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Considerations for the Manufacturing Processes of Flex-PCB

The production processes of the flex FPC board is actually similar to the process of the rigid PCB board.

For some processes, due to the soft characteristics of flexible FPC requirements and rigid PCB board has a completely different treatment method, so most flexible printed circuit boards are used in a negative way. In the manufacture of FPC soft line, the processing and cleaning of flex-PCB is more important than the treatment of rigid PCB board. Incorrect cleaning or violation of procedures can lead to subsequent failure in product manufacturing, which is determined by the sensitivity of the materials used in flex-PCB board, and flexible printed circuits play an important role in the manufacturing processes.

FPC Manufacturing flow chart

The substrate material is affected by various factors, the bottom copper is also damaged at the same time, and the extension part ensures maximum flexibility.

The single-sided flexible circuit board has been produced and cleaned at least three times, while the multi-layer FPC has to be cleaned at least 3-6 times due to its more complex design. Rigid multi-layer PCBs also require the same number of cleaning times, but its FR4 support is stronger and the probability of problems is less likely to occur.And won’t affect the test.