Best way to solve the PCBA process problems

PCBA process occurred which solution RAYMING PCBA process the technicians of the company we have summarized the following points:

1, material:

These include chemical materials such as solder flux, oil, Tin, cleaning materials, and coated with PCB material. Oxidation-resistant resin, temporary or permanent solder mask ink and printing inks.

2, poor soldering:

This involves all solder surfaces, like parts (including parts/SMT parts of adhesion of the surface), the PBC and the plated through-holes, must be taken into account.

3, the deviation of the production equipment:

Include deviations of machine equipment and maintenance, as well as external factors, temperature, speed and angle of the conveyor belt, and the depth of immersion, and machines are directly related to the variables. In addition, ventilation, air pressure decreases and voltage of beautiful analysis of the external factors must also be included in the range.