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    ENIPIG is Electroless Nickel Immersion Palladium Immersion Gold,  is different from ENIG ( Nickel + Au ) , Between nickel and Au, Add one more PA Layer   .ENIPIG = NI + PA + Au .  PA will prevent NI and AU migration , stop the black happen   As early as 1990s, due to PCB manufacturing development towards finer lines and micro vias plus prot...

    Peelable Solder Mask

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    Peelable Solder Mask    For the partial masking of PCBs as protection from direct contact with solder or as protection in electroplating processes, simple/high-definition application by screen printing, very high elasticity and tear resistance, easy to remove before and/or after the soldering process Or Peelable Solder Mask PCB is the prin...

    Led Circuit Board

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    Because of the innovation in science and technology, we get to see more simplified and easy to use inventions every day. One of the inventions that fall into this category is the Printed Circuit Board. The Printed Circuit Board in a genius innovation in circuit technology that has paved way for making more complex and large scale circuit use les...

    PCB Board Manufacturing Part-I

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    PCB Board Manufacturing Definition:   A complete module of inter-linked electronics is a printed circuit board or PCB. It has circuits for single and multiple functions. These boards fulfill the necessities of mechanical and electric circuits of electronics. The PCB board has the substrate of insulating material, on which thin layers of con...


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    A Flexible PCB is defined as an arranged pattern of integrated circuits and components that uses flexible based materials. Here, the same components used to produce rigid printed circuits boards might be used to fabricate these flexible electronic assemblies, but they should allow the flexibility of the board during its application.   Some ...

    Rogers Material PCB - Rogers 5880

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    RayMing has long been known in the advanced electronic PCB materials industry for a very long time. With materials that "help strengthen, protect and connect our world," RayMing offers many material's type to solve problems in many areas.   Rogers 5880 laminated materials are manufactured using the same high quality, reliable materials, and...

    Rogers Material PCB -Rogers 4350

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    Rogers Ro4350 high-frequency materials are glass fiber reinforced (non-PTFE) hydrocarbon / ceramic laminates designed for high volume, high-performance commercial applications. Ro4350 are designed to provide superior RF performance and cost-effective circuit production. The result is a low-loss material that can be produced using standard epoxy...

    Rogers Material PCB - Rogers 4003 and Rogers 3003

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    RayMing is a manufacturer of high-tech products that can offer high-frequency Rogers circuit board manufacturers with competitive prices. Simply buy a good High-Frequency PCB circuit board at a reasonable price from us and get the datasheet from our suppliers who can work for you.   Rogers RO4003   The RO4003 material can be removed w...

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