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PCB Layer

rigid PCB up to 36 layer Rigid PCB up to 36 layer


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PCB Prototypes
Short Runs
Medium Runs
Long Runs

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Rigid Printed Circuit Board Capabilities


Max Number of PCB Layers: Up to 36 Layers
Max Circuit Board Size: 21"x 24" (533.4 x 609.6) (Special Size ,Pls contact us ,Led length up to 1500mm)
Min Trace/Space: 3 mil (0.0762mm)
Min Mechanical Drill Size: 8mil (0.20mm)
Min Laser Drill Size: 3 mil (0.0762mm)
Max Inner Copper: 5oz
Max Outer Copper: 11 oz
Controlled Impedance +/-7%
Blind / Buried Vias
Material: FR4, FR4 High Tg, Aluminum, Rogers, Arlon, etc.
Surface: Lead Solder (HASL), Lead Free Solder(HASL – LF), ENIG, Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin, OSP, Hard Gold, Flash Gold, etc.

RoHS Compliant
Class II & Class III
UL certified
ISO 9001
Free E-test on Every Board

We not only produce PCB Prototypes, small and medium-volume printed circuit baords is also no problem. We can make up to 48 Multilayer PCB, Min. Hole Size 6mil, Min. line width/space 4mil.Welcome to send your Gerber files