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Quality Assurance

PCB high quality control
The aim of the RayMing’s quality assurance work is a zero defect product with on time delivery. In order to achieve this we work both pro-actively and re-actively. This approach is standardised and carried out by the Factory Management organization.

factory production – process control
All of our factories are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. We monitor factory management systems as part of our audit.

Annual audit
Our annual audit covers eight different areas:

  1. Quality and environmental management systems
  2. Sub supplier management and material sourcing
  3. Material and warehouse management
  4. Production processes and process control
  5. Order, delivery and warehouse control
  6. Complaints handling process
  7. Production Facility – maintenance, machines, lab, etc
  8. Automotive

In the event of deviations, the factory implements corrective actions, which are then followed up by the RayMing Company on site