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What are Box Build Assemblies?

The box build assembly involves all other assembly works that are involved in electromechanical assembly. This is asides from producing printed circuit boards. In addition, the box build can be at times called “systems integration.”

In this article, we will be considering what box build assembly is, what wire harnesses are, installation of sub assemblies. Also, we will consider basic electrical safety testing, electromechanical assembly process and more.

What Does the Box Build Process Entail?

There is always a box build process for every project and this could include different complexity degrees at every step. One step may have to do with placing the PCBA (printed circuit board assembly) in a specific enclosure. Also, other subsequent steps may include a complex task. This includes the connection of the PCBA (printed circuit board assembly) to the display of the user interface.

Furthermore, the most common of all the box build assembly process are installation of the sub-assemblies, installing the other components. It also includes routing the cabling or wire harnesses, as well as fabricating the enclosures.

What are the Main Box Build Assembly Services?


Here is a list revealing the major box build assembly services. This is what you can get from an Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider:

  • product assembly
  • system level assembly
  • sub-level product assembly
  • labeling
  • packaging
  • testing
  • product configuration
  • software installation
  • warehousing
  • after-market service
  • order fulfillment
  • repair

Giving the electronics manufacturer or contract manufacturer with all the necessary details for the complete box build and product assembly will aid this manufacturer to model the box build assembly process. This box build assembly helps to serve the customer best.

What are the Ways for Shortening the Box Build Assembly Process?

In this section, we will be revealing some items, which form a very significant information. This is given to the Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider. This information regarding box build assembly can reduce the time lines of the box build assembly. It will also offer an electromechanical assembly of higher quality.

Product Dimensions

The unit’s dimensions include details regarding the weight and size of the assembly. The detail provides the EMS all the important information that will help them to make decisions concerning the way the units should be handled all through the full box build assembly process. Transportation, storage, packaging, as well as shipping are the processes, which are usually influenced and affected by the dimension information.

3D CAD Model

One important aspect of a build box process is visualizing the final product. With the help of a 3D CAD (computer-aided design) model of three dimensions, will be able to offer this type of visualization. In addition, the software packages for the 3D CAD design can be found commonly among the electronics contract manufacturers. Also, these 3D CAD tools could as well convert the computerized drawings in the build instructions. This can help to reduce the complete box build process.

The Bill of Materials (BOM)

This is surely a very important information that is given to the Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider. You can call it the ingredients, recipe or formula list. This bill of materials (BOM) assists the EMS to comprehend all the main materials and components necessary to be sourced as well as what the client will provide directly.

All the items present on the bill of materials comes with its own associated cost, procurement process, and specific purpose. In addition, this BOM must include details regarding the part description, reference designator, item number, manufacturer part number, manufacturer name, quantity, part type, package, etc.

Furthermore, the bill of materials that is well crafted could assist the Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider in anticipating the production delays. They can also establish some alternative plans to help with the box build assembly.

Prototype/Sample Unit


The full product assembly could be a very significant physical tool in planning the box build most especially when there are other information sources unavailable. Furthermore, the EMS could often take the rough prototype of the customer and then manufacture many equivalent assemblies quickly.

Also, working with a very skilled team offering electromechanical assembly can help in replicating the complete box build having a minimal documentation from beyond that sample prototype unit which the customer provides.

Use Cases for Testing

Also, the customer must identify the tests that have to be conducted when the box build assembly is ongoing. The use cases necessary for testing could include the functional tests, factory acceptance testing, and visual inspection.

With all electrical devices, one important consideration is safety. The basic testing and labeling testing software loading of all electrical systems involves the flash test and the bond test. Furthermore, experienced EMS providers will offer some guidance regarding the testing types, which has to be performed when the box build is on in optimizing the production time as well as offering an electromechanical assembly that is very safe.

Shipping and Packaging Info

When outlining the way the packaging of the final box build assembly and then shipped even before the start of the production process could offer useful planning information to your electronics manufacturer. The detail lets the EMS make the right decisions regarding the management of the units. Also, this goes through the complete box build assembly process in optimizing the speed of the box build.

Starting from the Box Build

The simple and complex box build assembly usually depends on severe requirements gathering. Also, when there is much information to discuss with your electronics manufacturer all through the phase of planning could lead to a safer, higher quality, and faster product.

Rayming PCB & Assembly is focused at developing different custom box build processes, which stands out or are in line with the customer’s objectives. Also, Rayming pcb & assembly makes use of some manufacturing techniques for all the processes and operations in realizing the most appropriate electronic box assemblies.


The box build assembly involves all other assembly works that are involved in electromechanical assembly, asides from producing printed circuit boards. There is always a box build process for every project and this could include different complexity degrees at every step.




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