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What You Should Know About the .BIM File

You are here as a result of having a file with the.bim file extension. Only specific applications can start files with the.bim extension. BIM files might not be intended for viewing at all because they represent data files instead of documents or other types of media.

To make the BIM files simpler, the dotbim project was to be established. As a result, the manifesto which contains its rules looks as follows:

  • Transfer data and geometry
  • Be open and free
  • Enable the creation of tools to serve it within a few hours
  • Provide one page of documentation
  • Ensure that all others could support all its features.

Therefore, the .bim file schema is as straightforward as it comes.

What Does a .BIM File Mean?

bim file

BIM files, that are utilized by applications created by Bytessence, are an illustration of such a particular file type that is generally categorized as a data file. These BIM files are created, opened, and viewed using Bytessence InstallMaker.

The BIM files, also known as Bytessence InstallMaker files, are output files of the Bytessence project. For the Microsoft Windows customers that need to produce installer applications for their bespoke software projects designed with compliance support for a platforms of Microsoft Windows, Bytessence has developed Bytessence InstallMaker software. To build as well as open the BIM files, a user could install Bytessence InstallMaker program on a computer running Microsoft Windows.

Details that the user provides into a project created making use of the Bytessence InstallMaker tool are incorporated into the contents of the BIM files. This indicates that when a user opens a Bytessence InstallMaker project that has been saved and linked to the BIM file, this same Bytessence InstallMaker program references all data present in the BIM files then shows it to users through the software’s Graphical User Interface.

These precise details provided by a author of BIM project include the application information, software and hardware requirements, information about uninstalling a program, process of installation, compression choices, as well as description of the visual appearance of that installation application.

Additionally, reference information about the files which will be a part of that development project is kept with the BIM files. The Bytessence InstallMaker program is available as freeware.

.BIM File Opening Procedure

Double-clicking a .bim file or other files present on your computer will launch it. If the file associations were configured properly, the program intended to open the .bim file would do so. You may have to buy or download the appropriate application. It’s also conceivable that even though you possess the right program on your computer, .bim files will not be connected to it. For this situation, you can instruct Windows which program to use when attempting to open the .bim file.

.BIM Format Transformations

In.bim files, only rotation and translation are permitted transformations. They are named “rotation” and “vector” there and are maintained as properties of elements. Thus, utilizing these two, each mesh that has been stored could be easily inserted. Each element keeps track of the mesh id that is utilized to identify it, and it is then moved and rotated to the proper position.

That also implies that it’s possible to use this same mesh more than once in various locations across the model. Because the mesh will only need to be stored just once while representing numerous different elements, it is really helpful if you’d love to possess a file size that is smaller. E.g. Consider a stadium full of thousands of identical chairs.

Then, just one mesh which symbolizes a chair would be saved in the file, and afterwards, it would be referenced to in these countless locations making use of its id.

Important Warning

Be cautious to not rename any file’s extension, including .bim files. The type of file won’t change as a result. A file can only be converted between one type of file and another using a specialized software for conversion.

Best 5 formats for .BIM Files and How to Utilize Them


Everyone has experienced receiving an email with unknown file types as attachments.  I would love to go through a few standard formats that are used rather frequently inside the BIM industry. The best .BIM file types that we most frequently see coupled with what you will be able to do working with them are shown below.


The vast majority of model viewing as well as authoring applications support this format. This is perhaps the most widely used digital files format inside the AEC sector and at large. CAD files are another name for it (and beyond). Anytime “layers” are mentioned, they almost always relate to the DWG file.

These files may typically be edited in every CAD-based software, including Bentley MicroStation, Graphisoft ArchiCAD, and Autodesk AutoCAD.

It’s a popular misperception that DWG files solely contain 2D data. Although such is often the case, DWG files may undoubtedly include 3D objects like whole components or simple planes (referred to as “blocks”).


These .BIM files, which can be accessed by some applications including Navisworks and Autodesk Revit, are possibly the information-rich ones available. Given that they shouldn’t or aren’t intended to be changed and are seen as a format comparable to PDFs.


An extremely close relative of the DWG, which are the DXFs have a somewhat bigger file size however are equally layer-based therefore widely used across most platforms.


This is the exclusive file format for the Revit files from Autodesk. The size of these might vary greatly depending on its degree of development. Only Revit may be used to open them.


This is the exclusive file format for the Navisworks used by Autodesk. NWD files can be described as read-only, though if your file was initially saved with the enabled option, you might have them saved under a different name and then edit it from there. Only Navisworks Freedom as well as Navisworks Manage can be used to access these.


The .bim file is unique in its own way. We have discussed its features, as well as how you can open them. Please ask if there are questions on your mind.

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