Circuit Board Assembly

Rayming PCB-Assembly


We assemble your PCBs with electronic components in SMT (surface mount technology), in the conventional THT wave soldering process (through hole technology), in a combination of both processes, the new THR process (through hole reflow). All soldering processes can be performed with both lead-free solders and solders containing lead. We would be happy to take care of the complete material procurement for you.


1.24-hour circuit board assembly service
2.Parts list preparation and documentation service
3.Cost-effective material procurement by means of purchasing synergies in the Rayming company
4.SMD assembly of fine-pitch components (e.g. BGA, QFN, QFP, MicroSpeed connector)
5.Handling components susceptible to moisture (moisture sensitive level ≥ 3)
6.Automated optical inspection (AOI) of SMD assemblies
7.THT circuit board assembly (wave soldering)
8.Soldering processes free of or containing lead
9.Production and check of the assemblies as per IPC-A610 class 2
10.Prototypes, small and medium series up to about 1,000 assemblies per batch
11.SMD Assembly EquipmentS


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