SOIC,& QFP, with the help of this desoldering station.


  • a desoldering gun with a power rating of 700 watts 
  • a 100°C to 500°C temperature range that is adjustable 
  • Three to five seconds is the short heating period needed to reach the desired temperature. 
  • LED display with information 
  • Brushless operation for longer lifespan and whisper-quiet operation 
  • 120 cm convenient handle length

4. Aoyue 701A++ Gun or Desoldering Station 

This item is another product from the Aoyue company, the Aoyue. The Aoyue was previously mentioned, but the A++ has a double function and uses less power. A absorber of smoke is also part of this type.

The 701A++, which has a digital design and a 24V output, gives safety against damage of circuit-level while soldering. It uses only 70W of power, which makes it both practical and secure to use.

A full complement of accessories is also included with the Aoyue 701 A++, such as a cleaning gel, cleaning pin, cleaning drill, filter caps, spring filters, filter pads, desoldering tips, & more. Furthermore, it comes with a 1-year guarantee that begins on the day of buy.


  • Wires can be soldered and desoldered using the same tool. 
  • Seventy watts of power are used. 
  • built-in soldering smoke absorption 
  • Digital LCD for use in a room 
  • It contains a full complement of accessories, including cleaning pins, filters, gel, filter pads, & extra tips. 
  • It offers a 1-year guarantee from the purchase date.

5. Anesty LCD Gun – Desoldering Station

Circuit board solder iron
Circuit board solder iron

The final Anesty product is here. However, each of these serves a unique purpose.

This gadget has a strong 120-volt output and is a digitally desoldering tool. It can use 140 watts of electricity during soldering and comes with a flexible tube and heat-resistant power wire for safety. It can complete all DIP component soldering and desoldering chores and is made explicitly for lead-free desoldering.

This device’s desoldering pump is made of a premium PCB ceramic heater & heat-resistant glass, which adds to its sturdiness, robustness, and longevity. This vacuum desoldering machine functions effectively with a constant temperature range of 160°C to 480°C. With its tremendous power, it can heat up quickly, achieving its maximum temperature of 480°C in less than one minute.

Additionally, for your convenience, the temperature settings may be quickly swapped between Celsius and Fahrenheit, and specific buttons enable temperature adjustment. The soldering gun has a pistol grip, and a microprocessor controls it, making it secure and comfortable to hold.

It may be used for various tasks, including electronic research, teaching, production, do-it-yourself projects, and home repairs. Desoldering and fixing electronic gadgets benefit from it.

This station comes with a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee from Anesty and a Thirty-day no-questions-asked return period commencing from purchase date.


  • Features one-handed use, making it possible to remove solder from single- or double-soldering equipment effectively. 
  • convenient to clean, maintain, disassemble, and reassemble 
  • crafted from premium components and featuring an LCD
  • Offers a 160 – 480°C temperature range, with simple °C to °F conversion. 
  • 30-day free return period and a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee 
  • It contains a full complement of accessories 
  • Rapid heating qualities that enable quick achievement of the necessary temperature 
  • has a digital LCD panel that shows operating information.


The Amnesty work in the region station stands out as the best option among all the avoidable stations we’ve spoken about today. It comes with a precise 0.1mm tip and one-handed operation. It has received good reviews and ratings. It is one of the top desoldering stations offered by internet purchase and comes with a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee, excellent 24-hour customer service, and a Sixty-day return period.

Our selection is now complete. Your opinions are much appreciated. Have you found the list to be helpful? Any queries concerning the entries or solder in general? If so, don’t hesitate to do so in a remark, and we’ll get back to you right away.




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